Canota Julia (A Legend Of Europe Which Is Fiction)


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Chapter 1:The Legend.

 The legend says That Canota Julia is a girl who might cut out your eyes if you say No on when she asks you:”Am I cute and pretty?”Canota Julia can only kill you when you live in Europe,Japan,America,or Africa.I mean like,the country Europe.Once Liv was a little kid,her mother always warned not to come outside...But Canota Julia is always there.Once Liv was outside,she saw a creepy shadow in the grass.It came closer and closer and then,Liv saw it was Canota Julia,she asked:”Am I cute and pretty?”

Liv said:”Yea.”

Canota Julia replied;”Since you like it so much..why don’t look the same as me ???”

Liv said as a little child:”h-huh??”

Liv cries.And she says:””

Then Canota Julia left.Was that the idea to stop her? Saying so so or hmmm?Liv is now  14.(btw im using I now cuz im too lazy using Liv again.)I was at high/Middle/elementary school.Yeah,I know.Canota Julia exists (in story) but its Okay!Everybody can be safe by saying So so or Hmmm.Why?Today I Will learn That at school!

The teacher Walks in to Class before students do.When everyone is There,the teacher said:”Hello again students’”

Everyone replied yelling a bit:”Hi Miss Kim!”Yeah,its fun That Miss Kim is here,shes a fun teacher!

Miss Kim:”Today we are gonna learn about Canota Julia.Any questions about her before beginning?”

Amy:”Why does Canota Julia cut you’re eyes if you say No to what she asks you when she meets you or sees you?”

Miss Kim:”You Will see.”

Miss Kim draws a picture of Canota Julia on the chalkboard.(me the author only used Liv at when she says or whispers or screams or yells.)Miss Kim says:”Well,when Canota meets or sees you,she Will ASK you:’Am I cute and pretty?’Well,either Yes or No kills you.When you say No she says;’I dont trust you,so I kill you...’When you say Yes she replies;’If you love me so much..why dont be like me?’ She will kill you and you’re ghost Aka Soul Will help Canota to scare other people.Well,Canota can get confused.Say So so or Hmmm and she Will walk away or you can get the chance to run away and take you’re escape.Anyway,any questions about this?”Timmy says:”This question has been asked earlier by Amy,but why do you get killed?”Miss Kim says:”If you say Yes she Will make you look like her being a soul or ghost.The real Canota died.If you say No,she wont trust you anymore and she Will kill you.”The whole class yells and screams and the school evacuates of being scared after packing up.Canota Julia is scary,I know...

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Opps,you have reached the end!One chapter,I’m sorry,but i tried hard writing!!!!!

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