Gothic Romance

It was pitch black outside, the only light came from the lantern at the front of the coach, bobbing crazily over the road. Wild gusts of wind threatened to tip them over every so often and the coachman gripped the reins even more tightly, swearing under his breath. Rain beat frantically against the windows as Jonathan peered out,...

Spice Islands

Spice Islands - Ten fabulous days in a tropical island beach resort. The kind built of carved wood, palm thatched rooves and lazy ceiling fans. Then two whole weeks aboard a live-in yacht, touring the islands, climbing volcanoes, more snorkelling over pristine reefs. All that was missing was a holiday romance ...


Undercover agent Liam Connell stared at his captor. He looked like a pirate from a holovid—with black trousers, a white, full sleeved shirt, and a purple sash around his waist. Wavy black hair brushed his shoulders and ... Connell couldn’t believe it, he actually had gold hoops hanging from his ears. The pirate trailed his forefinger...

Dangerous Tension

Spaceship captain Matthews has kept his sexuality a secret. What happens when the crew finds out? is Lieutenant Kent as straight as he always believed? Will he hit him or kiss him, or both?

Rough Play

Space ship Lieutenant Matthew Ferris has desired Daniel Peters, his ship’s newest recruit, from the moment he saw him. But Peters is a lowly private and as the senior officer, Ferris knows he must wait for a sign that his feelings are returned before making an approach. When Peters follows him into a two-man capsule after a mission,...


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COMPLETE. June is transgender. But that is the least of her problems. June is also a Special. She has the power over water, not that she would ever consider using it. Her parents taught her to suppress her power from an early age, and that was exactly what she did, her whole nineteen years. June moves to the city, gets a job and saves...

Remember Me

COMPLETE Logan is living his dream. He has a job he loves and a plan for his future. Surrounded by great friends, his life is where he wants it to be. Carlson has been groomed to follow in his father's footsteps. He has become his shadow, mimicking his father in ever way. He does as he is told and has long since locked away any...

The Betrayal

Eighteen year old, Cory holidays with his family in the Blue Mountain Nations Parks prior to beginning University in Melbourne. While there he encounters three men who will shape his future. A generations old bloodline ascends upon the teenager and it doesn't take him long to realise with every full moon, he has a gift he must hide....