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To scan a document using an HP printer, first make sure to connect to the printer, which are scanning the computer which you either have with a USB cable or wireless, and that printer is installed on the software computer of that printer. After this you will be able to scan a document using the control panel of the printer and save it on the computer and this article how to enable scan to hp computer for all solution this article.

Switch to the printer. For network printers installed on the Windows operating system computer, open HP software. Click on Scanner tasks, select the Scan for management computers, and click Enable.

When you have your document or image ready, load it on the scanner glass. Carefully place the document with the desire to scan the glass touching you. Keep documents according to directions with glass edges.

Scan HP Computer

For scanning through automated document feeder trays, keep printed items in the upper side feed tray. Put the upper edge in the tray first. In the document slide tray, until the control panel displays the signal to detect the message document.

After saving, select the file type of the scanned document, and then scan the item. Select the computer that has to save the scanned document, and then select the scan to type. Start scanning. The folder with the scanned document will open to you.

How to Enable Scan HP Computer step by step?

For a number of purposes including live photos, creative projects and laser quality lessons, there was a growing demand for anyone, with the increase in the use of printers, home offices from home to small and medium industries, so on and beyond , Which can assist in how to get stuff on your computer printer to scan.

As a common man, one can find it necessary to install the necessary software and drivers for proper and smooth operation of the printer. To deal with this issue, we have come up with an entity called HP Printer Customer Service, which you can call 24x7 to understand what order data should be done to get scanned.

Steps to enable hp printer to scan to computer:

Make sure the printer software is installed and the printer is powered with a USB cable, a wired (ethernet) network cable, or a wireless network connection and is connected to that computer.

Step 1: Load the photo or the document

Open the scanner cover and place the item on the scanner glass

Step 2: Enable the scan connectio to the computer (wireless network only)

Enable the scan system for computer connections from HP software. If you're scanning on a wired network or a USB connection, go to the next step to scan the document or photo.

Mac users: This step is not necessary for Mac operating systems. Continue to the next step.

  • Search Windows for your printer model's name, and click the name of the printer in the list of results.

  • Opens HP printer assistant

  • Click Manage Computer Scan Scanner Action, and then click.

  • Click Enable to activate the scan for computer options.

Step 3: Scan the document or photo

Scan the item using a USB, wired Ethernet or wireless connection.

  • On the printer control panel, press to select the down arrow scan, and then press OK. The selection computer menu opens.

  • Press the down arrow to select the computer that you want to scan and then press OK. Scan type menu opens.

  • Press either the photo (JPEG) or the document (PDF), and then press OK to select the down arrow.

  • Press OK to start the scan again.

You can read about scan hp computer click this links:HOW TO ENABLE SCAN TO HP COMPUTER?

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