Dark Yearning


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If anybody thinks they have come across this before then you probably have, I have it in one or two other places as the old story. This is the one that I started over for Nano Wrimo. Ok I now feel this story needs a warning for those of you reading. I did most of this during late nights after work so it will probably need some reorganizing when its done, but that something for December.

Trinity has lived for a long time and though she wishes she could change it, she can't, she is a vampire. Living as she does she accepts it and just keep moving. Dealing as Master Vampire, Council Executioner, and staying a step of hunters is cake for her after so long, well till a younger hunter manages to get hold of her.

Solomon is young and ready to handle anything, including college. He is son of a very prominent line, some say the first hunters. His father has high hopes for him and he promises not to let him down. What he didn't expect is a sexy Master vampire to turn his world upside down and show him that not everything is so black and white when it comes to vampires. 

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Chapter 1

Night had just fallen on the city, but it was far from asleep. Though many of the high rise buildings were dark the top floor of one still held light. A lone man stood there talking on the phone as he was shutting down his computer, “Yes Rachel I am on my way home.” He said with a smile on his face. “Yes I know that it may take a bit… Pizza sound great.Yes closing up now and I will be home promise.” He said, “I love you too.” He said softly before hanging up the phone. His dark brown hair had been made to stay back using gel and something else his wife had gotten him.

His blue eyes turned as a voice caught him off guard. “Hello Brian.”

The man jumped looking over at the couch where a woman with the appearance of her early twenties sat. She had long white hair and purple eyes, a wicked smile was on her lips showing tiny fangs peaking out. She wore a black pleated skirt and a crimson button up top. Her boots were black leather with silver buckles. “Shit! Trinity you gave me a heart attack! I am going to put a bell on you one of these days.”

Trinity smiled standing up with a easy grace. “Please go right ahead, I think it would be fun, though I don’t know how much it would work for you and all.” She moved to the windows along one side of the office overlooking the city.

What brings you here tonight, ma’am?” Brian asked taking his tie off, half from the fact he hated ties. His suit was well made by some big name brand that his wife bought. She did most of the shopping and worked with appearance, he cared more about the running of the company, his frame was definitely well filled out with the fact he ran every morning before work, having to get up early to do so

Brian,” She said turning around, “You know how I feel about being called ma’am. The name is Trinity and I have known you since you were in diapers.” She pointed out looking back at him with mirth in her eyes but there was a seriousness about her. “Please don’t make me repeat myself so much.”

Yes Trinity its just sometimes the bond makes it come out that way.”

Trinity smiled, showing off her fangs then. Trinity was a vampire and had been around for quite some time. “Yeah I know.” She said, Trinity had bonded with Brian by his choice years ago when he was young, keeping him around to head up her company. She had done the same with his father, just without actually biting him. Brian fed her from time to time when she had to go under the radar for a month or two. However, she tried to keep feeding off him and his wife to a minimum as Rachel was also one of her bonded. Both served her well, but she saw them more as friends then servants. Most vampires didn’t see it that way, but then again she wasn’t most vampires.

So what does bring you here?”

Just checking in honestly.” She said moving around the office, she hadn’t started her hunt yet, wanting to catch Brian while he was still in the city. He made the trip from his house to the office and back everyday and it could be an hour. She didn’t want him to feel obligated to come back out just to check in with her. “Just wanted to know how Rachel was and what was going on with my company.” Trinity had overtime started a few and Brian was the top of the heap, his family had been since coming over to this side of the world, way back when America was founded. For the loyalty she had gotten she took care of Brian and Rachel. “I was going to go out and feed, but figured I would check the office.”

You know we should make an appointment for this, Rachel would understand.”

She shook her head, “No its fine.” She said leaning against the desk, “You send me emails and such and I keep on top of all the information and check the facts. To be honest I don’t want to take up more of your time, especially with the new baby at home.”

Brian nodded, Rachel and him had been trying for a while to have a baby. Trinity had been supportive and finally stepped in sending them on vacation on an island that she owned. Made them stay there a month to rest and destress. The end result had been the creation of the handsome baby boy that now was home with his mother and nanny. Trinity had been named his guardian as was tradition in his family. If anything happened to Rachel and Brian she would take over raising him. “Everything is good, Rachel is healing up well from the C-section and Caleb is growing more and more everyday, you have to come by sometime soon and see him.”

She smiled, “I will see what I can do. I would like to see the little one.” She said with a soft smile on her lips. Trinity was spoiling the child gifts and presents. She had waited till after the baby shower and anything the two hadn’t gotten from their friends and family Trinity had bought plus more. The kid was going to grow up well off.

You know we were going to name him after you.” He said looking at her, the only thing that had stopped them had been that she had refused to allow it.

Yes and what would you have called him? Hmm? I don’t really know of a good male name for Trinity.” She pointed out, “Plus it isn’t good to name your child after a vampire. I think Caleb is a good name.”

If you say so, we could have named him Trent, but Caleb works.”

I also wanted to ask of your in-laws.” Her voice no more than a whisper weary of the situation she found herself in. Rachel's sister, Stephanie, had married a vampire hunter. Not just any vampire hunter either, no she had married the heir to the Vindarian line. The same line had been at odds with Trinity since she had been created, what she had done she didn't know. Well she kind of did, but that is beside the point. It was really only because she was a vampire, thankfully since moving to America she had stayed under the radar and away from them.

To be honest the family had only just moved into the area in their last generation, with Xavier at the head of the family, and honestly the head of the vampire hunters she had to be careful. On a number of occasions they had squared off and each time the two seemed to draw for one reason or another. The marriage of Stephanie had been a double edged sword especially when the family had moved into the area. She got information about him that she needed to avoid him, it put her too close for comfort. She didn't want to get on Xavier's radar. She had lived for as long as she did for a reason. Caution, but what she used the most.

