A Puppy's Life - PUBLISHING FINAL(2)


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I see a bright light and hear people speaking. This is a new smell for me. Where am I? I am going up and up in the air. I can see my mommy lying on the pillow as I go up, up, up…

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I was born six weeks ago. I have 2 sisters and one brother. Where are they this morning? I lift my head carefully as I try to get my eyes to focus properly. What is this; a cardboard box with a towel in. I lay still as the hands place me in softly.

I can feel the box being picked up and I can hear the door open. I think it is time to play outside. I am very excited. I love the feeling of the prickly grass under my paws. Oh, there has been a change of plan. We are going for a ride in a car. Now I am really excited. My first ride; wait till the others hear about this.

The car has come to a standstill but the noise of traffic is still ongoing. The backdoor of the car opens and the box was taken out. Maybe we are meeting someone here. The box is now on the floor and I lift my head to see where we I am. I am all alone. What am I going to do? I want my mommy.

My little eyes are filling up with tears and my heart is so sore. Did I do something wrong for them to leave me here all alone on this very busy road? I lifted my tiny paws up to the brim of the box to get a better view.

If I stand like this, maybe someone will stop and take me back home.

The cars are driving so fast. How will they be able to see me if they drive so fast? I am just a little puppy in a terrible situation. Somebody, please help me! I started crying because I knew I was never going to see my mommy again. What am I to do? Must I just wait here until someone rescues me? I think that would probably be the best idea.

I am sure I just heard a car stop. Please let it be someone that will rescue me and take me home. I just want to go home.

It is a car that stopped. I am so happy to see this stranger. “Hey puppy, what are you doing here all alone on this busy road?” the voice said as he gently picked the box up.

I am so happy that he stopped to pick me up. He is going to take me home now so that I can see my mommy, two sister and brother. I cannot wait for the car to stop in front of my house.

Wait a minute, how does he know where I stay? The car stopped and he picked me up. Nothing looks familiar here. Please take me home, I just want to go home. “I picked him up on the highway.” The voice said. A lady picked me up. She was so gentle with me. “Ah shame little puppy. Why would they do something like that to you?” She gave me such a loving cuddle; so nice that I miss my mommy even more.

They offered me some food and water but I turned my nose up. My mommy told me not take anything from strangers. That is exactly what I did.

“I don’t know if there is something wrong with the puppy; she does not want to eat.” The lady said concerned. “I think I will take her to the Vet tomorrow just to make sure she gets her shots and see if she is healthy.

I had dreams of the Vet. I have never been to one so I did not know what to expect. I even dreamed that the doctor was a dog just like me; a Jack Russell.

I slept right through last night; The first time ever. I was too tired to worry about anything or anyone. Yesterday was not a day that I want to repeat. I have never been so scared like I was yesterday. I still miss my mommy and siblings.

The lady put me in a soft red basket and loaded me into her car. I am sure she is taking me to the Vet now.

When the car stopped the lady picked me up and took me inside this big grey building.

She went to the counter to explain where they found me and she also told them that I was not eating or drinking anything. “Take a seat Mrs Palmer, the doctor will call you in soon.”

Mrs Palmer took a seat and took me out of the soft basket. When I looked around, there were other animals too. There was a bulldog and tom cat and even a little yellow bird in a cage. “Mrs Palmer.” A voice said. She put me back in the basket and off we went. The doctor took me out and placed me on a steel table. He looked at my teeth and said I was about six weeks old. He then checked my ears and he even weighed me. Yelp… I cried. It is burning. Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! What was that? I did not even see the injection before it went into my neck. “Sorry little pup. That injection will make you feel better very soon.” The doctor told Mrs Palmer. “If she does not eat before Friday, then you must bring her back and I will give her another injection.” Mrs Palmer agreed and off we went home.

Where is the food? I don’t want to go back to the vet for the injection. I will eat and drink as much as they want me to, but I am not going back for another injection.

There are little people’s voices in the distance. Are they staying? Will they love me? I am so excited to meet them. I ran up and down till I found them in the pink bedroom. There is a boy and a girl. “Aaahhhhh grandma, can we keep her?” the little girl asked. “She is so cute.” Said the little boy. “Well McKaylynn, if the vet says that she is healthy then we can.” Mrs Palmer answered the little girl. “Tiago, let’s take her outside to play with her for a while.” McKaylynn said.

“Granma, does she have a name yet?” the little boy asked his grandmother. “No my boy, not yet, but you can think of one in the meantime.”

We played for a long while outside chasing each other and nibbling on this and biting on that. I am totally exhausted now. I was heading for the door to take a nap in the soft basket but McKaylynn stopped me from entering the door. I tried to pass her but she blocked me on every gap I saw. I eventually gave up and curled myself into a ball in front of the door. I was too tired to fight or walk another step. Tiago picked me up and carried me inside. I curled on his lap and had the best afternoon nap.

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Days went by and now it is time to go back to the vet. I really hope that I don’t get another injection. I have been a very good puppy and I behaved super well the last couple of days.

McKaylynn and Tiago accompanied me with to the vet today. They are so special to me. They love me just the way I am.

I was not scared when the doctor called Mrs Palmer. He asked if I am eating better and if I cheered up a little. “Oh yes, she is a different little puppy since the last time we were here.” She answered him. “Well puppy, we will see you in a couple of months’ time again.” He said as he rubbed my belly.

When we climbed into the car, Mrs Palmer looked at me and said: “Welcome to the family little Zola, welcome!”

I wagged my tail vigorously from one side to the other.

I have a name… a real name!

I have a home… my new home!

I have a family… my own brand new family!

And I am the luckiest little pup in the world…

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