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First day

Teacher : Aelys

Yes, it's me.

It's my first day in this new school. And it's the second semester. Everyone glance at me weirdly. I know my name is strange. I have my grand mother's name. My mom used to tell me she was an elf. 

Teacher : Give me your assignements tomorrow.

Shit. I wasn't listening. 

The bells ring

James : Hey I am James. I noticed you were not listening. You want my notes and the tasks.

Me : Yes, It would be great.

James : Want me to help you study?

Zoey : Live her alone.

James leave.

Zoey : I want you to understand something this my territory.

Cate : Hello! Aelys right? I can lend you my notes. Zoey is not really friendly, but she is nice... Sometimes. See you later!

Well, Zoey is really intense but not bitch. James, a jerk or a really nice guy and Cate, she looks friendly, at first sight.


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