They don't seem suspicious, but then again my family has run this company for you since its start.” He pointed out looking at her. “Plus she wants you to come and check out some dresses.” He reminded, “I know she has been dropping hints. She tells me to drop them but I would rather just tell you.”

You are right about that, your family has been the managers of my assets since I left Europe.” She said stretching, “Well alright, keep your ears out and tell Rachel I said hi.” She said wrinkling her nose, “Oh and please give that adorable baby a kiss for me.” She said heading for the door her steps silent, she ignored the dress thing. She would come by she just wasn’t sure when.

Rachel knew who and what Trinity was, she loved her all the same helping to care for her and make sure all things were in order. Trinity gave Rachel full reign of her wardrobe, and Rachel never disappointed. Rachel's interest was design and loved making clothes for Trinity, though if she gave a guideline she worked well with it. Brian shook his head watching her go, she was easy to get along with and didn't fit the monsters of the books. Yet she could if she needed to. Trinity was protective and willful. Nothing got in the way of those she cared about.

Suddenly his phone went off again and he looked at it. It was his nephew, Solomon, trying to concentrate a moment he picked it up. “Hello Solomon.”

Hello Uncle. I was just calling to see if you were home. I tried calling Aunt Rachel and couldn't get hold of her.”

Oh she is probably busy with Caleb.” Brian said listening, “How can I help you?”

I just wanted to know if you had a certain book, its tradition in the family to get a book for the the library and I was going to pick one up, but didn't know if someone else had given it to you.”

What is the book?” He asked thinking a moment, “You mother told you you had to get a present for your cousin didn't she?” A smile coming to his face. Stephanie was definitely a strong willed woman and made it clear what she wanted her from her family. Rachel could be the same way.

Yes she did, do you have Grimm's fairy tales in your library?”

No I don't think we have that, but I will check when I get home. I am just leaving the office now.”

Thanks Uncle, don't want mom mad at me for that.”

I wouldn't want your mother mad at me for anything, her or my wife.” He said as he started to walk to the elevator. Trinity was long gone by now. She had a way of being able to come and go as she pleased without leaving a trace of her there in the first place. “However, the baby shower was months ago.”

I know, but mom said I had to get one soon or else she would kill me. With Halloween coming up I figured I could find the book and call it an early Christmas gift.” Even as Solomon said it he knew that he couldn't get away with that, but then again he could get away with a late welcome to the world gift. His mom might go for that if nothing else.

I hope you aren't going to try that on your mother.” Brian said on the other end of the line.

No I will just give it over for the baby and say I gave it probably.”

Well I wish you luck either way.”

Solomon sighed, “She is going to kill me either way for taking so long to get anything.” He said rolling his silver eyes thinking of his mother.

Honestly I would get some flowers for her to butter her up, its what I do with my wife.”

Are you admitting that?” Solomon said a little shocked, knowing his mother and aunt it was brave of his uncle to say such a thing.

She knows I will get her something when I have screwed up.” He admitted, "I have to let you go I am in the car."

"Talk to you later, Uncle." Solomon said before hanging up and looking around him. He was a hunter but because of his mother he was only able to participate some of the time. Solomon was going to college for chemistry taking courses in biology as well. Tonight he was going out with friends, no both of his parents stressed about him not living just for the job.


Tonight his friends had somehow convinced him to come out to the Regal Crown. Solomon had recently broken up with his girlfriend Kitten, she was a piece of work. In the college they both attended she was Miss Popular and it felt like high school all over again. Shaking his head he didn't know why he fell for such women. He didn't want to date again, just to stay way from Kitten. She had a way about her. Yet he was here, there was no use fighting it now. Moving through the edges of the crowd he had caught a few girls eyes, but for the most part just drank and enjoyed his surroundings. With a beer in his hand he kept walking, the energy here felt all human. Which was a relief, because it always seemed that when their was others there was a fight. He didn't always try, but it happened.

Walking around he was using the control over his senses to kind of block out the music and most of the women flirting with him, they just didn't interest him. They seemed as superficial kind of thing and tonight he was not interested in one night stand. Though most nights he would have gone for it.

In moments though something else caught his attention and he turned looking around throwing his beer bottle in the trash and moving about. Something was calling to him like a siren. Moving about and smiling at the women around him, all dressed in skimpy and tight clothes he hunted for what drew him. It took a moment, but he saw it, a woman caught his eye. She was short black shirt and a dark green sleeveless babydoll top. She turned as if sensing him and he was caught up in the prettiest blue eyes he had ever seen. She didn't feel completely human, but he couldn't place what she was.

He moved over to her, she was about five four and looking really cute with just her hair pulled back with barrettes to keep it out of her face. “Names Solomon.” He offered to her hoping that she would give him her name.

Trinity.” She offered back with a cute half smile that lit up those blue eyes. He felt a thrill go through him.

Want to dance?” He asked as he returned the smile gesturing at the packed dance floor.

Keeping her smile on she threw back whatever she was drinking and set it back on the bar, “Sounds like fun.” She said as he took her hand and led her out onto the dance floor. She followed laughing as he guided her both moving in time with the music, he pulled her close to him as he led her through the beat. Suddenly he felt an interest in maybe enticing a woman to come away with him. One night would be enough, just one night. Leaning down he captured her lips and tasted the whiskey on them, he felt a surge of desire and wanted to get her alone. Pulling back he started to move off the dance floor.

Another laughed escaped her lips, “I thought you wanted to dance.” She said following him as he dragged her off the floor now.

I think something a little more fun is in order.” Solomon said pulling him to a curtained alcove that was more for making out then doing what he had in mind. He pulled one open already knowing it was empty and tugging her in. She didn't fight and just followed happily it seemed.

