Written In The Stars


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I don't know how it feels like to be loved or to feel hope or to even know how it feels like to have a hug. I don't know my parents nor do I know how I ended up where I am now. All my life I have been raised and taught to obey and listen. All my life I have learned to respect others and never do anything you will regret later on. I have learned to serve others and never act out. I have learned to keep my mouth shut and do what I am told to do. If I ever do act out or do anything bad and not follow the rules given to me, I will be punished. I will punished severally. 

As a little girl, I didn't know how it felt like to be held in a caring or how to be loved. I never known how to feel like to go to sleep with a sing song voice or to a bed time story. I have never known how to laugh with happiness or how to rely on someone. All my life, all I have felt is fear and sadness. I haven't been able to feel any sort of happiness. My imagination was the only thing keep me up. Growing up wasn't easy. I had someone teach me math and science and all of that. But, I was also taught how to respect and follow the rules given to me. But, I didn't go to any school or had any friends. I had to follow the rules and listen to the leader or the person in charge. I have been raised to serve others. I don't know what it means to be free or happy. I haven't been able to see the world because I have been captive inside. It's only a few times I get to go outside, but I haven't been able to see other people or any cars or towns or a city. I don't even know where I am. I live in a house of some sort surrounded by trees. People come here though, they come here and some people who work like me go to them. I don't ever see them after that. That is why I don't talk to anyone here because I know they go with those people. 

I haven't gone with those people. The people I work with think that I a bit more valuable and that I should not go with those people. I don't know what it means, but I think it has to do with the fact that I have been raised there since I have been little. People of all ages though visit this place. I don't know why there are here though or what type of work they do. I am clueless about everything besides the fact that I am taught to serve and follow. Nothing more. And so this is where the story starts. The start of how I managed to find some sort of light in my darkness and only to have it blown out in one simple move. 

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Chapter 1: Little Lamb

I shiver as I place the plate down in front of Mr. Ashmore. He didn't say anything as I pulled away and then stood behind him watching as he ate with the others who also work with him. "So, we have a new client." The woman, Ms. Neal says as she chews on the steak I prepared for her. I have learned all sorts of food from just plain mac n cheese to fancy dishes that could cost you hundreds of dollars. They say that I should know how to cook meals to not disappoint others. "Oh really. Where are they from?" Ms. Neal smiles. "America. And the greatest part of it as well is that he also comes from a wealthy business." She says. Mr. Ashmore nods as he takes a bite out of his steak. I always fear he will not like it so I always prepare his dish even more special than the others. I take a small breath out as I see him approve of the meal by continuing eating it without a fuss. It has only been a few weeks before that I was punished for making his dish taste as if I just dug it out of the trash, or that it what he said. 

"America? Now why would an American come here to just buy one of our own?" I don't know what they mean by that. I do know that I am not in America. I am somewhere in Europe, or that it what everyone says. "Who knows. He says that he has heard of us from another client of ours that had visit America. He says that we have good product and he is thinking of buying one of ours for a good amount of price." By the amount of things they have and how huge the house is, I know that whatever business they are, it's very good. I just don't know what business they are doing. "Really? I will have to meet him. He will probably even buy two of our own. Then, we would probably build more of our houses and spread our business." Mr. Ashmore says. Ms. Neal nods her head and finishes eating her broccoli. "Do you know his name?" Ms. Neal shakes her head. "No. I just know that his last name. Mr. Oconner. He says that he be willing to get our business up, that is if we give him what he wants and so the product isn't so damaged and is good. We will have to get those girls in shape and get them extra good. We do not want him to think we do not have what he wants." She says. Girls? I look over at the maids who have been here since I have remembered. 

They looked a bit nervous. "Jane, come here." I followed and went to Mr. Ashmore. "Take the plates away and bring me some red wine. I think it's about time I had some good news." He says. I nod my head. "Yes, sir." I say and then take the plates. I then walk to the big kitchen and put the plates down and then I head towards the wine rack. The house has a wine cellar that have tons of wine, but I only go there when the wine rack is running low. I grab the finest red wine and then bring it them with the wine glasses. I then set them down in front of them and the gently pour them there wine. "To our business." Mr. Ashmore says as he raises his glass for the toast. "To our business." Everyone says as they also raise their glasses. Then then toast to it and then drink up their wine. To the business, whatever business is it that they do. I stare at them as they enjoy their wine. I have only ever tasted wine a few times, but I have never enjoyed the taste. It doesn't taste good, but it somehow satisfies others. "Jane, don't forget to clean my room tomorrow. And make sure to also clean every spot of this house. I will be setting a meeting with Mr. Oconner and I do not want him to come here to such a dirty house." I nod my head. "Yes, sir." I say. He smiles and then finishes off his drink. 

