The Salt of The Sea (Unedited)


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    Once, far away in the Twix galaxy, battle cries could be heard from hundreds of miles away. A war of ocean was happening on the Incar Sea. Two tribe enemies, the Ilan and Cian tribes fought for the ocean. On the Cian tribe, their fierce leader Cin defend the oceans. If his tribe was to have the sea, he would give his son all the salt to sell and become rich. The Ilan tribes leader, Priscilla Diana Rose not only wanted the salt from the Incar Ocean to sell but also she knew the Incar salt had powers to help the world, also known as magic. Each tribe had armies of exactly 52 people because 52 was a good number. Priscilla yelled Charge! and her army pointed their ships toward the enemy and fired their cannons. Cin shouted to his crew attack! and all of his boats except for one shot forward. The Cian tribes plan was to jump onto Ilans ships and attacked from their but Ilan had a different idea. Fire from a distance! Priscilla ordered her tribe. And go after Cin. Cin Is hiding his son in the one red ship off in the distance. After that two of Ilans ships began heading towards the one red ship. Once the two ships got close enough they fired at the same time from different angles. Boom! The cannons sped towards big red. They hit both sides of the bout splitting it in half. Little did anyone know  Cin and his son were on that ship and got separated for life in the big Incar Sea. No one also new that Priscilla Rose had a secret son. Andre was only a boy at the time, hiding with his father Alexander. The battle ended soon after, Ilan won the Incar Sea, but the most memorable things that happened during that war was the death of Colin. Zthat would never be forgotten. And would haunt Cin for the rest of his life. The first thing he said as Cin watched Colin sink down into the Incar Ocean was The roses will have revenge.

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Chapter 1

I have an announcement to make, Mrs. Klier told the class. Ava looked at her science teacher. "Not another lecture from Mrs. Klier!" Ava thought to wish she could just be working on her project. "The Willdale Science Program is starting a science club after school every Wednesday!" Mrs. Klier announced excitedly. Ava nearly jumped in her seat. A science club! Ana would be so excited! I wonder what projects they would be doing Ava wondered. Ava! Pay attention! Mrs. Klier barked. Ava looked at the board ugh. Mrs. Klier was talking about safety in the science room. She looked around the room. The plants for a project on how UCD light a plant needs were sitting in the corner of the triangle room and someone’s chemistry experiment was on the lab table. half finished paper mache volcanoes were placed up again send a wall while a lemon-powered lightbulb took up a whole counter to its self. All of these amazing projects and ideas and we were going to lab safety! Av turned her attention towards the birds in a tree out the window.

Ana drew an elephant on her perfect white piece of paper. There was no smudge or crumple on it. Just the way Ana liked it. While Ava was sitting in science watching the birds in a tree, Ana was in the art room sketching elephants. This was the one time Ana felt peaceful. Drawing on a perfect piece of paper. When her pencil was on the papermaking circles and lines and shapes she didn’t think about The bullies in the locker room who teased her about being quiet that morning. She didn’t think about her fear of speaking in front of more than two people or feeling like she was invisible anytime someone looked right through her or at her. She dint even has to think about the fact that she was at an orphanage without a family. Ana didn't have to think about any of those things. All she thought about was the picture she was drawing and the pencil moving on the perfect white piece of paper.

Ring! The bell rang and people flooded the halls. Phew, I’m glad that’s over Ava said out loud. Although I was hoping to work on my project. She said again not realizing it. Ana was on the other end of the hall trying to make her way to class without getting crushed to pieces when she heard someone call her name. Ana! Over here! Ava made her way over to the poor Ana crushed up against her locker. Guess what! There is going to be a science club every Wednesday after school! Ava exclaimed. That’s great! Ana said quietly. The first day is tomorrow so we can go! Ana was excited. Her second favorite thing to do other than drawing was to do science experiments with her best friend Ava. The rest of the day went by rather quickly knowing the news.

Soon it was the end of the day. Ana was packing up her stuff when a girl came up to her and walked right in front of her, pushing her out of the way like Ana wasn’t even there. Ana was such an easy target for bullies because she had so many flaws. First of all, she was very short. She was the shortest in the grade and once she had been mistaken for a 3rd grader. Ana also was so shy she rarely ever spoke. You would be lucky to hear her voice even. The worst part though is that she lived in an orphanage and everyone knew it. If they saw her they would whisper things like the orphan girl and mute midget. Anas one escape was Ava's house. Ava was the thing that kept Ana positive and happy. As you can probably tell, Ava is the opposite of Ana. Ava is very energetic and is not afraid to stick out in a crowd and be friends with Orphan Girl. Of course, she gets teased but she will not even hear it. Once a boy came up to her and called her a loser and Ava turned around and punched him in the face. Ever since then people know that Ava will not deal with it and to stay out of the way of the Angered Child. Ana got off the bus at the orphanage. The orphanage was not very big. It looked like a normal house if It wasn’t for the huge gate around the orphanage. Ana come help with the dishes! Miss Mae called as she stepped out of the bus. Ana looked around to make sure the bus was out of sight and called back Coming! Now you might think orphanages have. Greedy mean people who look after the children and make them do a lot of chores but this particular orphanage caregiver, Miss Mae. Was as sweet as could be. Miss Mae was very poor but spent every penny she earned on trying to give the children a better life. There were 10 children in total at the Willdale Orphanage. 4 children at the age of two years old, 2 five-year-olds 1 seven years old, 2 babies, and Ana. Miss Mae favored Ana and allowed her to go to school in return for help with the dishes and little ones.

