Let Go


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1. First day

 Headen Hills was a normal town, but one day, it all changed. There was a school shooting, a suicide, a robbery which led to a fire killing eight and a serial killer. When almost everyone managed to get past that, a dark presence awakened, it's only purpose was to prey on the sins of those who could have kept the town safe and calm.

1989, November 1st, beginning of the school year. "I don't want to go in mum" 

"You have to Thomas, its your first day back since last year and you can't miss it" Tom's mother explains, "firstly I got bullied last year and secondly I've told you before I prefer to be called Tom" he replies furiously

"You're going in, end of discussion" she snaps,

"Tim isn't going in" he whispers to himself, "what do you mean" she questions,

"Tim said he wasn't gonna go in, he said he would be with his friends, instead of at the library early in the morning".

Tom's mum steamed and stumped to the phone, "So can I stay off?" Tom shouts

"GO TO SCHOOL NOW" she screeched. Tom got his backpack, his lunch and his favourite hat on and left to the school bus stop.

Tom sat there thinking of ways to not go in, when a very simple idea planted in his head, he wasn't going to get on the bus, he could just go to the park and read some books there, Tom was confident about his idea and he made his mind up, he was going to ditch.

The school bus pulled up and Tom explained why he can't get on the bus to the driver, the driver understood his false story and continued to the next stop, Tom felt good, he turned around and walked down the street pavement towards the park. He smiled as he round the corner, imagining himself sitting on the swings reading a wonderful book, but as he went round he realised he was on the same street as his bus stop was on, there was now way he went in a circle, he continued walking down until he got the stop, at that moment another school bus appeared honking at him, the bus pulled over and the doors opened, revealing to Tom that there was no one but a tall man dressed in a very medieval way, with big red covered lips and a sinister smile.

"Hello Tommy boy, why aren't you  in school" the man says in a sweet but unsettling way, "I must have missed it sir"

"You must have, but if I'm correct you left your house at 7:23, the walk to the stop is 5 minutes and the bus came at 7:30, so you should have been at the stop at 7:28" this man had a very dark feel to him, the kind you don't trust,

"I'll get my mum to drop me off" Tom says as an excuse to get away as soon as possible

"Come on kiddo, you don't want to be late, there's nothing to be afraid of" he said while grinning at the 11 year old boy

"I'm afraid of the older kids" Tom explains, "well there aren't any kids here except for you so it's fine, and if they ever give you trouble just do what I'll do" he replies in the nicest way possible, "what's that sir?" Tom asks, "I'll tear them to shreds watching and feeding on their soul has it crumbles" he aggressively shouts and laughs.

Tom was trying to leave but didn't want to anger the stranger, he slowly turned around and tried walking off, a loud bang could be heard from inside the bus, Tom looked behind him only to see his biggest fear, children with bleeding eyes crawled out of the bus with wooden knifes chanting, "Your fear is here,

Coming near,

Before you die you will hear,

This song you hear that we all cheer". Tom screamed and a closed his eyes, when he opened nothing was there, then he felt a bite take off a chunk of his leg, he collapsed and screamed for help, he was dragged onto the bus, screeching in pain, the bus drove down the road, his body was found in the woods and it was said he was killed by a bear, the only thing left of him was just his torso, no arms, no legs, and no head.

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2. Regrets

 A year after Thomas Curst's death, his older brother was still blaming himself for his brother's death, he thought if he was there with his brother things would have gone well, he only had one friend to talk to when they found the body but his friend took her own life after being badly bullied James Bowler, James didn't regret anything about her death, but his friend did, Perry Pattison felt bad and decided to help not hurt others, so him and Tim became friends. James was alone though, he had a lot of thoughts of things especially about his father, bus his story is later.

Perry was walking home after school, he lived seven blocks away from the school, close to the great green river and next to the Headendale's Pharmacist. He was thinking of joining a football team, Perry was a very sporty person, which made him popular, he was good at the game as well which was an advantage to getting a girl to like him, Nancy Jones, daughter of the sheriff and head of the cheerleading team. He was a minute from home, but he stopped at Kali Evans house, the girl who killed herself.