"Well then. I will be off to my room. Please don't disturb me." He says as then gets up from his chair and then went up the spiral stair case. We all knew what he meant by not disturbing him. He has woman going up to his room almost everyday. I haven't learned exactly what they do up in his room, but I do know that it involves a lot of moaning, groaning, and screaming as well as tons of pleasure. Mr. Ashmore hasn't been stuck to one girl. He never dates. He just sleep with woman and then the next day, they will leave. I have strict orders to not treat them as if they are his girlfriends or as if they will stay for a whole day. They only stay for one whole night and then they must leave once the sun shines. I am to not cook them any food or serve them anything unless he orders me too. Nothing more. 

Ms. Neal stands up and looks at me. "I do not see what is so special about you. I don't even understand why you haven't been sold yet." She says to me as she stares at me. I look at her confused. Sold? What does she mean by sold? "I will be off now. You can go to your room now after you clean those dishes." She says. I nod my head and then she leaves. I sigh in relief once I hear nothing but the maids finish cleaning for the day. I head inside the kitchen and start to do the dishes. I hand wash the the dishes because Mr. Ashmore says that it could do good, who knows what that means. All my life, I have just been a little lamb living in a cave full of lions.

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Chapter 2: Pure Torture

I stood there as I waited for the visitor to come. Mr. Ashmore stood in front of me with Ms. Neal both dressed up as if they are both preparing to go off to a ball. The maids and I just stood behind them, all waiting for orders while the butler stood to the side. I was a bit nervous as to who this man was seeing how this man can make Mr. Ashmore nervous and Ms. Neal seem as if she has just won such a big award. I don't understand what business they do, but I know it involves girls since they spoke about it yesterday. "Remember Jane, don't talk to the man unless spoken too and do not make a single mistake because you know what happens when you make a mistake." I nodded my head and replied, "Yes, sir." with a calm voice even though really, I was scared. I have made several mistakes before and I know what happens when I do make one. "I just hope this client will buy our product. Who knows how much he will spend." Ms. Neal smiles and we continue to wait. Suddenly, the butler comes in and and looks at us with a straight face. "Mr. Oconner is here." He says in a mature, calm voice. Ms. Neal nods and then tells him to go fetch him. I turn my head to look out the window and to the night sky outside. I then see a black car come in the drive through. I have never been in a car, I have just just always seen them in the circle drive way. 

I see the butler go towards the car and opened the passenger door. I then see through the darkness, a man in a suit step out of the car. I turn my head back to the front door, waiting for the man to come in. Mr. Ashmore and Ms. Neal both seemed very nervous. The door opened and then both of them stood up straight and looked s if they are meeting the president. The butler first came in and then in came in and opened the rest of the door for the unknown man. The man stepped in and my eyes widen. Boy, I haven't met a man so handsome before.  

Yes, I have seen several people who have good looks and look as if they have just stepped out of some fancy restaurant, but this man looked as if he just came from heaven and then back. The man was something every woman would want to be with. I could tell Ms. Neal also saw how handsome he was by the way she perked up a bit. The man had that sleek black hair that was combed to the back. The man also had a suit that looked like it cost millions. He was also very tall and he looked like he belonged to be with the president. You could also tell he was well built by the bulges on his chest and how his biceps were shown when he fixes sleeve. 

"Mr. Oconner, it is a pleasure to finally meet you." Mr. Ashmore said. The man nodded, but didn't have an emotion on him besides his serious one. "You are Mr. Ashmore I presume? The one Ms. Neal told me about?" I could see Ms. Neal perk up again at the sound of her name coming out of the man's mouth. The man's voice did sound like it also came from heaven if that was even possible. But, it wasn't soft. It was ruff and manly and deep. "Yes, I am Mr. Ashmore, but you could call me David if you liked." Mr. Ashore. I knew that his name is David, I just wasn't allowed to him by his real name since I am not worthy enough to call him. Only people who are upper class and have his trust can call him by his name. "Yes. So, I have heard of your business. Ms. Neal has told me about it, but I have seen the product. I have asked a few other of my people if they have heard of your business. Some have and are impressed by your sales and products. They say that you have the best in the world. I had to see if it really was true." Mr. Ashmore nodded through out his talk and Ms. Neal looked as if she was ready to pounce the man. She does like smart, handsome men. 