Trinity hadn't thought she would get this close to a man from the Vindarian line, but Solomon was leading and she had no mind to resist. With the dark brown hair and those smokey silver eyes he was sexy, and drove her wild. She was loving his size in not only his build, but his height as well as it seemed he was a foot taller then her. Dressed in loose dark blue jeans and a fitted gray t-shirt. Though she was happy that her powers still seemed to kick in. Unless she was feeding no one, but her masters had ever been able to sense as anything more then human. It put a lot of vampires and hunters off. It worked for her and at a time like this, it made life sweet. Solomon was built well with a leanness to him that made it easy for him to move with speed. He was well muscled and strong, lifting her up he placed her on a bench that would be a little high on her own pressing his body against hers. He captured her lips again. Feeling his hands she pulled his t-shirt up and ran her hands over his skin feeling the muscles.

As he deepened the kiss she felt it, Xavier. His father was near and it seemed he was out on the hunt. She felt a growl escape, making his chest rumble and looked up acting confused even if she could guess the reason. Biting her lip she looked up, “What is it?” She asked softly.

As much as I love this... I have to go. I know its weird, but I do.” He groaned, he didn't want to leave this woman at the moment, but he felt his father near. His father sending out a kind of sense to meet up with him.

Its alright hon.” She said softly capturing one more kiss as he stepped back to let her down. She slid down coming close to him, “However, next time you won't get away with just a kiss and tease.” She smirked looking up at him.

Trust me I don't want that now.” He said softly moving back from her and hoping that this was good his father had called him. Moving away he headed out of the room and for the street knowing his father was out there. He didn't look back or he wouldn't be able to go. The girl was like a siren calling him back to play with her. Solomon hadn't felt that way in a month, not since Kitten decided it was time to break up with him. Getting out to the street he took a breath of the cool fall air looking around for his dad. “Dad?” He called softly, not wanting to be heard.

Here.” Came the deep voice returning the call as a man dressed in jeans, black boots, and a leather jacket came out. He was wearing loose jeans and the jacket was loose meaning his dad had his holsters on for his guns and knives. “Sorry to bother you on your night off, but a vampire brought me this way.” He said looking around at the group of people, “then I felt something strange from your directions and wanted to make sure everything was ok.”

Though his dad had trained him to be a hunter he was still his father and always seemed to worry about him even though he was twenty-four. His father was tall which seemed to run on his side of the family, with golden blonde hair and silver eyes he was all hunter. If he took the coat off it would reveal, not only his two favorite hand guns altered to take the special ammunition that was needed for his job, the scars he had gotten over the years from doing this job.

Everything is fine, I just met this girl. She wasn't a vampire, just someone with probably a magical ancestor.” He said signaling it off.

Xavier nodded, he trusted his son to make the right decision and knew he could handle himself in most fights. “I know its supposed to be your night off, but I think I have the trail of the Master Vampire around here, or at least one that could possibly be...”

So you want me to help you check it out?” He asked, there was one thing that was kind of nice about going into the family business. His dad trusted him to have his back.

If you don't mind, though we have to keep this from your mother.” He said, his mother was a small woman, but like he was talking to his uncle she was fierce. There were times he wasn't sure if he was more afraid of getting his dad or his mom mad at him when he was a kid. Though he grew out of the fear of his father his mother could still make him fear crossing her.

Yeah mom is already mad at me for not getting a gift for Caleb's birth.” Xavier nodded and the two went off each taking their own car, but both felt like they were being watched.


Indeed they were as Trinity sat on the roof of the building watching them leave. She smiled as the two took off in their own cars. Solomon was definitely going to be interesting as she was sure she hadn't seen the last of him. Though Xavier and her had met a few times it always seemed he forgot who she was exactly. Then again, she wasn't as viscous as some of her kind could be, choosing to feed on light doses from many then taking the life of one. Xavier had always been fun to deal with as he meant well, his views were just very narrow. It seemed Solomon was well on his way to being the same way.

They both look good enough to eat.” A male voice said behind her causing her smile to drop as she turned to look behind her. A man with a lean frame was behind her, his fangs showing and his eyes red. His name was Michael and he was a royal pain in her arse. Wearing a long black trench coat he struck fear in most that knew his name, all but her. She had beaten him and is brother Valentine long ago in taking title of the top vampire. Neither scared her as she could take them easily.

Don't even think about it, Michael. They are mine and you know it.” She reminded him. A vampire could call claim to getting the rights to hunt hunters. Trinity as the top dog could do it as she liked, and she had called the Vindarian line as they did link back to those close to her. She had to be careful. Unless they got out of hand, which really no vampire cared if a hunter got out of hand, if someone died they weren't strong enough to keep going. That was how it was. A vampire could only kill a hunter that was claimed by another in the act of staying alive. Other then that, if it was found out the vampire would have to face down the one that had called it. Michael was smart enough not to push it.

Trinity hadn't really looked into the family team, it hadn't come up, as they were doing their jobs, and vampires died in the usual cycle, but the fact was, this was a chance, she still had time till dawn. Leaving Michael to brood because he didn't get his way she jumped to the ground though it was a four story building she walked away without a single problem, being a vampire did have its perks. Moving to her own car, a black convertible. Unlike most vampires to hide well she felt it best to blend, get a driver's license was one of them. Turning it on she caught the attention to those around her. “Woah.” She heard and couldn't help but smile, her fangs flashing. Laughing lightly she took off in the direction of where the two were headed. Her senses honed on them to keep going.

As she drove the top went up and her appearance went back to the one she used as a vampire. Her hair white as snow and her eyes were purple again. She smiled as her clothes changed quickly so she wouldn't be spotted. Heading to the docks she smelled the fish and fuel fumes. Yet under it all she still smelled the hunters. They were after a vampire here, but the one she knew that lived out here was peaceful. He lived on the fisherman's blood. Never killed never did anything, in this case she would have to stand against them, as much as she would rather stay out of it.