He bursted into tears and whimpered "I'm so sorry". He felt like he could feel her presence there, and she was angry at him, he thought to himself she's gone now, you can't change it, he apologised once more and stood up, he closed his eyes as he wiped them and when looked at the house, the door was open and there was a small figure standing in the door way, 

"Sorry for what" the figure speaks out, Perry was shocked, he was so confused, "Kali?" He shouts, "why'd you do it Perry" 

"I could have been alive"

"You did this" she shouts in anger, "I'm sorry okay, I really am" Perry cried, she walked down the steps and pulled out a razor blade, she started slitting her wrists, blood poured out and she kept on shouting, "YOU DID THIS, YOU DID THIS, YOU DID THIS" Perry was terrified, he stood in terror, crying, he felt like his stomach was being squeezing and his heart was being punched. 

The emotionless girl stood in the middle of the lawn, with blood pouring out of both wounds, Perry was sitting in the floor, weaping, then he heard his name being called by a friendly voice, he looks up, a man dressed strangely with grey bone dry lips was walking down the stairs, he was holding to metal buckets, he gave Perry a dangerous grin, "Hi there Perry", he dropped one of the buckets and waved, "Come give me a hand please, it's a lovely garden you wouldn't want to ruin it" he laughed in a friendly way, "no please god no" Perry cried, the man shouted at him, "you did this now help clean up!" The man put one bucket under each arm of Kali so the blood couldn't get on the grass anymore.

Perry came over and started to clean the grass, the man walked up to him and Perry looked up, "why did you do it" the man asks, "I was stupid, just let me go" Perry cries, the man started breathing heavily, scaring Perry in the while, the blood overflowed the buckets, the man pointed out the blood staining Perry's shoes, Perry looked down and when he looked up nothing was there, it must have been a bad dream.

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3. High School Crush

 Nancy Jones, the one girl who was actually nice to Tim, you only had one regret and that was letting James Bowers kiss her, she sort of had feelings for Tim but she likes Perry more.

It was the middle of Maths and Tim had an outburst, he left the room and was told to "calm down" by the teacher, Nancy sat there, worried about Tim, she looked to the girl on the right and asked what he was crying about, the girl looked at Nancy then to the person to the left of Nancy and smiled. Nancy turned around and saw a strange man sitting next to her, he looked at her and asked, "do my lips look like blood?" 

She was creeped out and felt unsafe, "no they're grey" she said, the man pulled a shocked face then went back to his evil grin, he opened up a backpack and pulled out Tom's head, Nancy screamed and stood up, all of a sudden it was just him and her, the man squeezed on the head and blood came dribbling out of Tom's mouth, the man dipped his finger in the blood and put it on his lips like lipstick.

"What's your name Cutie?" The man questioned, Nancy called for help but nothing helped, she ran to the door and tried opening it but it was locked. She turned her body around and replied to the strangers question, "Nancy, Nancy Jones" the man grinned and jumped out of his seat, "I am-" Nancy finished the sentence with a "freak" the mans smiled disappeared and instead he was miserable, he slowly walked up to her and whispered, "you can't run when I chase you down, I've got one soul, you and your friends are next" she stepped back then all of a sudden James Bowers appeared in front of her, he then pulled out a knife and started brutally stabbing her, over and over again.

She then woke up after some pricked her with a pencil, a drip of blood flowed down her arm as she canebrakes to realisation that it wasn't real. The bell rang and everyone left the room, as she was walking to her locker she heard her name being called by Perry, "Nancy! Nancy we need to talk". Both of the kids walked into the closest classroom that was empty without knowing they was being watched by James Bowers. "Listen Nancy, I saw Kali, and she was bleeding and this man told me to clean up the blood" Perry was rushing, he was panicked, he was also worrying Nancy, "I thought it was a dream at first but then I looked at my shoes and the bottom had blood on them" she knew what he was talking about, "I saw the man as well" she replied, Perry was about to talk until he was interrupted by James bursting in, "What do you want James" Nancy snapped at him, "what are you two doing in here, you know, I hope your not doing anything naughty" James slowly says, 

"Go away your a freak James" Perry insults, James pull out a knife and jerks it into the table, the bell rings again and students start entering the room, "your lucky" James murmurs, he leaves them shocked and scared.

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4. Money on my mind

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To be continued

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