The Mate


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Please just don't play with me

My paper heart will bleed

This wait for destiny won't do

Be with me please I beseech you

Simple things, that make you run away

Catch you if I can



Tears fall, down your face

The taste, is something new

Something that

I know moving on is,

Easiest when I am around you.”


    “Stop talking to me dammit. Can’t you see that I don’t want to talk right now? I’m so tired of constantly being a backup for you, Simon. Just leave me alone,” I hung up the phone before I could hear his irritating voice again. I mean yeah I liked him, he was one of my best friends at one time, then we dated for a few days before he found someone else and we went to each other whenever we wanted to fool around, because his girlfriend ‘wasn’t ready’ for that kind of commitment yet, so I filled the spot. Oh? A description of him? Sure I can do that. Simon is around 6’ 7” and as skinny as a stick, if you’re only glancing at him. He has a lot of muscle once you look at him, you’ll notice it. He has this amazing wavy brown hair and the most striking blue eyes. He’s always wearing some kind of band t-shirt of good quality and he never goes anywhere without his Chuck Taylor Converses and some regular jeans. He has this amazing smile, that could charm anyone into being his best friend. I’ve known the kid since Kindergarden.

Oh! I completely forgot to tell you about myself! My name is Eve. Yeah, yeah I know, Adam and Eve the reason for human sin. Anyway. I’m about 5’8” with light brown hair down to my waist that has natural red highlights. I liked to joke that it’s what made me so heartless sometimes. I have wandering silver eyes and I’m not going to tell you about my smile, because it’s average, not stunning in anyway. I’m covered in freckles though, all over my cheeks and nose and in random places on the rest of my body. My normal wardrobe? Jeez you guys are asking a lot. I normally wear crop tops with a leather jacket and jeans, with some killer combat boots, the Swish kind, not the cheap American style with the zipper. And as you can tell, I’m snarky and won’t hesitate to bite your head off if you piss me off. But hopefully you guys won’t.

You’re all probably thinking what the hell is going on, am I right? Well it all started this morning, during my free period. I was wandering around the school talking to a few teachers that I’ve had in the past about my senior paper, when Simon pulled me into the stairwell and demand we leave so he could get his rocks off. I said we could, since I always went with it and so we went to this ratty hotel down the road from the school and had some mind-blowing sex. Now before I go any further understand that when we started this arrangement I was in love with the kid, so I figured if I gave him everything his girl couldn’t he’d eventually come back, that was a year and a half ago. Anyway, back to the story. We got back to school before the end of fifth quarter. I had free period third, Simon just skipped class. After the school day ended, I caught a ride with Simon and his girl, I still don’t know her name. Anyway they dropped me off at my place, and once his girl, let’s just call her Joe, I know her name started with a J so let’s just go with that, looked away he said to be ready at midnight for more fun and pecked my cheek, before skidding out of my driveway.

And that’s how all this started. I had finally realized that I was just his slip on the side, and I was done with that, it didn’t help that something had happened that I never expected to. Oh.... I might have left out one tiny, itty-bitty little detail about myself. I may be able to turn into a big hairy wolf. Anyway, I had found my mate, and so my obnoxious wolf demanded I cut off Simon, before my mate found out and rejected us. I wasn’t going to at first, but she was rather persuasive and so I finally gave in. So my current plan, kick Simon to the curb, find my mate, convince him he was a mate to an Alpha’s only daughter, bring him home, and mark him. Simple right? Yeah if you think that you don’t really know anything about Shifters. I say Shifters because there aren’t just wolves, there are also dogs, cats, mountain lions, cougars, I’ve met a Koala before, and so on, your favorite pet could be able to turn into a human, and you probably wouldn’t even notice.

But yeah, I just had to find him again. Problem was, I didn’t get to see his face. I brushed him in a coffee shop a few weeks ago, and again at school today. I had to figure out who he was. I didn’t even know who he was, or what he looked like. He could be a human for all I know, and that would be hell for me, because I was due to be a Luna, I had to have a mate who could handle themselves, humans couldn’t do that against a pack of wolves. I’m just going to assume he’s a wolf though. So, what was I doing? Dressing up as much as I could, which for me, was a lace top with a silver camisole that matched my eyes under it, tight skinny jeans, 3 inch platform polka dot heels and a bare amount of eyeliner, mascara, and eyeshadow that made my unusual eyes stand out. Then I was going to walk around town and look as down as I could, and hot that my mate approached when he felt the connection. The thing about us wolves, even if we don’t know our mate, we can still sense their emotions when we’re close to them, and we can’t physically ignore how they’re feeling, so we have to go up to them and hear with our human ears how they are.