As much as she didn't want to be involved she had to look out for those that shouldn't be a hunter target. Taking a breath she parked her car in a little-known spot grateful to find it Solomon's and Xavier's cars were not there.  It seemed that the two had gone to another part of the docks then Christopher's lair, and to be honest she was nervous, there was still a small sense inside her telling her to keep going and check on Christopher. She didn't know what it was, but she moved through her senses were on high alert trying to figure out what made her nervous. Then again she had to remember there were two well trained hunters in the area that worked well together. That was enough to put most vampires on edge. Moving through the spaces of the docks she couldn't smell much besides rotting fish and engine fuel. She thought she saw a movement and turned waiting and holding her breath, becoming absolutely still. In a moment she pounced jumping over a crate onto someone. Her hand covering the mouth as she pinned a body beneath her to the ground. “Be silent.” She warned as she waited listening reaching out to sense Xavier and Solomon, but there was still distance and they hadn't seemed to pick up on the incident.

Looking back down she was shocked to see that she was holding the vampire she had worried about. Easing off him silently she moved away putting a finger to her lips to be quiet. Gentle black eyes looked up at her nodding. He gently and quietly got up gesturing for her to follow as he stood to his full height of about five feet six inches. With long blonde hair he was attractive and she could see why Valentine used him in his strip club. Not that she wanted to contemplate why he did it at all. Tonight he wore tight jeans and no shirt, meaning he had probably been getting ready to do something if he was only wearing jeans. She also realized he had no shoes on. She tapped him on the shoulder signalling his clothes and shook her head. He put up the ok sign and led her to his new lair apparently closing and sealing it off for the moment. “Sorry Mistress.” He said softly.

He started to walk down the set of stairs to where his lair lay. “I had to move because other vampires took over my lair. I gave it to them not really wanting a fight.” Christopher pulled aside a red curtain to a lavish living room done in reds. On the walls were silk curtains to hide the concrete from view. Trinity could smell sex and human bodies here.

“That sounds like you.” She said as she followed him down the stairs, “But what are you doing here though?”

“I found this place and bought it off the owner, an aging gentleman that just wanted to go home. The warehouse above holds a place to bring in the fish. I let it stay so long as they don't bug me down here.” They got to the bottom of the stairs and he pulled back a curtain, “I have been in this lair a month, though I do miss the other one. Those brutes however, kicked me out right before dawn so I had to stay the day in an old crate to keep from burning up.” He wrinkled his nose not liking the idea. Most times when one vampire took over another's lair it meant that the first one died. The most of effective is seeing to it yourself. However, sometimes they just get you out near dawn and leave the door sealed. This rule often applies so said vampire won't come back and kill the second vampire. However, in the case of Christopher he was too much of a softy to fight for his lair. Not hat he couldn't fight when backed into a corner, he just usually chose not to.

She shook her head not sure what to make of the story, but deciding to be wise and hold her tongue. Christopher did get offended easily and her goal tonight was not to cause problems, but to find a solution with those two hunters poking their noses around. The fact was if you were a vampire they didn't care if you killed or not. They were going to take care of you. “I am sure, you were always a sentimental one for your lairs, as you do put a lot of time and effort into creating the space.”

“Yes but this was a new canvas so it wasn't all bad.” Christopher said trying to put a positive light on the situation.

“You know I can't help you with the lair thing, if you don't fight for it you lost it.”

“Yes I know, I wouldn't involve you anyways, its not fair to you.”

She rolled her eyes as she shook her head, “fair? Life isn't fair.” She had reminded herself of that long ago. If life was fair she would not be living as she was. She would have died hundreds of years ago. “That, however, is beside the point. I came to warn you. You need to be careful. The hunters of the Vindarian line have been poking about in the dock area it seems. I am not sure what they are after, all I know is its not good. Xavier's body count alone is one for the record books.”

“Thank you Trinity.” Christopher said sitting down, on a plush red chaise gesturing at the opposite one for her to sit down. “Xavier... ooh he is so delicious looking, if only he couldn't kill me so easily I might actually try to be aggressive on him.” He said licking his lips with a gleam in his eyes. Christopher didn't always care if a man was batting for the same team or not.

A lean man wearing nothing but a white sheet came through one curtain and set a tray down. It was Christopher's chosen bed partner, Seth. Her thoughts on the words the two chose to use. Also with these two you never knew if they were actually together or not. However, this could work in her favor. She just had to be careful with how she approached it.

He set the tray down on the table and sat next to his master. Christopher smiling and moving close draping himself over him. Neither seemed serious about the relationship itself, they just fell into their roles. Seth was serious and ready to handle things while Christopher liked to look at he details and sometimes forget the big picture. They seemed to balance each other out.

Seth didn't always stay here, he had his own lair and things, yet it seemed more and more often they were staying in the same lair. Trinity fixed her own tea and shook her head. Christopher had always swung for her team loving men. Only recently had Seth been found to be the perfect match, able to keep Christopher in line and be his top. Christopher, unlike Trinity, didn't just need someone to take care of the tasks she couldn't during the day. He needed more of a watcher and seemed to find his ideal mate in Seth. Seth for his merit had taken it all in stride and fallen into place.

“Its good to see you here Seth, maybe you will be able to talk some sense into him.”

“I will try Mistress, but I have to know what is going on first.”

“Xavier and Solomon seem to be poking around in the docks, I think it would be best for Christopher to move away from it for a while. Especially if someone took his last lair they may try to take this one from him.” She said drinking the tea, vampires could take mild doses of human food and drink, but for the most part their diet required them to drink blood. Not that raw meats couldn't hold them over for a short time as well as sleep.

“I think it would be good as well. My lair needs to be redecorated so... I guess I could let him do that.” He said as Christopher perked up. Seth knew how to work Christopher into doing what he thought was best, for the most part. There were times Christopher saw through it, and probably like right now, times where he saw it and went along anyways, for the most part these two were good together though. She enjoyed watching these two at times, but all she cared about now was getting the kinder gentle Christopher away from the Vindarian hunting area.

“Wait you mean it Seth?” Christopher ran a successful design firm behind his human servant Frank. Between the two it all worked out, Frank did the books and looked to be the one that was doing it, and Christopher did the work to make it happen. It was his vision for the most part, Frank did have his own tastes and the two were partners. Christopher just couldn't do most of the work during the day. Which left Frank with a lot of work on his own, not that he wasn't paid well for it.