"Yes, well we do our best to give the best. Our product are one of kind and never disappoint. Several people around the globe come to us because of how...successful our product is. They never fail to please. We have varieties to choose from and our price is never to high. Plus, we give our best to our clients who need the best. Never have we failed to please our clients." The man didn't change any of his emotions. Usually, the people who come here always look impressed by Mr. Ashmore's speeches, but this guy didn't move a single muscle. "I would like to see the product, if you may." Ms. Ashmore nodded. "Of course, please follow me." We then all follow Ms. Neal and Mr. Ashmore through the hallways and towards a stair case leading to the room I have only been in a few times. I have never seen all of the room since I have only been here a few times and in those few times, my job was too clean. I didn't even clean the full room though because Mr. Ashmore only told me to clean the entrance or one hallway. 

 We all stepped in a huge room that had doors and hall ways around. I never knew what were behind those doors, but I have heard voices and sometimes some cries. I would also hear people begging for help. Mr. Ashmore always told me though to never open any doors or disobey his orders. I always followed them. "I have put the product at the stage. Follow me. It's not that far." We followed Mr. Ashmore into an unfamiliar hall I have never been it. This hall though, looked very fancy. I didn't understand what was happening though. The man still didn't  phase. Ms. Neal kept glancing at him though and fixing her shirt to show some cleavage. Mr. Ashmore led us to a red curtain that stopped us from seeing what was behind it. "I do hope you are impressed by what we have, Mr. Oconner." Mr. Ashmore says. He then drew the curtain aside before we all stepped in. I grew nervous. It was dark and I couldn't see anything. What was this? And what are we suppose to be looking at? I squinted my eyes though once some bright lights came on and one by one, girls appeared. They were all lined up and dressed up like Ms. Neal, but without looking as if they come from a rich family. 

Each girl held beauty and each one of them looked both nervous and scared. Most of them though held a straight face. "This is the best we have to offer you. We have picked and selected the girls who had no damages done to their bodies. Some of them are pure and others are very well experienced. These girls also come all over the globe and each one of them have something to offer on the table. Each one of them though, are all from the best and treated for the best." Mr. Ashmore says. My eyes widen. This is what their business is? Selling girls? I grew scared and my mind was all over the place. I have been here since the day I have remembered. Why haven't I seen this? And why haven't I been sold? "You could look closer if you like. We have nothing to hide." Mr. Ashmore says to Mr. Oconner. The man then steps onto the stage where all the girls stood. There had to be about twenty girls on the stage. Mr. Ashmore still seemed nervous as the man looked at the girls closely. He would lift their chins up and circle them as well. He would also ask them questions, but I could hear what he would ask them.  He didn't change his impression though. It was always the same. 

"They all seem to be in good condition. They also seem to be good, but..." Mr. Ashmore looked a bit uncertain. "But, none of them impress me." Mr. Ashmore frowned as well as Ms. Neal. "What? What is wrong with our product?" Mr. Oconner let out a breath and then walked in front of Mr. Ashmore and Ms. Neal. "Everything you have said is right, but one thing. You didn't give me the best. Each of the girls look similar and they each don't hold any purposes for me. I only buy the best and they are not the best. They are plain and they don't seem to give any excitement. I will not buy any of them." Ms. Neal then looked as if she lost the whole world. Mr. Ashmore looked angry which only mean that I will get punished because the man didn't buy his product. It's rare for someone to deny his offers given to people. I look at the man and see him staring at us. "We have others. You could possibly see them and see if you would like to buy any of them." Mr. Ashmore offers. Mr. Oconner shook his head and then walked around us. "How about this? I look at one more, I get to choose one and only one person to see." 

