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Entery 1: A girl named “Pretty”


Introduction 👇🏼

Kate is a 14 year old girl that is bullied at her middle school. She moved to Florida to Colorado, People laugh at ever mistake she makes even though they make mistakes too. Kate decided to take her life but someone changes and turns her life around. PLEASE, PLEASE! Get help if you want to take your life away, Your Life is special! 

September  9 2001,

Dearest, Diary

I met a girl today, She was the most pouplar girl! People called her “Kind and Pretty!” And I don’t know where they see that! Where the heck is she Kind, She is super sassy with her gang! And pretty? Ugh, never mind. Although I did have a great day with Matthew! Matthew was helping me with my homework, So close to a boy today! To bad he is with the girl that is “kind and pretty” either way he wouldn’t recognize me! She won’t stop bullying me I just want to punch her.

I hear a knock at my door, I quickly put my diary under my pillow. “Come in!” She stammered, It was her father Whom divorced with her mother when Kate was only 10 years old. “D—Dad?!” I ran up and hugged him! The first time I ever touched my dad in a while, “Where you been?” I asked, he cleared his throat. “Been hiding in the Island for the ‘S.S.S.’” 

To bad that was only a dream, I was so sleepy. Here’s what really happened, I never heard a knock although my STEP-DAD did enter it was 3:00 a.m. he looked around for My Diary!

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I am eggs

He was looking for your Diary!


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