“Yes you can.” Christopher had been dying to redo Seth's space and Seth had refused up until now, which meant that he did care. Vampire mates weren't permanent with how long they lived it just didn't happen for the most part. There were one or two cases where mating was for life. Yet these two had been on and off for the past hundred years. The only ones that were brought in because both were really jealous was the human servants. Not that she had met the master accountant that was Seth's human servant.

“Good I would hate to have to force him to leave.” She said putting her cup down, “I would recommend buckling down here for the day and moving once the sun goes down tomorrow.” She said standing up to leave.

“What you aren't going to stay too?” Christopher asked shocked. Trinity usually stayed in the lair if issues were up or the sun was close. Nobody could say no to her as she could easily just kill them and take the lair.

She looked back at them as she had made it to the silk curtain that hung over the entrance to the stairs. “No thank you. With the look of you two right now I don't want to have to listen to you two going at it like rabbits all day. No offense.”

“None taken,” Seth said raising a hand and bowing his head.

“Though why did you send Seth out in just pants?” She asked turning round to face them fully. Her hand on the curtain to open it.

“We felt you coming and it was my territory in a way so I had to go and greet you.” Seth got up in his sheet coming up beside her.

She nodded, “Ahh.” She said turning to back out the curtain, “One more thing, please be careful moving tomorrow.”

“Yes Mistress,” They said in unison.

Trinity sighed as she walked back up the stairs, Seth followed. Someone had to seal the door behind her to keep them safe from intruders till morning. There was no way to open it from the outside once it was sealed. That was a standard thing for all vampire lairs. It was to help keep the vampire safe from being killed during the day.

Once they reached the top of the stairs she opened the door quickly and slipped out. Behind her the door closed with a resounding thud. Looking back a moment she wasn't happy, yet she didn't think that Seth had done it on purpose. Yet she shook it off, Solomon and Xavier were sure to have heard that and she needed to get to her car. Moving through the docks she made as little noise as possible trying to feel out for Xavier and Solomon. “Freeze.” She heard the voice that had started together all too many fights. Turning around she saw the two trying to blind her with flashlights as they pointed their guns at her.

She made a noise of annoyance. “Can you put those away? I really am not good with being blinded” She said. Most vampires had control over their body and senses which made the flashlight trick of policemen unhelpful against them.

In one fluid movement the flashlights went off and away as the lights from the dock building was enough to see by. She almost debated stating the obvious, but decided to watch them. “Whats this about?” She asked looking at them.

“The feel of you is human, yet you bear fangs.” Xavier's voice said as he looked at her lowering his gun a little bit, yet Solomon didn't move. Meaning neither of them trusted her and already believed her to be a vampire. So much for hiding it. Her fangs always seemed to be out, but she had little baby fangs for the most part, they really just looked like sharp incisors.

“What does it matter?” She said taking a more relaxed stance that did not show how she really felt. She was tense inside ready to move. “Vampire or not, if I remember you can only kill a vampire if there is a body to connect to it and you won't find any connected to my bite.” A lot of people with a strange problem of feeling light headed, but no dead bodies in centuries really. There is also the little fact that I never seem to make it into your database.

“Really now? So you admit you are a vampire then?” Xavier asked retraining his gun on her.

“I won't say either way. I haven't killed anybody and you aren't an issue to me.” Basically she had just said it, but she could deal with that.

“Then you should know that hunters are not so lenient these days. We just need to check you after your dead to verify you are a vampire and leave you for the sun.”

“Gruesome.” She moved grabbing both guns in her hands and smiling, “Too bad you two have to catch me to kill me.” She said laughing, holding them up. “Listen I mean no harm, and I just came to check on some things out here, did you check out the vampires near the other end of the docks? That lot took the lair of another vampire about a month ago.”

“No way you are helping us.” Solomon said as both pull more guns out.

“Bye.” Dropping the guns, she uses her vampires speed to take off. The two started firing, off shots as she moved around a corner, one hitting her in the shoulder. She hissed pressing her hand against her shoulder, the biggest problem right now would be keeping the damn thing open. Moving she knew they picked up their other guns which would probably be a higher caliber. Continuing to move she got round a corner and put on more speed. “Damn holy thing!” She hissed getting to her car and slamming the door shut.

With a turn of the key and a moment she was out of there getting back to the highway, she had managed to outrun them, but now she had to go to somewhere she could get the bullet out safely. She tapped the screen on the console and thought about it. She wanted to call Brian and Rachel, but the fact was they were now closely tied to hunters. She couldn't rely on them in this moment, not because they would turn on her. She didn't know what situation they were in.She sighed, not having someone to rely on for this part kind of sucked. Taking a breath as the pain got worse she managed to make it to the secret hospital, thankfully only twenty minutes from the docks. She pulled out people coming to greet her, all bowing. “Dammit enough with the stupid requirements!” She called and blinked. “Holy...” She passed out falling into the arms of one of the medics.

Blinking she stirred feeling pain in her shoulder. Sitting up slowly the pain subsided the last thing she remember was getting to the hospital. Blinking she looked up and saw a man in scrubs sitting in a chair by her bedside. “Oh you are awake Mistress.” He said standing up quickly. With her status and title she was always referred to as mistress. “I will go and get the doctor.”

She was glad to be in good company, safe and secure, yet she wanted to know what was going on in the world of hunters. Or at least their thoughts. She picked up the phone and sighed seeing the time, it was about two in the afternoon. The room had no windows to risk a patient, if it was a vampire getting killed by the sun, yet at this wasn't a bad time for her.

It wasn't long before a familiar petite brunette came in wearing dark framed glasses over big hazel eyes. “Hello Dr. Powell.” She said looking up at her, “Sorry about this... again.” It seemed like every time that she came in it was Dr. Powell she was seeing.

