An Outlaw's Tale: Installment Three


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Installment Three

    I can still feel her lips around my cock like it was yesterday. My trousers were tightening to prove it. Some people always boast of their life, proudly recalling defining moments. Well, I’ll never forget how I felt that night…how she made me feel that night…



    “So, cowboy,” Missy purred in my ear. “You never told me your name.”

    “And if I gave you my name, what would you do with it?” I growled, polishing off another glass. I was already pretty far gone…that’s exactly why I almost thought I misheard what she said next. Missy leaned in real close, her busty curves tempting my self-control.

    “If I knew your name…I’d know what to scream later.”

    Though I nearly dropped my glass, I did well to cover it up, remaining impartial. In my head…I was anything but. It wasn’t every decade that you came across a woman like that.

    “Those are some big words from such a little lady,” I stated simply. Raising my hand to signal the bartender for another, I was surprised when I felt her hand come down on top of mine.

    “I think you’ve had enough to drink for now,” she cooed, batting her big, black lashes against her pale pink cheeks. She knew how to turn me on so fast, it was an annoyance.

    “Woman, you’re awfully pretty…but I advise never telling a man that he’s had enough to drink,” I growled, toying with my glass. Dammit, I would be done drinkin’ when I was done drinkin’. If she had heard the implications lacing my words, she pretended not to care in the slightest.

    “I meant no offense, I just thought you may be in the mood for something a little…sweeter, is all. You’ve been riding for so long, after all.” Her words were like silk…soft, smooth, and holding the promise of a memorable experience. How could a man say no to that pout?

    “Vincent….my name is Vincent,” I said, answering her first question.

    “Vincent,” she repeated with a smile. I had never heard anything more heavenly than the sound of my name rolling off her tongue. I was transfixed, watching the way her lips moved, caressing each syllable like it were her favorite.

    “Gotta room available?” I questioned the bar tender.

    “Two left. Head up the stairs, second door on the left,” he promptly replied, handing me a key from under his register. I grabbed the bar to steady myself as I stood up from the stool, sliding a few coins across the bar.

    I glanced down at the brazen beauty next to me. Every nerve on my body was alive and crackling…a feeling I had known more than a few times before. The only thought in my mind was her hands on my chest.

    “You comin’?” I asked with a growl, imagining all the dirty things I could do to that pretty face. Her answering smile made my cock swell, pushing tight against the restraint of my trousers.

    The folds of her dress were cool to the touch as I slid my hand around her waist, leading her through the bar. My imagination began to run away with me, imagining the feel of her soft skin under my hands…that cool dress pooled on the floor. In a flash, we were up the stairs, in the room, and locking the door behind us.

    With a sway in her hips that had my mouth watering, I watched as she walked calmly over to the window, gazing out over the dusty little town. I took off my hat and set it on the bedside table before I walked up behind her, my boots clicking dully off the wooden floors.

    Her delicious jasmine fragrance filled my nostrils as I got closer to her, instantly sending me back…back into the arms of Miss Molly. I reached out to snake my arms around her waist, as she spun to face me with a mischievous lust flashing through her eyes.

    Lust wasn’t the only thing lurking in the depths of her ocean blue eyes. No…the more I looked…the more I saw her looking back at me…the woman I lost so long ago. If I had been capable of any coherent thoughts before, I definitely wasn’t anymore. Without hesitation, I pulled her tight against me, bringing my lips crashing down on hers.

    A luscious figure of brown bouncing curls, and heaving breasts, she melted into me as my tongue pushed past her teeth, exploring every inch of her mouth. Her sweet taste melted like chocolate over my tongue, her passion matching mine stroke for stroke as I tore apart the laces of her dress.

    Pulling my lips apart from hers just long enough to pull her out of her dress, I let it pool at our feet before claiming her mouth a second time. Her silky skin felt just as heavenly as I had imagined it would as I ran my hands up her curves, cupping each of her milky breasts. Trailing my tongue languidly down the subtle curve of her throat, I closed my lips around one of her rosy nipples, reveling in her moans as they filled the room around us.

    The sweet scent of her jasmine perfume mingled in the air with the strong scent of whiskey, bathing us in a heady aroma. Alcohol and lust raced hot through my limbs as she quivered in pleasure beneath my lips. She was driving me closer to an end I wouldn’t have the power to turn from.

    All I could think was that I didn’t want to feel anymore…I didn’t want to remember anymore…I just wanted to get lost in her arms, buried deep inside her. She squealed in delight as I rose and scooped her quickly up into my arms. Her lips trailed tantalizingly along my throat while I carried her over to the little bed. I deposited her down onto the covers, gazing down at her gorgeous form, naked and wanting.

    I didn’t say a thing when her fingers came up to fumble with the fastening on my trousers. Soon, she had them pushed down my legs, my erection springing free from confinement. The corners of my lips twitched up in a cocky smile as her eyes widened.

    “That’s all for you, sweetheart,” I told her. I could feel the rumble building low in my chest…I knew that I had to have her lips on me.

    I plunged my hands into those bouncing brown curls as she wrapped her lips around my throbbing cock, running her tongue languidly up and down my length. When she swirled her tongue around in delicious circles, every nerve ending of my body caught fire. I was soaring past the clouds, watching my fantasy play out.

    Her deep blue eyes locked on mine as she took me even deeper into her mouth. Unable to take any more, I pushed her back onto the bed, her head falling into the cushion of the pillows. Climbing between her spread legs, I lowered myself on top of her. Waves of ecstasy began to relentlessly pound away at my self-control as I slid myself deep into her slick pussy.

    Gazing down into the eyes of Miss Molly, I let Missy carry me higher that night than I had ever flown before. In an explosion to rival dynamite, I drove myself into her, filling her with the hot release I had craved so much. Slowly, the two of us began to spiral back down to earth, lying panting and sated in each other’s arms.

    Rolling over, I felt her body snuggle warmly up to mine over top of the covers. In a matter of no time, sleep wrapped its foggy fingers around me, and I let myself drift away into a dreamless night.



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