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Lola lived for the heart pumping, adrenaline rush and it had gotten her in serious trouble with the police. To keep Lola out of juvenile detention, her mother sends her to live with her Father and Brother's in the US.


With the struggle, she faces with fitting in along with the shock of whom the man is that rocked her world just for one night. Dane is not only a friend of her Brother's. He's a member of the Disciples.


Life couldn't become more complicated. However, when Scott tracks her down with an offer to good to be true. To race and possibly go pro, Lola jumps at the chance. Only to discover its all a lie after Scott's murder terrified she turns to her family and the MC for help. But can they save Lola from her fate or is it already sealed?






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Chapter 1


I did on the vibrations and the grumble of the motor being held back by the handbrake. My fingers flexed and gripped the steering wheel as smoke drifts up along with the squeal and smell of burning rubber.

I felt indestructible behind the wheel. Neither did it matter that my heart was ready to leap out and thunder off down the road leaving me for dead. Or how I wiggled with ants in my pants never able to sit motionlessly. It was just the way it was before a race as an exhilarating surge of adrenaline coursed through my veins that amplified fucking everything.


The revs drop the smoke clears, and there he appeared with a shit-eating grin striding towards the car. His car. Scott was my confidant, my go-to guy when I messed around, but most of all he was my best friend.

Scott climbed in buckling up and I'm glad was struck dumb as ever by his icy blue eyes that made me breathless.

"I'm ready!"

Though I wasn't merely talking about the race nope, I was taking it to the next level tonight.


A hot flush that seared my face as the car rolls forward to the starting grid.

"You're always ready; you got this West."

Scott's hand reaches out and grasps my neck as he plants a soul-searing kiss. Scott gazed into my eyes breathing harshly; my body was wound up tighter than a spring in anticipation of his first touch.

"Yep," They don't stand a chance this was my turf.

Mindy walked out between the cars swished her ass, leaned and spoke to a driver up ahead. I waited for the tell as the car inches closer as her hand came rests on the earpiece I knew she wore. Then with a dramatic flourish, Mindy stood, and her arms signal the start of the race.

The car shot forward then shifted up I saw an opening and slid between the two in front. A kick of the clutch and I'm in third edging past and into second place.

"Hard left next twenty."

"I know!"

Headed towards the main drag which meant traffic and King Edward park run. Fuck Yes, it's in the bag. Mother fuckers eat my dust!

With a decrease in speed, I pulled up the brake and pumped the clutch turning sharp we drifted out into oncoming traffic. It felt better than an orgasm! Tingles erupted along with a whoosh of blood pulsating in my ears as the steering wheel returned and the cars ass end fishtails. While I played both pedals, the wheels chirped, as they grip the bitumen propelling us forward.

"Good save West now it's catch up time."

Scott appeared relaxed, but I knew better than to push him, we both needed the winner's pot tonight. Eight thousand wasn't anything to sneeze at, and I could pick up my sexy baby. Unable to stop smiling as I planted my foot and snaked through the traffic seeking a chance to break away.

"Orange light."

"You want me to stop?"

"Fuck no, just don't hurt my baby!"

The oncoming lane was clear, and we flew across the intersection only thing down that cross street were the docks. The truck at the lights was on an incline it couldn't move fast off the mark. A horn blared behind us as we laughed only for it to peter off when we saw Niko's car behind us. I stayed in the center of both lanes blocking him off and cut the corner with only seconds in the lead. Niko crossed over the double yellow lines on the crest of the hill and overtook us.

"Does he have a fucking death wish?"

"He hasn't been same since—"

"Suki." We all missed her, but it doesn't mean he can pull this shit! He's a part of our crew an important part of my life even if he was the most infuriating knuckle-headed dick weed all the time. I love him as a brother.

Down the street and around the corner I chased him to where a strong breeze carried the ocean spray from the high tide above the cliff face below. And inhaled the salt air and tried to stay calm as I red-lined each gear. The whole time I tailgated and swerved from side to side even as we entered the park, but Niko wasn't giving an inch.

Repeatedly I punched the horn Scott was on his phone as we both saw a flash of headlights. Niko didn't stop or slow not even adjust his turn. While I placed the car into angel gear and manically pumped the clutch and decelerated the vehicle to a crawl.

Unable to block out the horrific sound of the impact.

