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Author's Note: Hello everyone! Thank you for choosing to read my book, but before we start, I thought I needed to clear a few things up.

In my story, werewolves are a little different. The whole system is the same with Alphas, Lunas, Betas, etc. The main differences are the wolves in general.

Before a werewolves' sixteenth birthday, they can only shift on the full moon. After that birthday, they can shift whenever they want. In addition, before their eighteenth birthday, werewolves don't have as strong superhuman powers that older werewolves do or werewolves in other stories. They still have advanced hearing, speed, and sight, and a higher metabolism, but they are not as strong before they are adults and teenagers can still get super wasted, as evidenced by the prologue (but adults can't do that). They also don't find their mates until they are eighteen. I hope that makes sense.

If you find any grammatical or spelling errors and want to point them, feel free to do so. I appreciate constructive criticism but prefer it said in a nice way.  Anyway, thank you for clicking on my book. Hope you enjoy!

Also, I have already published this story on Wattpad, but decided to publish it on another platform. I'm new to Tablo, and I'm still getting the hang of it.

*   *   *

Lucas Lawrence was wasted. Like exceedingly shit-faced wasted. The smell of alcohol and sweaty teenagers wafted into his nose as he moved with the other bodies on the makeshift dance floor. The lights were dark and looked slightly purple in his hazy, brown eyes.

Needing a break from the grinding bodies and the start of a pounding headache, Lucas stepped off the dance floor to get a glass of water. He swayed slightly on his feet without the other bodies holding him up. His brown hair was disheveled, and he only worsened it by running his slightly clammy hands through it.

He stumbled into the kitchen, bumping his shoulder into the archway accidentally. He turned to shout at it when he realized that he would probably look a little crazy for yelling at an inanimate object. He steeled himself for a moment, trying to limit the way he swayed on his feet, and continued to the table in the center of the room which had a slew of alcoholic beverages on it. Knowing that he was already going to have a killer hangover in the morning, Lucas opted for water instead. It was probably the only smart decision he made that night.

Distracted by chugging the water and walking out of the kitchen at the same time, which somehow was extremely difficult for him, he almost didn't notice the girl he ran into.

She mumbled a quick "sorry" while her blonde hair covered her face. She quickly looked up, her dark blue eyes meeting his. They shimmered slightly in the dim lighting.

"Hey Olivia," Lucas said with a smile. His white teeth seemed to be glowing.

"Hi Lucas," Olivia replied. She gave him a tight-lipped smile and her rounded cheeks seemed to puff out even more.

Lucas racked his brain for things to say to her. If he was being completely honest, he always had a small hope that she was his mate, even though werewolves rarely had human ones. He didn't necessarily have a crush on her. Sure, he thought she was pretty but she had always been kind and welcoming, and he thought she would make a good Luna. "Are you enjoying the party?"

"Um, yeah it's fine. They're not really my scene though."

"Who are you hanging out with? If you don't have anyone, I don't know where my friends are so..." he tapered off. He noticed how petite she really was. She had to be at least five feet, maybe a little taller.

"Oh, that's fine. I think I'm going to be leaving soon."

She was about to leave when Lucas gently grabbed her arm. Her feet planted on the spot and she turned slightly to look at him. He had his phone out in one hand as he said, "Can I have your number. You know, just in case you want to take me up on that offer to hang out."

She hesitantly reached out to grab it, contemplating it for a bit longer than Lucas thought was a good sign. Her fingers hesitated over the keys before she quickly typed something down. They muttered their goodbyes as Olivia left to go into the kitchen.

Lucas had a lazy smile plastered on his lips. His eyes had a dreamy, far-away look in them as he stumbled up the stairs to a random room in Jacob Butler's house. He tried not fall but a few mishaps were inevitable.

He stumbled over to the bedside table to turn on the lamp. The light was subdued but Lucas could still make out the navy-blue walls and grey bedsheets. His phone was still in his hand, opened to Olivia's new contact. An incredibly dumb, and slightly embarrassing idea came into his head. Of course, his drunken mind couldn't tell that it was an extremely bad idea; he would find that out in the morning.

Sliding out of his jeans and shirt, he laid on the bed, slightly upright from the pillow beneath his back. He grabbed his semi-erect dick and held it in front of the camera. Looking back on it, he couldn't tell why he would think this was a good idea, considering the only people that had ever seen his dick were his mom when he was young, himself, and his hand.

After snapping the picture and sending it to Olivia, he fell asleep in the stranger's bed.