Once Ana finished with her chores she was allowed to go to Ava's house. Now Ava lived with her mother, father, and her twin brothers who were 6 years younger than Ava. Hurry Up ana! ava yelled to Ana running as fast as she could to Ava's house. We've got work to do! Ava said. I'm coming! Ana said out of breath as she made her way towards Avas apartment. The girls got working as soon as Ana was inside. Ava's science idea was to figure out what the ocean felt like. Neither Ana or Ava had been to the ocean but they both wanted desperately to know what it felt like to be on the ocean. Ana would make a picture of what she thought the ocean would while Ava would make a machine that diffused salty mist. Hey, Ana, can you hand me that cone? Ava asked. Sure here you go, Ana, replied. I’m almost done with the Ocean scene. Would girls you like some juice? Avas mom asked from downstairs. Sure! Both girls replied at the same time. They giggled. Sometimes I think you two are sisters. Mrs. Daque said. It was true the two could be mistaken as sisters, twin sisters even if it wasn’t for their opposite personalities. The two had identical blond hair, and both were extremely short for their age. Both girls had the same size six feet and bright green eyes. Their only differences were their family’s and their personalities. Ana was found in an abandoned house. No one had lived in the house for years and they were tearing it down at the time. One day a construction worker came to work and was inside the house and he found a baby wrapped up in a blue blanket. The construction worker didn’t know what to do with her, and there was no orphanage at the time so he took her home to his wife Mae and they raised her together for 2 months. Then unexpectedly he passed away and she and Mae were alone together. Mae had never had a job so they were left without a home in a couple of weeks because they couldn’t pay the bills. Mae went to the town office and chose to start an orphanage. The town gave her a house to have the orphanage and she got paid a weekly wage of 1.00. Ana never knew how her real parents were and the closest thing she has to a real family and home is with Ava. Ava on the other hand has always had a good family. Allison Daque gave birth to Ava October 16. Then two years later the twins were born. Ava had always had a house and a family and had never been insecure about life. The Girls were sipping on juice and talking about the science club when Mrs. Daque came into the kitchen on the phone. She covered the mouthpiece. Ava! Ana! It’s Dr. Willa. She's the science club teacher. Mrs. Daque explained. She knew you were interested in the science club and wanted to talk to you about a project. She handed the phone to Ava and left the room. Hello, Ava said into the phone. I’m Dr. Willa and I will be your teacher for science club. I know you and Ana are extremely interested in science. Dr. Willa told Ava. Ana whispered to Ava how does she know who we are? Mrs. Klier told me about you. She thinks you are the best scientists in all sixth grade. She told me you two should work on a special project and that gave me an idea, Willa said over the phone. I am a scientist that works in a lab at the college. Right now we are currently studying salt. I will tell you more about that tomorrow. I can not tell you much right now but tomorrow I have a favor to ask of you. Please meet me in the library tomorrow at 2:10. Your teachers will understand as I have contacted them already. Dr. Willa explained. All right, said Ava. I have to get going but I am looking forward to meeting you tomorrow, Dr. Willa said. Goodbye. Goodbye, Ava said ending the call. That was weird. Said Ava. Why would she want to see us? I have no clue, Ana replied. They were silent the rest of the evening. Finally at 7:00 it was time for Ana to go home and help put the little ones to sleep. Goodnight Ava called as Ana walked home. Good night, Ava replied.

             When she got back to the orphanage, Ana went in through the driveway, opened the gate, and put her key in the lock in the door. She quietly slipped into the house. The children were all in their beds by now so Ana went up the staircase in the back because of the stairs in the front creak. The upstairs of the orphanage was a large room with 10 beds. All the children shared a room so Ana had to be silent when going to tuck the little ones in because the babies were already fast asleep. Good night everyone, Ana said once everyone was tucked in. Good night, the children murmured. But after saying goodnight Ana could not fall asleep. She laid wide awake staring at the ceiling thinking about the science club. On the other end of town, Ava laid awake also thinking about meeting Dr. Willa and science club. 