“It is good to see you again, Mistress Trinity. You had a silver holy bullet in your system so we had to flush out your system which had you screaming.”

“I vaguely remember pain, but not much.” She said softly looking at her.

“I would recommend against it, however, you still need to recover. My recommendation is give it a couple weeks away from fights and hunters. Maybe even events if you think you have to fight. You won't be up to snuff.”

“Did you call Brian Stark?” She asked softly settling against her pillow.

“Oh yes, he had to sign off on the flushing of your system. He seemed very mad.” She admitted to her. Trinity groaned tired again.

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Chapter 2

Two weeks had passed while she healed, following the doctors orders, and getting a lot of loud talk from Rachel and Brian. They really hadn't been happy about the fact she hadn't called them, but in her defense at the time they had been entertaining some of Rachel's family which included Stephanie. So to her credit she had been trying to look out for them, not that it lessened the time. These two acted more like her parents then her bonded, but it was nice as she couldn't remember much of her own parents. Her aunt and uncle she had lived with before coming a vampire were too caught up in their own world to notice their niece, she sighed and shrugged.

About ten days ago she got a call from someone she didn't think she would hear from again. A brother of her line, Euros. He would be here at some point and the whole of the upper class vampires were in a tizzy. Tonight she had promised to get out and hunt. She was hungry for blood and it was time to hunt. She would go back to the Regal Crown, because if she kept hidden she would be fine. Yet the challenge that she would face and handle Solomon did entice her.

The thought of sinking her fangs into his neck and drinking from him was almost too much to bear. It made her want to tempt fate and hunt him down. Yet she knew the dangers of doing such a thing. She couldn't understand why she was being so foolish. She was usually rather level headed when it came to things like this. Brian and Rachel had even cautioned her about going near their nephew. Yet all of this still did not make it any less enticing. Both feared that she would be recognized by the young hunter and it would cause her down fall.

Though she had tried to explain to them that when she changed her appearance to a more human look from the long white curls and purple eyes that her aura was also more human. Yet knowing how they reacted she had stopped trying to explain. They had yelled enough just for her not calling them when she was hurt.

Yet there was something inside her that didn't want to give up the Regal Crown. She had used it for hunting grounds long before Solomon had been met there. She wasn't going to just stop going because he came there. She wasn't even sure if he was a regular there. Another thought occurred to her though, she didn't know if that the thought of giving it up coming from her pride, the fact that she was so old, being close to four hundred years old. She didn't think she had any kind of death wish. The facts were Xavier never seemed to remember their fights and that Solomon hadn't recognized her when they met up at the docks. It made her sure that she could at least go to the Regal Crown to find someone.

To be honest she wanted to go to the Regal Crown really badly to forget who and what she was for a couple of hours. The two weeks had been hard on her, not having the ability to go among humans to be safe in avoiding the Vindarian line. All the vampire parties and problems had really gotten to her, making her wish she wasn't in her position.

Those two are not going to scare me off from my hunting grounds. Hell they can't even figure out who leads the vampires, thinking its a male. She thought trying to beef up her courage as got into her Ford Mustang. She loved this car and couldn't resist using it every chance she got. Turning the key she felt the roar of the engine as it kicked to life and it caused her to smile. She didn't know what she would do without a way to let off steam. There were nights she would just take this car out and drive. Turning the radio onto her favorite station she took off heading for her favorite place. Though most people would worry about going into the city with a good car she didn't. She put a special ward on all her cars that kept them safe from getting stolen.

Arriving at the parking lot of the Regal Crown she managed to find a space and stepping out heads turned. Between the car and her short skirt and corset top she was an eye catcher. “Hello Sexy.” A familiar voice made a chill run down her spine as she turned to face Solomon.

“Well hello handosme.” She said with a sexy smile on her lips looking at him. She couldn't resist she wanted this and him. She was going to take it if she got the chance. Though she hadn't expected fate to let this kind of thing happen she enjoyed it for now. “Here I thought fate only let one charged meeting like this happen.”

“Fate had some help this time.” Solomon said taking her hand, “Would you like to go inside or would you like me to take you for a spin in my truck.” He said gesturing at a jacked up ford. It was a black ford with a tool box in the bed and some headliner trucks. She locked her car and turned on the alarm, time alone with him sounded delicious. However, she needed to take a moment and gauge that he did in fact not know that she was the vampire he and his father had almost killed.

“I think I want a drink before I do anything else. I have had a stressful two weeks at works.” She said softly looking at him.

“Now a drink I can do for such a lovely lady.” He said taking her hand and guiding her into the club. She followed getting side glances from men and glares from women, but once they saw her hand being held they all looked away. She laughed at how people could be as he led her straight to the bar. “What do you want?” He called over the music, she heard him perfectly.

“Shot of whiskey sounds good.” She called back having to remember that he probably couldn't hear her over it all.

“My kind of girl.” He said order two shots for her and watching her as she took them both putting the glasses on the bar.

“Looks like you really want me to get drunk.” She said smiling as she took his hand again. “Now let me get you out on the floor.” Pulling him into the dance floor she smiled starting to move.

Solomon watched her a moment before starting to dance close to her.

The rest of the night seemed to move in a blur, from getting her off the floor and into his truck to getting to her place. His memory foggy like a siren's call had just kept him going. Yet when the morning came and he opened his eyes it was five a.m. Blinking he looked around the room to see their clothes scattered about the bed they were on, a big king sized bed had black sheets and comforter, which was currently thrown across Trinity as she laid on her side facing him. Her hands were out both caught in holding his. He smiled shifting pulling his hand from hers as she made a sound and curled in a little more her hands pulling closer to her pillow. She looked cute as she was. He pulled the blankets up over her more so she was warm. She made a soft noise rubbing her cheek against the pillow as she settled into the new position.

