A Friend In Need Is A Friend In Deed


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A Friend In Need Is A Friend In Deed

The quality of friendship is stressed in this proverb . It means that a true friend is known at the time of crisis . A true friend is always ready to help even when he is not in a position to help . He is also ready to risk his life to help his friend .

                                              In a story there were two friends Damian and Pythias . Damian was arrested for calling the king a tyrant and he was sentenced to death . But Damian wanted to meet his family in a distant place . So his friend Pythias agreed to take his place and undergo the death sentence in case  Damian doesn't turn up . But Damian turns up just before the sentence and keeps his word . This friendship between Damian and Pythias is the kind of friendship stressed here .


                                       The end.           Thank you

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