A Path To The Cosmos


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Chapter 1

It took Casey around four days to get to grips with the ship. Attempting to find her way around its entirety was like trying to make your way out of a maze. A gigantic maze that was floating across space and potentially, into oblivion. Eventually though, she managed to memorise its paths, and could guide her way around the spaceship with ease. Even though the view through its windows was something onto a new scale of sheer beauty, after around a week or so, Casey got bored. She knew it would take them roughly about 10 months to reach Apollo 45b, but if she got bored after only a week of what some people could happily live forever in, she didn’t know how she would cope. It was nine days she had been on the spaceship when she properly looked out the window; they were hurtling past solar systems and stars in the blink of an eye, and when a pang hit her hard in the chest- she finally realised how far, how so so far, away from home she actually was.

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