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Stop Dreaming!


Elizabeth  wakes up, “what a wonderful dream!” then she sat there and thought of something she hadn’t before, “what if my mama is just with daddy up in heaven?” She put on her slippers and heard a knock at the door, “I’ll get it!” Said 10 year old David, He opened the door and saw a man. “Hello How May I help you?” Greeted David, The man replied “Looking for Elizabeth Peterson and David Peterson, Are your parents here?” David closed his eyes, “They are In Heaven, And I am David and this I saw my Sister Elizabeth..”

The man looked surprised and said something Terrible, “Sorry for your lost, I am working for the Foster Care Company of Hiddenstone. The ordered me to take you guys to The foster homes, You can pack your things so we can go.” Elizabeth Ran back into the house Andy packed all her stuff, Mr.Garry and all her clothes. The went into the Van and five minutes later they were there, “So much kids!”

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