Niko's car a twisted mess of metal with the FWD is where the driver's seat used to be. Nobody survives that kind of damage. He had died on the same street possibly the same spot Suki did only six months earlier.

"Lola finish the race." I blinked in disbelief. "Fucking move!"

Once I checked for headlights and turned out onto the road as the tyres spun in salute, and continued down towards the beach car pack. No one would want to be inside my head because it replayed the sound of metal screeching.

While I pulled in, and Scott got out as I climbed over the console onto the seat and curled into a ball. I had seen some messed up things when I used to live on this road. But that just topped it all. The pain was indescribable, but my guilt of leaving Niko there alone made it worse.

In a daze, scenery melded with high speed suddenly the flash of blue and red blocked our only exit. Scott skidded to a stop and threw the car into reverse then screeches to a halt. A glance behind we weren't the only ones trapped and with the footpath too small to mount the cops had cut us off. Stuck on a road between the harbour and barbed wire-topped cyclone fence that encompassing the train terminal.

"You can sit here, but I can't get arrested again."

I flung the door open stumbled the few steps and jumped up clinging to the links as they bit into my hands.

"Lola it's no use," Scott called.

I scaled the fence while it wobbled with each movement I made and the cops shouts and thumping footfalls drew nearer.

When my hand reached for the barbed wire coil as the fence shook as I lost my footing and swung. It took one good yank; I landed with a jarring force on my feet as I was crushed into the fence and handcuffed.

"Hey, Fisher, look who we have here."

"Hello, Lola."

Fuck it all to hell!

Scott's beast Nissan Skyline GTR R34

Scott's beast Nissan Skyline GTR R34
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Chapter 2

My steps were quick almost at a jog once the car door shut and the taxi pulled away. I was one of the top public prosecutors in the city and knew my next move might stall my career permanently or kill it.

But it didn't matter in the scheme of things somewhere along the line I'd had missed the signs. Initially, convinced Lola had only fallen in with the wrong crowd. Until I was shown the bigger picture by an officer of the AFP (Australian Federal Police), now I was in damage control.

Stupid, stupid girl!

I entered the station in a flurry tapped the buzzer more than once and waited by a deserted counter.

"Can I help you?"

"I have a meeting with Inspector Chambray and Sargent Fisher."

"I'll let them know you're here."

He vanished through a door as I sat on the cold plastic chairs and gazed at the floor. Incapable of staying in one spot I jumped up and paced the foyer, while I fought against the urge to crumble into a heap.

Calum Fisher opened the side door as his face drop at the sight of my distress.

"Mar how you are holding up?"

Calum's concern genuine and touching, but it Only served as a stark reminder. Along with his view about how Lola needed a male role model in her life. However, I knew Lola would never except this beautiful, loving man in that role.

"Barely, is Lola ok?"

"As I said earlier, she wasn't injured, but shaken up."


My resolve hardened and walk into the Inspector Chambray's office.

"Ah, Marissa do have a seat, please."

"How are you, Ian."

Perched on the edge of the chair with my hands clasped together and kept eye contact.

"Puzzled as to why Chief Superintendent Musgrave would telephone me about your daughter and insist she gets a free pass for her crimes."

"Lola is not walking away unpunished far from it! The deal put together requires Lola's full disclosure of this evening. Sorry, Last nights events also of how they conduct the races and locations. From the intelligence received the Federal Police, will kick-start a joint operation using a group of police cadets."

"In other words, they will be running the show," Ian barked, as his displeasure showed.

"They're footing the bill, so yes!"

"What's their interest?"

Calum scribbled down notes as I thought on my answer. Unable to clue them in on everything just yet I chose a blanket cover excuse.

"Organised crime I presume AFP will contact you within the next few days."

"Marissa think about Lola if it ever—"

"As a confidential informant, nothing in camera or voice recording. And her name is to be withheld from all evidentiary statements."

"What happens when it's time to testify?"

Calum demanded as he turned and studied me then sighed. Aware of how cold and calculating I am when it came to my daughter.

"The agreement states Lola will never be called upon to give evidence."

"There is a catch twenty-two here I presume?"

"The deal brokered stands for seven days if Lola's not out of the country by then. She will bear the full brunt of my office under the new laws."

"Jesus Mar!"

"I can assume you have family or close friends overseas?"

"Yes, her Father lives in the states."

