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Charlie is in the car looking out of the window, "Mom are we there yet?" Her mom doesn't care, She and her father got divorced a few months ago.  "Why did you leave mom?" Asked Sam, Charlie's older sister. Her mom didn't respond, "Charlie where are we moving to?" Asked Sam. "oh we are going to New York City!" Sam doesn't look excited for some reason, "Sam you'll get new friends!" Sam Looks At the windows *sigh* "I'll just get teased like last-year”

They finally reached New York City, "Let's go to sleep Sam it's 3:00am! 

The next morning, "Bye mom!” Sam and Charlie ran to the bus stop and found a boy who looked like he was Jewish. “Look Who is over there!” Charlie said to Sam, Sam wasn’t very good at flirting nor getting a date for prom. “Ugh forget about it Charlie!” She shoved Charlies hand away. The bus arrived, Charlie and Sam got on and they tried to sit in the back but Ash granger was sitting there.

“Sorry but you can’t sit here blondie!” Ash scoffed, Sam let a deep sigh. Things had been hard since she was born and the family breakup. “Charlie lets sit in the front of the bus..” Charlie sat in a seat and then a girl came along on the bus, she looked like a genius she has glasses and had everything in her book bag all scientific related. “Hi, Mind if we can be friends?” Charlie asked the girl replied, “Sure I really don’t have friends! Are you new to Hiddenstone Highschool?” Charlie nodded, “what’s your name, I am Charlie!” 

“My name is Sally John, Nice to meet you.” Few minutes later they were still talking! Amazing! “Hey Mike this is Charlie Maxwell, We’re Friends Now!” Said Sally. Mike smiled “Hello Charlie! My name is Mike Hallard!” They walked to class and then they has to separate. “Science class?” Questioned Charlie, “pfft, this is easy”  Charlie was called on, “What is a cell, Charlie?” Charlie felt her face get red, A boy the one that looked Jewish was looking at her. 

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The Flashbacks


“What a cell is, Great question U..Um look!” Everyone turned around and the teacher called on another kid who was The Jewish boy. “A cell is a blah blah blah blah” Charlie sighed, Charlie wasn’t the smartest but isn’t the dumbest but that much pressure NOW! Flashback and dreaming were her great qualities, Hiding secrets were hard! She was a superhero and she had a special role in the family.

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