Little Bit Broken


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 My name is Lydia banks . I'm 17 years old . I have blue eyes and black hair fine skin and I'm decently tall . But that stuff don't matter . My parents died when I was 8 so I lived with stranger after stranger . Nobody could ever keep me that long . Once they had one of there own I was just an extra . 

But I ran away ...... 

I keep running scared if I stop I'll turn around . My legs ache . My feet hurt because stupid me forgot shoes and now it feels like I'm running on nails ! Mr Rogers (caretaker ) is asleep he does that a lot . Well he thinks I'm doing chores but what his old but don't know is I'm gone . What saddens me the most is he actually loved me . But he's in his 80's and when he dies I will be alone . 

Soon I'll be eighteen so it's ok . But I don't want to be alone . I want a family to love me . A brother to fight with . A boyfriend to  kiss at sunset . But no I get this crappy life ! 

I make it out of the woods finally ! Running into a street no ones comming . At the other side I see two wolves fighting . I don't want to go over there now so I turn around and BAM ! 

My vision blurry but I see the car drive off super fast it looks like a black blur . I attempt to get up and slightly fall back but I try again and run to the other side where the wolves are no longer there . Two men come out of nowhere and see me leaning on the tree . 

(She blacked out ) 

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