I had kept track of Lola's Father and his sons over the years he wasn't the best option. But he was the only option left.

"How will this need to play out?"

"I sit in on the interrogation huff, and puff advise you to get your ducks in a row and leave with Lola."

"I'll call down and have her brought up, for what it's worth Marissa I'm sorry about Lola," Ian said.

"Thank you, Ian."

I stood and walked out as Calum followed closing the door behind him. And my hands shook as I clasped them together while my eyes darted down the hallway. Each step I felt the chasm widen further between us Calum's disapproval was evident. As the silence stretched he pushed open a door and sighed again.

"You don't know your daughter as well as you think Mar she's not going to give us the information we want."

"You said she was upset? I'll use that play on her fears you need to follow my lead and let Hale run his mouth. And for the love of God make sure he doesn't leave with any notes."

Calum took a step forward as he reached out as I shied away.

"Mar are you sure? What I mean is he's a stranger! Jesus, it's ten years she'd be twenty-eight at the most. Lola would still be young enough to make a life for herself."

"How long do you think she would last in prison before somebody hurts her or worse? Because of who I am."

"Mar there's segregation or... fuck! Don't cry, baby!"

Calum shot forward as I slapped his hands away I couldn't break down not yet.

"Just stop! Don't make this anymore harder for me."

Calum's shocked expression at the ferocity of my words I had never yelled at him before. As he stormed out, I shut myself off even more.


There was nothing more uncomfortable than the thin rubber backed mattress on the concrete floor. Along with a dull glow of the light as it shone through the bars into the darkened cell. My body curled seeking warmth that never came.

Facing the wall, I didn't want anyone to observe me as I cried until I thought I couldn't cry anymore. Only to awaken from a light troubled sleep and remember Niko was gone. Then more tears would fall, but I had no time to dwell on the memories. Because the cell light came on, and heavy footsteps approached and stopped.

"West get up!"

The cop snapped as the lock turned and made a loud clunking sound.

"Don't force me to come in there!"

Taking my time and I wiped the tears away not that it helped much as my eyes were swollen and itchy. At the cell doorway, as I turned and placed my hands behind myself as the steel of the cuffs cinched tightly around he wrist. With each step, I took it became harder to walk as I was lead up the stairs.


A sharp pain shoots up my arms towards my shoulders forced up onto my toes.

"This is excessive force you fucking dick!"

"No, this is."

He yanked hard on the cuffs again as I shrieked and slipped on the stair. When my knees slammed into the concrete as I fell and all the air knocked out of me. Then my head hit the stair above, and I heard a crack then a piece of my tooth had broken away. I spat it out as the officer hauled my up and climbed the stairs faster.

"Careful West you don't want to trip again."

"My Mum will have your fucking badge for this you fucking dropkick!"

Propelled along a corridor, he halted in front of a door as I stumbled into it only for it to open. The cop caught me just in time before I fell face first into the floor with another high-pitched squeal.

"Officer Mitchell, you treat all the detainees in this way or just my daughter?"

"No, she's clumsy," the cop answered.

"If you've injured her in any way or left a mark I'll have your badge now get those cuffs off her!"

"He broke my tooth! Hey, careful idiot!"

"Oh, don't you dare say another word, Lola!"

While I waited for the door to close as Mum watched as I sat stiffly and massaged my shoulders. And pinned me to the spot with a disappointed look that almost wavered when she saw the graze on my cheek. Then her eyes narrowed on the rawness of the indents on my wrists that the cuffs had made.

"Are you ok?"

The familiar flash of anger within Mum's eyes as her tone heralds the calm before the storm. And with a gulp, I clamped my mouth shut and nod.

"Good! Because I've had it up to here with your reckless behaviour young lady! Do you have any idea of the position you've put me in well, do you?"

"I'm sorry Mum."

"Sorry, doesn't cut it this time I thought we put all this behind us months ago." Marissa sighed. "What did I do wrong, Lola?"

"Mum it's not you."

And when I took a good look at Mum and knew straight away; she'd been working late again. With her hair pinned up and the usual light dusting of makeup, Mum was dressed as if she was about to enter the courtroom.

"Obviously, it is otherwise you wouldn't be here once more!"

Fuck we were back to this again and Mum questioning where it all went wrong, where she had gone wrong? As Mum clasped my hand and gave it a gentle squeeze, she exhaled noisily.

