The Girl With Black Hair And Red Shoes.


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“Who is she,the girl with black hair and red Shoes?”

 Who is the girl with black hair and red Shoes?

Thats what people asked at Atletic High.

WHERE I am in.

The girl is creepy,has black hair and red Shoes.Ofcourse,its dangerous.IT has been a legend,Which exists.......

“Holy,i dont think she exists...”

Ehh,thats what I react...

Wasnt true..


Yes,her name.It is Basically Vee-Honna.

Vee-Honna is Basically inlove with black and red.

She likes the combination.

First of all,shes not That creepy.

But when she takes her face mask off...

You Will see her true self.

Thats just a spirit..

I know the backstory,let me show you.


Vee-Honna has a real name,Which was Olivia.She is the most weird but smarter woman in UK.But she was Born in Japan.Vee-Honna,was her spirit name.Olivia always got to the children,and asks them one time a day how smart she was.Everybody said of course,10,10....That was the answer she wanted.This time,she got murdered.

She was at her house,and thought she could get away with leaving,but Olivia didn’t remember that she had a husband,which killed her.Her spirit got revenge and will ask you how smart she is.If you say any answer,she will keep asking till you get killed.You have 3 chances to say a answer.Last time asking,you will get killed by both answers.The spirit Vee-Honna is now on her way to kill everyone in UK,where I live.So yeah,that’s her backstory.Most people ASK why she has black hair and red Shoes.She is inlove with the colors,❤️

But most of all,when anyone looked at her red Shoes,they Will die.🌫Your body will go in the air,and you will be dead forever.


That was so creepy!Many people asked something on their phone 📱.The question was:

Why is she in love with those colours,red and black??

Hmm,I don’t really know,I would just answer:

Hmm,I understand everyone asks this.But look at her backstory.Or idk..

I really was scared,cause I live in UK.

Teammate USA is helping us out,hooray!

Mhm,I am sure that that is fake.

That was what people said back.

I mean,wow,.

I walk home.

Mom:”Where were you,I was so scared!”

Me:”Ehhh,I was just texting outside.”

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