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"You just gonna leave me like this?"

Alex screamed as I was took the last of my stuff to my car.  I was rushing through the parking lot, he ran up to me and grabbed on to my pink suitcase. 

"Let go of my shit!" I shouted, yanking on it to release his firm grip.

"I'm not letting you go Candy, not like this." He looked dead at me.  

"It's not your decision, I'm done with your crazy ass." 

"But, Candy, I love you I promise I'll start taking my pills and things will be normal again." He smiling at me at me 

I rolled my eyes you said that before I can't do this anymore.  

"Fuck you!" he said then he shoved my suitcase toward me and stormed off.

I shrugged my shoulders and put my stuff in my car got in and drove off.

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Candy Girl

People have been calling me candy for as long as I can remember.  I assume it's because I look sweet with

 my Carmel skin long black hair but I never wear out I mainly wear colored wigs.  I'm little but my curves are big. 

I get called Bitch 90% percent of the time the other 10% is Candy.  But unlike my name, my life wasn't sweet. After my parents being killed in a car crash when I was 17. 

I moved in with my older brother but his wife hated me so I was put out. I lived on the streets until I met Alex a local drug dealer even though he was crazy but he did help me. 

But when he doesn't take his pills he goes nuts. Now that I'm 21 I'm ready to move on and do for me.

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Chapter 1

Damn, I don't feel like going in today.  

My bed-side alarm rang loudly in my ears, and I swatted it with a yawn. 

God knows I've been losing sleep working late nights, and the last was no exception. 

I just wanted to rest. That's all I've ever wanted to do anymore; rest.  

I stretched as I squinted down at the glowing red numbers on the clock. It was 10:00 pm, and I had an hour to drag myself into work. Immediately, I bolted upright.   

Fuck, I'm gonna be late.  

I roll out of my bed with a groan, shed my pajamas, (which was only a shirt, really) and showered as quickly as I could. The water woke me up, easing the stresses of the previous week and I sighed thankfully.  

Maybe today won't be so bad.  

Upon finishing, I reluctantly pull myself out and dry off; spreading an expensive cherry blossom balm over my brown skin.   

I then scurried back to my room and searched my dresser drawers for my best lingerie. Once I spotted something hot pink and lacy, I grabbed it instantly.  

What can I say? I have a preference. 

After sliding into a pink top and a leather skirt, I eyed myself in the mirror.   

One more thing...  

I turned to my desk, staring at the wigs adorning the mannequin heads that supported them. 

Red, I'm feeling red.

Wasting no time, I lifted the wig off of the Styrofoam mass and placed it onto my own head, going back to the mirror and shifting it until I was satisfied. I grabbed my phone and keys, looked at myself once more, and exited my room.  

As I began walking out of my apartment, my phone vibrated in my hands, starling me. I glanced at my cell; it was my co-worker, Sierra.   "Yo," I murmured, answering the call. 

"Candy, girl, where you at? It's starting to get mad packed in here, and we the only bartenders for the night." Sierra shouted over the blaring music. I sighed, feeling stress rising just by hearing the racket.  "

"I'm comin', just tell Michel Imma be a few minutes late."

Alex pov

"Are you sure she here man?"  

My homeboy Troy asked as he passed  blunt to me I took a quick hit and exhaled the smoke out?
"Yes, she's here" I explained. 

It's been 2 months since I last seen or heard from candy. She thinks she can just do whatever the fuck she wants I will show her.

"Come on," I said, to Troy as I opened the glove compartment in my truck and grabbed my gun. Then put it in my grey hoodie

Candy pov
20 minutes later I was down the road the road from juicy's a strip joint. My phone was in the passenger seat it was ringing none stop. I was sure it was Sierra calling me to see where I was at I'll get there they"ll be alright I thought. 

When I pulled up all I heard were sirens and an ambulance car driving fast past me. As I drove to the front parking lot I seen people scattered all over police officers walking around.

Something clearly was not right I parked my car got out and started walking through the crowd and was about to walk up to the door when I police officer came up to me and told me I can't go inside. 

"what's going on?"I asked.  

Candy! I heard sierra's voice. She ran up to me she has red curly hair, brown skin, and she was chubby but still cute. 

"What's going on? I asked trying to keep myself calm.  

She just looked at me and told me that Alex was here looking for me and when he couldn't find me he started shooting up the place. Four people were killed he left the scene before he was caught.

I don't know why but my only reaction was to not say anything and walk to my car ignoring Sierra saying the cops want to talk to me. 

I got in my car and sped off and went home.
I got home made sure my all the doors were locked I took off my clothes and my hair and throw on a big yellow sweatshirt. 

I put my phone on airplane mode and hid under my covers and went to sleep.

(The Next Morning)

I heard a loud knock on my door I rolled over and looked at my phone it was 8:30 am. They"ll go away I thought until I heard a male voice say "Police department mam."

I rolled out of bed and answered the door on the other side was a tall lanky white man with dark hair and dark eyes in a police uniform. 

"May I come in?" he asked.   I said yea and he walked inside we both sat down on a brown couch.  He looked at me and said 

"Ok so I have good news and bad news" he explained.

He told me that they did find Alex and arrested him but they still think my safety is at risk.

"So what does that mean?" I asked.

"Well... I was assigned to watch over you until Alex's trial is over "He stated.

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