I walked out of my house and started toward the coffee shop I had first started sensing him in, figured it was a good place, and bought a Snickers mocha, they tasted delicious, and let my false sadness seep out of me. I sat in the corner booth near the window and pulled a book out of my purse, flipping through it idle while sipping on my mocha. Every once in a while I would glance up and look around to see if I knew anyone, wave at them, then go back to my book. After a few hours, in other words 2 mochas, and a book later, when I had given up on looking for the day, I felt a tingling going up my spin and my wolf started pacing, proverbially, of course. She sensed him, and so did I. Now the question was, who was it? There were 5 other people here, an older gentleman who was talking with his wife, his wife, a barista behind the counter doing the nightly clean up, her head bobbing to her own music, and two guys, around my age, joking around and making plans. My bet was on one of the two guys, since no one else could be my mate. I got up and made my way to the trash, which was right beside their table, and threw away my cups.

“Excuse me, I’m a little new to this place, can you give me directions to the movie theater? I’m supposed to meet some of my friends there,” I said sweetly, smiling at the two boys, studying them and trying to figure out which one was my mate. I could tell one thing right off the bat, they were twins, identical twins to be more specific.

“You leave here, turn right on the corner, and keep walking until you see a one story building, it kinda looks like a flat,” The one on the right said.

“Thank you so much. I feel rude interrupting your conversation, can I buy you guys something?” I asked, looking innocent.

They looked at each other for a few minutes and then grinned. "How about movie tickets? We can't let a beautiful girl like you walk these dark streets alone, can we?" They asked in unison.



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Chapter 1~ The Confusion

Okay so I let them walk me to the theater, and I bought them tickets, which they said they were just joking about, oh well. Now we just had to kill time till my ‘friends’ showed up. I say friends like that, because it was only a few kids that knew my name and wanted to see if they could pick my brain about somethings.

    “I feel like an idiot, I never told you my name. I’m Eve,” I smile and hold out a hand.

    The twin on the right, who I was noticing had slightly lighter hair than his brother took my hand and kissed it. “I’m Luka,” He smiled.

    His brother stole my other hand and kissed it too. “I’m Joshua, most people call me Josh,” He laughed, and I blushed at all the attention.

    “You two are really handsome, you know that right? I don’t blush for just anyone,” I teased and they smirked, putting their arms around my shoulders. Me and my wolf were confused. You see, normally when a mate touches you, you get these sort of tingles up your spin, but I had been getting them, no matter what twin touched me. I guess I had to ask the questions.

    I leaned on Luka’s shoulder, which made him pull me closer to his side and away from his brother, and inhaled his scent, which drove my wolf crazy. I heard a growl come from Josh’s direction so I leaned on him and did the same thing. When I finished sniffing them I stepped back and sat on the benches near the windows, thinking.

    Obviously the twins didn’t see the need for privacy.

    “What was with that Eve?” Luka asked, while him and Josh sat on either side of me.

“You two smelled interesting, I think it’s your cologne, but it smells amazing,” I replied playing it off as much as I could.

They both glanced at each other and then shrugged. I guess they had decided to ask questions now.

“Will you be staying in the area?” Luka asked, I was slowly starting to figure out that he was the talkative one.

“Yeah, I’ve been going to the high school for a few days now, it’s just until I get my diploma though,” I reply and smile.

Josh’s face was extremely expressive, so I could tell he was thinking really hard. “Are you dating anyone,” He asked, watching me with his beautiful blue-ish gray eyes.

I giggled. “Nope, I’m someone’s little slip on the side though,” I reply, figured I should be honest, they’d find out anyway.

They both got wide eyed and stared at me for a few second, before Luka blinked and smirked. “Oh really now? Who could rope you into doing something like that?” He joked.

“My ex-boyfriend, who was once my best friend,” I laugh shaking my head at them.

