Old Man on a Rock & Other Short Stories


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The Mugging; Murderer And Victim Views

The Murderer

I hold the gun.

I have cornered the victim.

He is right to be scared.

For he shall die in this alley tonight.



The Victim

Trapped in an alley dark as death.

My life flashing before my fearful eyes.

The horrid man mercilessly stares with eyes full of murder.


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Old Man on a Rock

Old Man on a Rock

This is the fable of an old man who lived on a big, grey rock, smack in the middle of the town of Cheenkoma Beach.  Everyone thought the old man was odd because he lived on the top of his rock.  The kind old man had to climb up and down the rock every time he wanted to leave or enter his house.

Actually, people didn’t approve of the old man.  The people didn’t like the old man because they thought that his rock was ugly and wanted him to move off so they could tear it down.  People would call him a weirdo as well as many other cruel names as he went down the street to shop or go to work.

One day as the old man went to work at Beldoro Incorporated, someone threw a fat, squishy, old, rotten tomato at him.  Guess what the poor old man did?  He just kept on walking.  Once he finally got to work he had to wash himself off at the bathroom sink with a paper towel.  

Later that same day he got called to see his boss, Mr. Beldoro.  Once he got there the nasty man told him that if the old man didn’t move off the rock he would fire him.  Of course, the old man said he would never move off his rock.  Then Mr. Beldoro, in a voice like nails on a chalkboard, said that the old man was fired.

The old man then started searching for a new job so that he could buy food, but nobody would hire him unless he moved off his rock, which of course he wouldn’t do.  The old man quickly began to run out of money.

While he was worried about running out of money he also had a new problem.  A lot of people in the town began vandalizing his home by painting graffiti all over his house and rock and breaking his windows.

A few weeks later right as the old man was about to run out of food there was a huge hurricane.  The hurricane crushed, crashed, smashed, and bashed houses.  The hurricane made a big, old flood and generally a ginormicus mess.

Soon after the hurricane passed, as the old man was happily fishing in the flood waters, Mr. Beldoro swam by while being chased by a huge, grey, toothy, shark!!!                Mr. Beldoro yelled for help, but the old man just said, “Sorry, but if you wanted me to help you, you would have helped me; now, I won’t help you at all.”

And with that, the wise old man went inside his house to eat some tasty, fresh fish.  The moral of this story is that if you don’t help others in their time of need they might not help you when you have one.

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The Cat & The Dog

The Cat & The Dog  (A Fable)

Once upon a time, there was a cat and a dog. Cat worked very hard to hunt and store for the winter. Dog just wanted to play. Cat told Dog,”you need to hunt and store food, you can’t just play!” Dog refused to heed Cat’s advice. One day, Dog got hungry. He asked Cat for some food. Cat said,”you should have heeded my advice, NOW YOU SHALL STARVE!”During the winter months, Cat ate well, as Dog just grew more and more hungry. Afterwards, Dog followed Cat’s advice and worked sometimes rather than played.

Moral: Work Must Come Before Play!!!

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The Mugging; Wall View

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