Mr. Ashmore nods his head. "Yes, okay. You can look at any one of the girls. Anyone of them." Mr. Ashmore tells Mr. Oconner. "Okay. I want to look at her." My eyes widen when I see Mr. Oconner looking at me. Ms. Neal looked shocked and looked at me as well as Mr. Ashmore.  "What?"  Mr. Ashmore asks. The man looked at Mr. Ashmore. "You said I could look at any one of the girls. I pick to look at her." He says. Mr. Ashmore then stood in front of me, blocking me to see his face. "I'm sorry, but she is not for sale. She never has been and never will be." Mr. Ashmore says. Mr. Oconner then shakes his head. "Why is not for sale? Is she special? Is she your lover or something?" He asks Mr. Ashmore. Lover? Never. Mr. Ashmore sighs. "No, she is not a lover. She has been here since birth and I have raised her to obey only my commands. I have also taught her everything she should know. She stays here with us only." Mr. Oconner then stepped in front of Mr. Ashmore. "You see, Mr. Ashmore, when I see something I want, I always get it. I have plenty of girls that are perfect.That girl right there, is mine. Plus, if you taught her yourself, that means she is even more special and the ones here on that stage. Now, if you really want me to be one of your clients and buy from you, you are going to need to sell that girl to me."

My eyes widen in fear. Sell me? Mr. Ashmore looks at me and then frowns. "Alright. Alright." I shook my head. I have never done this before. I have never been sold before. Why did this have to happen to me? What have I done to make him sell me? Mr. Ashmore stepped aside and then Mr. Oconner stepped forward to look at me. I stood there, my hands shaking a bit. How did I end up here? "What is your name?" He asks me. I look at him and then at Mr. Ashmore. He told me that I can't talk. "Tell him your name." Mr. Ashmore commands. I then gulp and look back at the man. "My name...is Jane." I say in a small nervous voice. Mr. Oconner nods and then looked at me up and down. "Do you know how to cook?" I nod my head. "Do you clean?" I nod again. "Can you sew?" I nod my head. "Hmmm...he has taught you well. Can you do math and learn all of the things required to learn?" I nod again. I didn't understand know what to say. I was too nervous to speak. "Are you pure?" My eyes widen again. Pure? As in, have I had sex? 

"She is pure. She has never been touched. Like I said, I raised her, no one touches her." Mr. Ashmore says. Mr. Oconner nods and then, he suddenly lifts up my chin. I wince in pain from the sudden movement. His figures were ruff. "She had a few scars on her. Have you been teaching some lessons as well?" Mr. Ashmore nods his head. "Yes. she is the only girl who I have raised myself. She is taught to obey every order I make and she is also taught to be perfect. There are no rooms for mistakes." Mr. Oconner then lets go of my chin and I sigh in relief. "Tell me, Mr. Ashmore. Why is he different than every girl in this room?" Mr. Ashmore looks at the man and then he looks at me. "She is the daughter of a friend of mines that had passed away a long time ago." I was shocked. What? So, he knows who my parents are? He knew all of this time? "I see. That is why you haven't sold her yet. I understand. But, she is still perfect. How much would you like for her?" Mr. Ashmore looks at me and then sighs. "1 million. That is a fair price and she is special. I raised her myself and I taught her myself. I will need 1 million for her." Mr. Oconner nods. "1 million it is." He then then takes out his wallet and then takes out a pen. He writes something on a piece of paper before ripping it out and gives it Mr. Ashmore. "1 million dollars. All yours." Mr. Ashmore takes it and looks at it. 

I looked at him with frighten eyes. No. This can't be happening. I belong to that man. I can't be sold to that man. Ms. Neal looked at me with sad eyes as if it was going to save me. "Come with me, Jane." The man says. I was about to follow his orders before Mr. Ashmore speaks up. "Wait!" I look at Mr. Ashmore with a bit of hope. Is he going to change his mind? "Please take care of her. I promised my friend I would take care of her and that she would be protected. I promised I wouldn't sell her too. Please, do take care of her." Mr. Ashmore says. Mr. Oconner nods his head. "Of course. I will do my best. Come on, Jane, we are going off to your new home." New home. My new home. I have a new home.  please so unknown to me. "Yes, sir." I say. He then walks away towards the man floor. I look back at Mr. Ashmore one last time before I follow. 

And that is how my life turned in for the worst. 

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Chapter 3: Laughter Lines

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Chapter 4: Cuddle Buddy

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Chapter 5: Little Cat

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Chapter 6: The Man

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