"Honey, the police believe you contributed to the accident tonight."

"What no!"

A shiver of fear slithered down my spine the room seemed much smaller and colder than before.

Those fuckers were setting me up, or someone lied to save their ass.

"B . . . but can't you plead it down or something?"

"Lola, did you stop and offer any assistance to the occupants of either car?"

Fuck she had switched into lawyer mode!


Mum dug around in her bag and leaned forward with a tissue to wipe my tears as her own eyes glistened.

"This has gone way beyond that! There was a little boy in the other car he died tonight! Those parents are hurting, and it's only going to get worse. They don't care who pays as long as somebody does."

I gagged as my mouth filled with an acrid taste while I darted towards the bin heaving violently. As Mum held my hair and waited for the tremors that shook my body to dissipate, but they didn't. Neither did they disappear after Mum wrapped me up in her arms. Rocking me as she had when I was a young child.

"The streets weren't blocked off he knew! I tried to stop him. I'm sorry, Mum I really tried."

"Stop who?"

Peeking up I watched the bin handed off to Hale, and Fisher was crouched down next to me.


"Honey, don't say anything else."

A look passed between them as Fisher's broad frame stood as his hands slipped into the pockets of his slacks.

"Marissa as a favour to you we held off questioning until you arrived we need a statement."

"Lola needs to calm down first."

"We don't have time if you make things difficult then maybe you should sit this one out."

I pulled out of Mum's embrace and stood up.

"It's alright Mum that little boys parents deserve the truth or as close to it."

"Close to it won't cut it, Lola, " Fisher spat as he sat at the table.

"I can't read someone's mind or tell you what Niko was thinking, but I'm one hundred and ten per cent sure he wasn't racing. My mind wasn't on the race once Niko crossed the double yellow lines on promenade road."

"Can you show us on here?"

Hale slid his phone across the table as I glanced up at Mum. With a nod, of her head, I pointed to the bend of a hill that leads down to the beach.

"He crossed right there and overtook me."

My lip wobbled as I pulled myself together and continued on the route we had followed.

"Along here I caught up with him, and about here I started to smash the horn. Scott was on his phone by then. I saw headlights, by the time we got to the intersection. The accident had already happened."

"You expect us to believe he committed suicide?" Hale asked.

"Yes! Usually, the cross streets are blocked, so we have a clear run but tonight was the first time we went old school in months. The park exit you can drift on because it's a doubled lane road but not at that speed. He knew because it was where his girlfriend Suki Chan crashed six months ago."

When I noticed Mum's face was more pale than usual, and some reassurance from her would have been nice, but she appeared closed off. As more questions were thrown at me, it became clear what they were up to, and I wasn't a snitch, so I stopped talking.

"That's enough Hale," Mum snapped. "It's obvious Lola's statement won't change, and it doesn't match up with the other. I'd suggest bringing in the witness for further questioning, and canvas the area."

"She cannot walk away from this unscathed," Hale growled glaring at Mum.

"You aren't lead on this case, so what you want isn't a factor all you have is negligent driving. I can pay the fine on the way out if you like? But for the meantime, I require Lola to be released into my custody. You can contact me at home as I'm taking some time off," Mum barked and leaned back in the chair.

"She broke bail last time the inspector may not be so lenient in approving it."

"Lola will surrender any cash earnings from her races also her car freely. Make sure you crush the thing."


"Gladly, but it still, not enough," Hale argued.

"And I'm telling you as a representative of the DDP. Your evidence is lacking."

"Why does it not surprise me? But hey, she's your daughter and apparently, even though she's a fucking menace to society! You repeatedly insist on protecting her!"

"Gavin walk it off," Fisher said as he rubbed his face. "Now!"

"This investigation is far from over Ms Knight," Hale growled as his gaze flicked from me and settled on Mum before left the room.

"Officer Mitchell used of excessive force while bringing Lola up from holding this is a police station, and she's unsafe here."

"I call if we need to clarify anything she's free to go for now."

Mum made a strangled noise in then rushed us out of the room and the police station. Once outside she took deep, shaky breaths to calm herself.

And flagged a taxi, I climbed in after her, but with one glance I knew this time something was different. I gazed out the window and wondered whether I could ever set things right with Mum.

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Chapter  7

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