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Chapter 1

Lucas groaned into his hands. He felt slightly nauseous and the bright lights of the classroom weren't doing anything to lessen his headache.

"You ok?" he heard his friend Elliot ask from his left.

They were sitting in the back of the classroom, the teacher's desk and blackboard past the four rows of desks in front of them. The posters on the walls of his AP Chemistry class that had bad puns on them stuck to the muted gray walls.

Lucas looked up to see Elliot with his lips quirked up in a smirk. His green eyes that were so light they looked as if they were stained glass were shining with amusement. Lucas just let out a prolonged grunt as if it answered his question. "Who even has a party on a Wednesday anyway?"

"I think it was because the boys' soccer team won their championship on Tuesday," Elliot said while running his hand through his dark brown hair. "They had to reschedule from Sunday after the rain flooded the fields."

"Well, I still think it's dumb."

"You're the one that decided to go." He lowered his voice slightly while saying, "You're lucky you're a werewolf or else you would feel much worse right now."

Elliot was right of course, but Lucas would never admit it to him.

They heard a chair scrape in front of them and looked up at the same time. Lucas saw a girl standing in front of him and slowly trailed his eyes up her feminine figure who he recognized belonged to Finley Carter. She was in a couple of his classes but they had never really interacted.

Her head was cocked to the side, her slightly wavy light brown hair falling over the side of her face. Her expression seemed thoughtful but Lucas could see the slight amusement hiding behind her dark, mossy green eyes.

"Can we help you?" Elliot asked, not in a mean way, but in more of a curious manner.

It only seemed to amuse her more. She opened her mouth as if she was about to say something but then thought better of it and pulled out her phone instead. She pulled something up and turned the phone around to show it to him.

"Is this your dick?" Finley asked at the same time that Lucas saw what was on the screen.

His head started spinning from how fast he sat up straight in his chair from his previously reclined position. He heard Elliot stifle a laugh under his hand. Lucas tried not to look over at him as he would probably just laugh more at the blush that was creeping up Lucas' face.

He buried his heated face in his hands. "Oh my god, I am so sorry. I was really drunk last night and didn't know what I was doing."

Finley let out a laugh that sounded surprisingly higher than her actual voice, and Lucas noticed how both of them still sounded rather melodic. "You got drunk on a Wednesday?"

"It was not one of my best ideas."

"Was one of your better ones sending me a dick pic?"

"Oh gosh, I'm so embarrassed," Lucas said, burying his face in his hands.

"Don't be. It was pretty impressive," she laughed again. She looked back at the screen and tilted her head slightly.

Lucas heard Elliot whisper from behind his hand that was still pressed to his face to muffle his laughter, "Oh, this is too good." Lucas kicked him from under their desks.

"How did you know it was me?" Lucas asked.

"Do you not remember?" Finley asked. She looked shocked and her eyes slightly bulged out of her head.

"Remember what?"

"Last night? You know, when we..."

"What!" he yelled a little louder than intended. A few heads in close proximity turned to look at him. He quieted down before saying, "What the fuck are you talking about."

He thought she looked hurt for a moment before she burst out laughing. It seemed to attract even more attention than him yelling. "I'm totally kidding. I just like seeing you squirm."

His body sagged in relief but he noticed she still hadn't answered his earlier question. "So how did you actually know it was me?"

"I asked my friends if they knew whose number it was."

"Did you... did you tell them what I sent you?"

It seemed like Finley almost felt bad for him as she smiled softly at him before saying, "No, of course not. I just sent them the number and didn't tell them anything."

"Thank you. I'm sorry again. I think I was meaning to send that to someone else."

"You mean you didn't mean to send me a picture of your dick? And to think I thought you actually liked me."

Lucas couldn't help but let out a self-depreciating laugh. He was glad that no one knew what he did beside the guy next to him and the girl in front of him who had the unfortunate luck of seeing a picture of his dick. "Sorry to disappoint you."

"I was far from disappointed. Don't worry."

Lucas couldn't help the blush that crept up his cheeks again as he hung his head. He shook it slightly, a loose curl falling over his forehead. "Oh gosh, please shut up," he mumbled.

She laughed and was about to say something when she trailed off and looked at the two boys making a ruckus while pushing each other through the door.

They both had a look of concentration on their faces as they tried to be the first one in the room. The one with unruly strawberry blonde hair broke free from the blockage and turned towards the other boy with a victorious grin on his handsome face.

The one with light brown hair, who Lucas recognized as one of his friends named Everett, smoothed down his shirt with a disgruntled look on his face. He bumped past the blonde, making sure to knock his shoulder with his, and sat down in the seat next to Lucas. Of course, Everett had to give the boy the middle finger before slumping down in his seat.

