Quality and Reliable Veterinary Services


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Quality and Reliable Veterinary Services

Lougheed Animal Hospital has been offering quality and affordable veterinary care to all pets in Mission for many years. This hospital is committed to providing excellent and compassionate care for your family friends. Animals are considered to be a part of families and pet owners should take care of them. These furry creatures bring so much love and enjoyment into our life and we should never ignore their needs. Like children, they need our attention, love and care throughout their life. Lougheed Animal Hospital offers full veterinary services. This hospital is equipped with the latest facilities and has the most experienced and caring veterinarians and staff. They always strive to provide the best quality care available for your pets. Your animal will always get perfect service and feel wonderful after getting the treatment. With an emphasis on client education and an understanding of your pet’s needs, these pets strive to partner with each pet owner. In this way, they want to ensure your pet is in its good health.

At Lougheed Animal Hospital, your pet will get full medical, surgical, and dental veterinary care. One of the most important services the hospital offers is vaccination. Vaccinations protect animals against fatal diseases. This hospital offers Vaccinations for Dogs in Mission and guarantees the best results. This is a requirement for all dogs and if you are traveling with your family then vaccinations are just a must. Every injection can contain different vaccines against various illnesses. If you have puppies then you should know that they are safe from a number of infections for the first weeks. The immunity passes onto them through their mother's milk. However, as they age through time, they need vaccinations. Vaccinations for Dogs in Mission will be tailored to your pet's age and needs. Due to vaccinations, animals will be protected and they will build a strong immune system. So a lot of viruses and infections will be avoidable when your pet gets vaccinated. Many animals die earlier as they don’t have a strong immune system to fight against various diseases. By offering Vaccinations for Dogs in Mission Lougheed strives to reduce this risk and make dogs healthy. Dogs are exposed to many viruses and every pet owner should take the needed steps to help his animal overcome future difficulties. Vaccinating your dogs in a proper way, Lougheed Animal Hospital guarantees the highest results. Just contact this team for Vaccinations for Dogs in Mission beforehand and schedule a consultation with the vet.

You can also get help from the Emergency Vet in Mission when your animal needs an emergency service. When you notice that your pet doesn't feel well, don't lose time and just bring it to this hospital as fast as possible. The Emergency Vet in Mission will examine your animal and handle the needed procedures to relieve the pain and help your pet feel better. Very often animals get injuries and they lead to different emergency situations. The staff will opt for painless methods so that your furry friend can feel less stress and recover faster!

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