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A New Chapter

 Today was the day- me and my best friend Amber where moving out into our own world. We was moving from University life to the adult world. I was scared as hell, and so was Amber. As we said our farewells to our friends from our apartment, big fat tears trickled slowly down our rosy red cheeks. 'Today's the day,' I thought, 'that we move into the real world away from all the care Woodland University gave us.' Luckily, we were able to find a flat for two people; me and Amber. 

"Oh Vera, I will really miss you. All those good times we've had staying up all night, playing dirty truth or dare, and most importantly- our friendship." cried Amber. 

"Amber, I'll never ever forget you. You have been my friend since the start of Uni! I could always trust you. Amber.. goodbye." said Vera.

"Cmon, Amber- I think we should go. The taxi just texted me to tell me that he's here. Goodbye, everyone." I said, as I backed slowly away from all of my friends. 

'It's going to be soooo wierd without them- so quiet. It's gonna take time to get used to it, so we'd better start getting used to it now.' I thought. 


A few hours later, we arrived safely at our new home. We lived close to the river, which was a beautiful view from my window. Maybe I'd like it here? Maybe not. The paint on the walls had ben torn from the top to the bottom, and in the corners of the walls were the most gruesome looking mould. 

"Ew! It's disgusting, Jolie." remarked Amber. 

"I know, I'm sorry. I could find any where better. I promise we will get it sorted." I replied. 

It was about 8:45 when we arrived at our new home, and we decieded to have a party to celebrate a ne chapter of life with our friends. But where? We couldn't have the party at our house- so there was only one answer... the night club down the road. 

"How do you feel about having a party down the night club tonight, Amber?" I asked. 

"Sounds good, Jolie!"

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