*    *    *

Finley was smiling at the boy to her right as he sat down. He mirrored her smile as he plopped his stuff down on the worn-down desk before him and ran a hand through his strawberry blonde hair, more blonde than red, as he greeted her. He had surprisingly tan skin for someone with his colored hair, but he still had the many freckles which stretched across his nose and cheekbones that you would expect from a redhead though.

"Hey, Seb. How was the party last night?" Finley asked her good friend.

The grin on his face only grew as he answered, "Pretty great. It kind of sucks that it was on a school night though. I didn't get as drunk as I would have liked."

She was about to answer when Mrs. Allen walked in. She was a small, older woman with peppered brown hair and hazel eyes. It was obvious that she was a beautiful woman in her younger years and even now it was evident, regardless of the lines on her weathered face. She had an air of confidence that surrounded her and made everyone respect her. She rarely had a problem with students speaking out of line or disparaging her.

"Alright, class. Everyone pull out your homework so I can check that you completed it," Mrs. Allen said.

That was one thing that Finley liked about her. She always took your homework grade based off of completion, not correctness.

The rustling of papers was heard as some students scrambled to fill out the rest of their unfinished homework with random answers. Finley was glad that she had gotten the answers from her friend Hazel Lane who was in one of the later classes.

She turned back to her friend to ask him, "Was Paisley there?"

He bit back a heavy sigh and ran his hands through the pile of layered hair atop his head. "No. She went out with her friends instead."

"I thought you guys were going to go together?"

"We were, but she bailed at the last minute."

Finley twisted her mouth to the side to keep from saying something. It was obvious that she never really liked Sebastian's girlfriend from when they first started dating. She was constantly getting jealous of all of Seb's female friends and tried to get him to hang out with only her. Finley could understand where she was coming from, she just didn't like the way she dealt with her jealousy. Their friend group was very close-knit and Seb spent a lot of time with the females of that group, but, regardless, Paisley shouldn't worry about him being unfaithful.

Finley turned her attention back to the front of the classroom where Mrs. Allen had finished checking people's homework. She raised her head from her clipboard when someone called out to her.

"Mrs. Allen, I'm going to be completely honest with you. I had no idea what I was doing on the homework," said a boy towards the left of the classroom.

Some people in the classroom agreed with him while other snickered into their hands. His girlfriend next to him, a pretty girl with wine-colored hair and fair skin, snorted next to him. He shot her a playful glare.

"Well, Mathew, how about we go over it and if you have any questions at the end, you can ask me. Hopefully, we can get your confusion cleared up." Mrs. Allen turned towards the projector to begin her lesson.

*    *    *

Class went by fast; the students distracted the teacher by asking her about her partying habits when she was in high school and her telling stories about messing around with her friends at Friday night football games.

Everyone packed up their binders just as the bell rang and rushed out. Finely was almost to the door when someone gently laid a hand on her arm to try to get her attention. She turned and was met with the slightly anxious face of Lucas.

He let go of her arm and instead started wringing his hands together. "Did you... did you delete the message I sent you?"

Finley smiled at him to try and ease his worries. He seemed to stop fidgeting and stilled his hands against his sides.

"Don't worry about it. I deleted it after I showed it to you."

He let out a sigh of relief. "Thank you. Again, I'm really sorry about that. I don't know what I was thinking."

"So, you didn't send me an unsolicited dick pic because you were just that attracted to me?"

"No sorry. I've found that sending dick pics out of the blue doesn't get you a lot of ladies."

"Aw, that's too bad. I really thought we had a connection."

"It's really quite tragic."

They smiled at each other and Lucas noticed her straight, white teeth and how her canines and molars were slightly sharper than the rest of her teeth. He thought it made her have a pretty smile, the crookedness of it only adding to its beauty.

Elliot brushed past him and sent him a knowing look over his shoulder. Lucas sent him a discreet vulgar gesture that he was hoping Finley couldn't see.

She looked past her and Lucas noted how the freckles on her tan skin stretched across the slope of her nose and her chin and the way her nose was slightly upturned and pointed. Again, he was struck by just how pretty she was.

Her light brown hair shined in the light as she looked back at him. "Well, I should probably get to class so I'll talk to you later."

"Right, see you."

Finley left him staring after her. His eyes followed the movement of her hips as they swayed softly and he couldn't help but notice how her jeans nicely accentuated her backside.

He shook his head as she disappeared around the corner and started walking to class.


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