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Chapter 2

Ava awoke to the sound of her alarm cat alarm clock meowing in her ear. Arghh! She grumbled and slapped the snooze button. Then she remembered science club, and hopped out of bed and ran down the stairs for breakfast. Ava wolfed down a bowl of Cheerios, and then ran back upstairs to get ready for school.
Ava met Ana at their bus stop. Today is science club! Yay! Ava exclaimed. I couldn’t stop thinking about why Dr. Willa has to talk to us! Ana told her. It’s just so weird. Why us? I don’t know but I’m excited Ava replied. Finally real science! She shouted into the air. The girls couldn’t stop talking until the bus came and Ana was quiet. When they finally got to school it seemed like first period was an eternity. Then in second period, Ana had art and drew a picture of what she thought being on a boat on the sea would be like and she made it 3D. Ava had library for the third period and the whole time she thought about Dr. Willa. Finally, lunch came and they tried to take their mind off of things by talking about their project. We're almost finished with our project! Ava exclaimed. All I need to do is add the salt and try out the diffuser. I have to finish painting the scene, Ana whispered loud enough for Ava to here over the noisy lunchroom. They both agreed to work on the project after science club. 
Finally 2:10 rolled around. The girls met at the entrance to the library. They walked into the library and a short woman with curly brown hair and bright green eyes, and a lab coat was in the corner reading what looked like a dictionary. Are you Dr. Willa/ Ava asked cautiously. As a matter of fact, I am. The woman replied. I suppose you are Ava and your Ana. There was something about her that Ana liked and trusted and gave her the courage to reply, I’m Ana and this is Ava, we talked to you on the phone yesterday. Ana looked around relieved that the library was completely empty so no one heard her speak. All right then, Have a seat. The matters we are about to discuss are completely secret and no one but you is allowed to hear so I have asked for the library to be locked and empty. Dr. Willa explained. As you know I work as a scientist at the Willdale college. You two also know I am working on an experiment on the ocean. That is what people think. Recent discoveries near the sea have shown there is something mysterious in the sea and the college lab is working on finding out what it is. That information is very precious. You can not tell anyone the words I just told you, nor the words that are about to come out of my mouth, Dr. Willa told them. The girls listened intensively. What the lab has discovered is so secret I have to whisper it. The Willdale lab has discovered magic in the salt of the salt sample of the Incar Sea. It isn’t a final discovery, but we are very close to finalizing this possibility. It has been found to give people powers never imaginable. This theory was first tested on a rose, than on yours truly. Now I have the ability to read things at a high speed. I take one glance at a text or a page of a book and I soak up all of that information. That is why I wanted. To meet in the library, and also explains why I was reading the dictionary.She stopped out of breath from talking and giving the girls a chance to soak everything in. So what do we have to do with this all, and why are you telling us this? Ava asked. Ana had the same question. The issue is to confirm this theory we need to test the magic on other people too. But while experimenting I accidentally dropped the sample and the glass jar broke with water everywhere. In conclusion, we do not have enough salt sample to perform another test leaving us with no choice but to go to the Incar sea and bring back salt samples. The problem is since the closest ocean is a week journey, and this whole project is top secret none of the scientists can afford to leave for a week. We would lose our jobs and then never be able to have the resources to finish this experiment. That's where you come in. You will go to the Incar Sea, get a salt sample, and come back home to Willdale and when we share this discovery with the public you two will be heroes! I know this is a huge favor to ask of you but our lab of scientists has it all figured out. I will tell your family’s you two want to go to a science camp for a week and that you learn about natural science. Then once your parents let you go I will pack your bags filled with all the supplies you need for the journey and you will go. Dr. Willa informed the girls. That is absolutely crazy and awesome at the same time! Ava yelled. I don’t think I would be allowed to go, Ana told Dr. Willa. I don’t want you to tell anyone but I live in an orphanage and I don’t have a family. I also don’t feel right lying that I’m going to a camp when I’m actually going to the Incar Sea for a week. She has a point, Ava said gloomily, My parents would never let me go to a camp that doesn’t even egoist for a week and miss school, but it has always been my dream to go to some sort of ocean. I have some news for you before you say no, Dr. Willa said, The camp does exist. Hope! Hope is what struck Ana and Ava's hearts. They knew it was impossible that they would be allowed to go but now hope was there. You would be enrolled in the camp and spend the start of your journey with the camp, as it is a traveling outdoor science camp but after the 2nd day you shall go off on your own. Rinnngggggg! The bell rang signaling the end of the day. I have kept you too long! Hurry to your classrooms and I will see you at science club, Dr. Willa said. Ava and Ana said goodbye then rushed to their classrooms at the end of the day. 


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