Solomon got up and looked around at the dark room picking up his clothes. He pulled them on and looked back as he heard her shift. She was rubbing her eyes, her hair falling down behind her as she held the comforter to her with her other hand. “Dashing on me?” She asked softly.
“I gotta get home and get ready for the class day. I didn't mean to stay out so late.” He said moving back to the bed and kissing her. She tasted so good as he was tempted to get back into bed and have some more fun. Yet she shook her head and pulled back, “Go. We can always meet up again.” She said shifting back smiling up at him.

“Yeah we can.” He agreed as he sat down on the edge and pulled on his boots as she watched him. He double checked that he had everything. Walking out of the apartment he heard her shift, probably going back to bed it was five in the morning. Yet when he got out to the street he saw her car sitting behind his, blinking. “How the hell did you get it home?” He wondered and figured it was just a friend that helping out getting into his own truck.

Trinity listened to him leave and heard his question from here, smiling and laying back down to cuddle up. She had sent a message to Brian in the night telling him she needed him to have her car picked up. She had heard its arrival around two a.m. Grateful she could still rely on them she snuggled in when she heard the door open and footsteps. She sat up and growled grabbing her short robe and wrapping it around her as she slowly moved to the door. She kept her mouth shut in case Solomon had come back but opening the door she relaxed. “Darn it Rachel seriously?” She said seeing the petite red head standing in her living room setting up a pack and play.

“Sorry Mistress Trinity.” Rachel said setting Caleb in the pack and play. “I figure it was a good time to come around seeing as Brian got to do the car. I had to deliver some clothes as well that I designed.” She said signaling to the clothing bags. “Plus Caleb should meet his guardian.” The last part was said in a soft cooing voice. The baby boy in question was yawning and fussing with a pacifier in his mouth.

“Again a call would be nice. Something to announce yourself, if I wasn't cautious I could have killed you and Caleb.” She warned.

“No you wouldn't have.” Rachel said confidently, “I am sure you wouldn't hurt a fly on this precious boys head.” She said in the same voice as before.

“You came to check up on me knowing I probably came home with your nephew.” Trinity said flopping on the couch near the pack and play, watching the baby inside.

“Yes and to inspect the apartment. You own low cost housing as a charity with no actual corruption so I wanted to make sure that the newest building was ok, but I couldn't take Caleb with me.”

“You want me to baby sit him?” She asked.

“No I am just going to use the internet and phone here to do the work as it keeps my sister and mother from showing up and spoiling the baby.”
“Why at five a.m.?”

“I got up with Brian and he went off to work so I came here.” Trinity groaned as Rachel finished this last bit of the logic she applied, falling back onto the couch. “So I can stay?” She asked in a sweet sing song voice.

“I won't stop you from using the space as an office, also though talk to the cleaning lady I think she has been going through some of my stuff, get a background check and see if there is a hunter connection. You know how to do it?”

“Yes ma'am.” Rachel said nodding, “Do you mind if I use the office then?”
“I would prefer you in the kitchen nearer to your son if he needs something. Aren't you breast feeding him?”

“Oh you remember.” Rachel said overjoyed, “Yes Brian and I thought it was wiser. As we never thought we could have a kid this was a miracle.”

“Get mushy one me and I will keep Caleb and kick you out to save him from you.” She warned throwing an arm over her eyes. Rachel giggled as she turned the lights off to the room going into the kitchen. A baby monitor was already set up and it was time for both of them to get back to bed. The baby making his noises as he stayed in the pack and play. To Trinity they were kind of relaxing. She closed her eyes starting to fall into sleep, then snapped up and got up. “Almost forgot.” She came to the kitchen, “I am going to head down into the sealed room for the day alright?”

Rachel looked up at her and blinked nodding. Trinity went back into the living room pulling the rug from the coffee table. Rachel coming in. Trinity pressed a finger to the floor and a circle showed she pulled a piece up to reveal a handle and pulled opening the entrance to her safe room. It was for sleeping during the day. “Ok remember to close it up.”
“Promise.” Rachel said, where Trinity could get in and seal it up, it was easier if the rug was over the entrance you couldn't see the slight difference in the floor from over the entrance to the rest of the floor. She slipped down letting her feet touch the metal bars that formed the ladder down into the lair and lowered herself down step by step. Once she was far enough down she reached up and closed it behind her. The minute it was dark the lights kicked in, glowing a light blue as she sealed it. She heard the shuffling above as Rachel did as Trinity wanted, covering the entrance with the rug. Knowing she would be safe with or without the rug she climbed down into the small burrow, as she called it. It was tall enough for her to kneel in with the floor was covered in a futon and cushions. There was soft blankets and a electric lamp down here for her to read by if she didn't really feel tired.

Coming down here during the day, just made sure she didn't get hit by the sun by accident. She had her cell phone on her and it got reception down here if she needed anything. Yawning she left a small light on and snuggled up into the pillows and cushions as she found just the right spot to go to sleep. She had ditched the coffin long ago, however, this kind of space worked for her.

Though her thoughts were on Solomon, she had tasted his blood last night during their fun. It had been sweet and rich as she thought it would, well better then she thought it would be. Yet they couldn't do more, not in the position they were in. She was sure that he wouldn't like being lied to... yet could she tell him what she really was. It hadn't been her choice all those long years ago. It had been the choice made by her masters to keep her alive. Sighing she turned over on her back to look at the ceiling. What was she going to do? He now knew where she lived, it was only a matter of time before things came out. She didn't want to put Rachel and Brian in a bad situation. She would have to deal with him tonight... alone away from his father. There was a thought though. Of making him her bonded. He would be hers forever then... but that wasn't right... was it? She shook her head. She was going in circles and getting nothing. This was going to accomplish nothing by doing all of this. It was time for sleep and on sunset she would make a decision, it was the only course of action.



Solomon had got home to find the house quiet, yet he felt his father up. Parking he knew that his father would probably have words for him. Yet he didn't regret the night out. Walking into the kitchen he found his dad waiting. “Hey dad.” He said softly more so to not wake up his younger brother and mom.