I snapped my head to the side when I heard familiar laughter and sighed, knowing he would spot me soon.

“Eve!! What was that phone call all about?” Simon asked walked over, of course we couldn’t have a real conversation about it because she was under his arm, clinging to him like a lost dog. Wow, it’s really obvious that I don’t like her, isn’t it? Anyway back to the current scene at hand.

“Hello Simon. Nice to see you here with....” I trailed off hoping someone would give me her name.

“Jo-anna,” She supplied, giving me a sideways glare.

“Right that. Anyway, have fun on your date, or whatever it is you two do. Oh, and Simon? Lose my number,” I stated calmly and grabbed Luka’s and Joshua’s hands. “Sorry about that.” I apologized pulling them into the theater.

“Let me guess, your friend who just so happened to have benefits?” Josh asked, glancing back and glaring at Simon and Jo-anna. I nodded and found us seats.

“Yeah but I ended it earlier today, he irritates me too much nowadays. Anyway, let’s watch this movie, shall we?” I said trying to get their minds off of it, if they were my mates then I wanted to make sure they knew I had no attachment to anyone but them.


After an hour or so, about halfway through the movie my head started to bob and I put up the armrests, stretching across the two boys, I just wanted to sleep. “You guys don’t mind, do you?” I whispered and they shook their heads, completely focused on the movie.


I didn’t know what time it was, or where I was, but it smelt nice. I rubbed my eyes slowly and yawned, taking a quick glance around the room.

“Look sleeping beauty is awake,” I heard someone say and I jumped nearly out of my skin. I turned onto my back quickly, a low almost inadiuble growl slipped past my tightly pursed lips as I saw something move out of the corner of my eye.

“Calm down, Eve, it’s only me, you fell asleep and we couldn’t wake you up so we brought you here,” Josh whispered and I felt the bed dip under his weight as he sat down next to me.

“Oh thank god. I thought I had been kidnapped,” I giggled and swung off the bed, stretching. “What time is is?” I asked.

“Almost 8am, you might want to get ready, our sister put some clothes in the bathroom for you. We don’t have time to go to your place and get to school on time,” Josh replied and got up, walking toward the door.

“Okay, thanks, I’ll be out in a few,” I replied and hurried toward the bathroom. Once there I slipped out of my clothes and jumped into the shower, washing my hair and body quickly, then took my time shaving, I may heal fast, but I didn’t feel like nicking myself.

Once I finished doing that I got out and put on the clothes their sister had laid out. I looked pretty hot if I do say so myself. I brushed my hair back and put on some light makeup. When I turned to go to the door I saw something on my shoulder, so I stepped closer to the mirror and my eyes widened.

“Dammit,” I cursed and put my hair over my shoulders.. You’re probably wondering why I got so pissed, aren’t ya? Well when we find our mates, a single pattern appears, it could be anywhere on our body, but our mate had one in the exact same place. Looks like I had some hiding to do. On the upside, it’s only visible to our Shifters, no humans could see it. I took a few deep breathes and grabbed a jacket that was hanging on the back of the door, walking out of the bathroom, then out of the room.

“I’m ready boys,” I shouted heading down the stairs. Apparently their ‘place’ was like a freaking palace, I was already lost, thankfully one of them found me not too long after I called out.

“FInally, and may I saw you are especially hot,” Luka joked and ushered me down the stairs.

“Shut up Luka, thank your sister, she’s the one that’s letting me borrow the clothes,” I replied and hopped out the front door. “Shit,” I grumbled.


“I don’t have my stuff,” I sighed.

“Ah, don’t worry, today is all online for seniors, remember? Filling out college applications and...” He trailed off looking at my shoulder, or where the mark came up closer to my neck.

“What? Do I have something on my face?” I asked, touching my face.

“Nope, you just stunned me into silence. Come on now, get that ass into a car so we can leave, Josh already left and I don’t wanna be late,” Luka whined.

I rolled my eyes and opened the door to what I’m hoping was his car, it was the only one I could see right now. He got into the drivers seat and put the key in, turning it. I heard the engine purr to life and I was in love. He revved it a little and then drove out of the driveway and headed down the road in the direction, hopefully, of the school.


We got to school, just a few minutes before the bell rang. That gave me enough time to rush off, find my locker and grab what little I would need. You see today

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