“Have fun?” He asked looking up at him, his tone neutral.

“Dad I am sorry... I just wanted to go out last night.”

Xavier raised his eyebrow looking at his son. “Son your mother and I want you to go out. We don't want hunting to be the only thing in your life. What would make you think I would be mad at you?” HE asked looking at him.

“I don't know just a strange feeling honestly.” He said softly leaning back against the counter.

“Why would you think that?” Xavier asked turning his full attention onto his son now.

“I don't know I just did.”
“Well I'm not. Though I suggest you get to bed, I believe you have classes later today.” Solomon nodded tired heading up the stairs for his room. Yet Trinity stayed in his mind, there was something about about her, but he couldn't put his finger on what exactly it was. Sighing he pulled off his clothes again to get a least a couple hours sleep.


Trinity woke to find the clock telling her it was near sunset and she stretched getting up. Getting to the ladder she climbed back up to hear no one in there and shrugged the rug falling behind her. Taking a breath she headed for her room getting into her bathroom. She needed to shower her thoughts back on Solomon. She wanted to see him again, but as it was she had to come clean if this was going to go on more often. Yet she didn't have to, but he was a hunter he would figure it out.

Tonight I have to go hunting with dad.

She blinked, “Dammit I didn't.” Last night when she had been with him she had to have bonded with him. “How the hell... ok... so we need to talk to him. Now definitely.” She sighed, after all her years she knew how to infrequence the bonded that were connected to her. She closed her eyes to focus and had to draw him to her. Closing her eyes she had to focus doing this to a hunter would probably be a lot harder. You need to come to see me at my place tonight. Come back you forgot something. She felt the suggestion take hold and relaxed a moment before thinking. “How the hell is it only now working!”

Thinking about it, Solomon's mind had undergone training to help keep vampires out. He had to have had a thought of her before he thought about actually having to hunt. Yet she knew in time she could have full control of him. If she wished. Yet the thought didn't sound pleasing at all and standing under the water she realized she would like to let the bond fade. However, it would serve its purpose tonight. She could use it to stay alive as she told Solomon. Biting her lip she felt wrong for doing it, but it would help her keep alive. She wasn't going to die just to get rid of her feelings of guilt. Taking a breath she got out of the shower wrapping herself in a towel as she heard a knock on the door and blinked pulling a robe on she turned heading for the door.

She didn't think it would be Solomon, but she was on guard holding ready to dodge or attack if she had to. Slipping the lock and pulling off the seal to keep her safe she opened it and there was Solomon gun out and pointed at her. “You.” He growled harshly.

“Yes me.” She said softly kind of wishing that he hadn't been so close. Taking a breath she moved grabbing the gun from him and pulling him into the house. A look of shock on his face. “I didn't want o do this but go into the living room and put all your weapons on the coffee table.” She said pointing the direction. She had put power in her voice working on the bond that they shared.
Solomon fought his body for a moment, but her bond to him won out and he followed her command going into the next room. He did as she had commanded, “You won't get away with this.” He hissed as he pulled the two guns and dozen blades from where he had them hidden.
She blinked sitting on the couch opposite his. “Well you certainly come prepared.” She said leaning back and watching him do it all.

“Yes to kill scum like you.” He growled glaring down at her.

“Well this scum has you for now so I need you to strip.” She said putting a command in that last word.

He growled unable to stop himself this time from stripping before her when he got to his boxers she held up her hand, “That is enough. Now you may sit.”
He sat down on the couch glaring at her. “You will pay for this?”

“You came to me. I was going to avoid you.” She pointed out, “I didn't mean to do this bond. I had no intention of doing so.”

“Yet you did.”
“Yes I will admit that it did happen, but I hadn't fed truly in a while and you were just too tempting coming to my bed.” She said softy.

“You are a leech, scum.”
“Enough of that. It is because of me the streets of this city don't run red with blood. There is quite a few vampires that are held in check by me alone. They would show themselves and try to rule humans.” She growled starting to get ticked off, “I am the mastery your father hunts for.”

Solomon blinked jerking back as she had slapped him. “I don't mind hunters as it is part of life for everything there is something to balance it out in some way. Hunters are for vampires.”

“You think this is just part of life that you deserve to be on this plane?!”

“No. I never wanted to a vampire. My masters did it to keep me alive when they found me.” She said leaning back and thinking. “If they hadn't I would have died at the age of sixteen.”

“What?” He said looking at her. “Can you repeat that again?”
“Back four hundred years ago, give or take.” She said waving her hand, “they turned me. When I awoke on the first night I was given a choice: I wasn't able to build up the courage to end it.” She signalled, “So here I still am.” Leaning back into the couch more she closed her eyes, “I wished I could go back. Wished I could change it so I wasn't turned and remained human. Nevertheless, it can't done.” With a shrugged she opened her eyes and standing up moving to the end of the couch. “I debated letting the bond take hold and keeping you with me...”
“You were doing well until you said that.” Solomon growled interrupting her.

“You are the only one,” She continued as if he didn't speak, “that has ever thrown me off guard.” She gave a frustrated sighed rubbing her forehead, throwing herself back onto the couch. “Only for you it seems I have lost my mind, and risked anything.”

“Then let me kill you.” He growled.

“If you kill me at this moment you will kill yourself as well as Rachel and Brian.” She informed him.

“What?” He stood up shouting.
“Sit back down.” She said her voice laced with power.
He did, but it was clear he didn't want to, if looks could kill she would be dead, but thankfully it couldn't. “You have them involved.” He growled.

“The Starks have been bonded to me since coming to America. They run my company. Brian handles the business and keeps the board in line while Rachel worries about the image handling the non profits. I have the final say in the important decisions, but I usually go with them as they haven't really let me down yet.

“Who did you get to Aunt Rachel?” He demanded. It was a valid question. Stephanie had married Xavier before Rachel had been reunited with Brian.

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