Magnet Girl Wireless: I'm Not Hitler


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Chapter 1

-- Smart Phones are private, unless you use the store on the web. It was a store clerk at a standard department store. She didn't know that clerks could be so technically illiterate.

Cell phones were an embarrassment to those who appreciate the Linux OS. The store of the net of things was more secure than cell phones had ever been. At least in theory. But all systems were not secure against social engineering. A hacker is not going to follow standard rules and conventions, that's pretty much by definition. A good hacker isn't going to need a windows back door. They just need to socially engineer you to log in on your own. Then when you're not looking replace your current code with an older version with previous weaknesses, replaces your remote control's login feature with the older version. Then simply type anything besides enter or space.

Hackers do this all the time. They're not going to obey the rules of a particular system. The best thing you can do is secure yourself against social engineering tactics. -- Have a nice day. She said, as Arline left.

Considering that the lady was that bad off, the store was easy pray for purchasing more than enough "cigarillos" to last you more than a week. Tear those suckers up, save you an extra dollar. More money that could be spent on purchasing locks. Locks that could be used to craft your own secured notebook. However at times arts and crafts can be more expensive. It took using post it notes and cutting off the sticker parts to have something one could reasonably pay for. The locks made of metal could just be ripped off. And if you have the wrong friends, it didn't matter how secure the lock. Clearly keeping encryption keys required an entirely different process from using notebooks. Especially if one used a straddling square. The straddling square was similar to a straddling checkerboard, only each letter was shifted based on a different pass phrase instead of a Cesarean shift. It was as random as a straddling checkerboard, but also required knowing the pass phrase to break the lack.

At home she programmed similar ciphers, but in a different kind of login system. One had a two in three chance to evade penetration testing with the cipher. In a three phase process, this meant each penetration test had a two in three chance of failing. If one did a seven phase process the chances of actually logging in becoming increasingly astronomical, therefore it's kept difficult enough to avoid logging in accidentally, but easy enough to log in without having to exploit weaknesses in the interface. But the weakness points were removed by Arline who had anticipated people simply pressing enter or space. She exited the remote control, and chose to feed her face.

Then back to the old grind.

Remote viewing in cyberspace. Her tears on the face.



On Friday, February 10 2017. It was 1:43 A.M. At 25 x coordinators and 15 y coordinates, it was wet and rippling. The rectangular building nearby was in need of repair, with a triangular roof. There was a doorway. The entire place looks like a giant backward, there is a smell of something baking.

She wasn't sure what was smelling, but didn't want to take herself out of the zone to think about it. She hadn't been to the park in some time along East like, but generally didn't feel like walking. Arline had recently had a RFID chip put in, along with a lifting and sensing magnets. The lifting was on her index finger, just below the finger tip. And the sensing magnets were on all her finger tips. She had had her right hand modified to accommodate her lack of general use. Being born left handed netted many benefits, although certain skill sets were difficult being right brained. But through practice, one could become a black belt in anything, even remote viewing.

Arline wasn't sure whether there would be anything to lift at East Lake, but she would have to wait, if some other region she brain scans doesn't strike some stronger interest for her.

This was her story.

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Chapter 2

-- What's the difference between RFID encryption, and using a standard super? It was one of those questions most more experienced bio hackers knew, but didn't have time to answer as it would take hours. They just assumed her lack of technical experience, although Arline was less of a general programmer breaking into security, and more apt to use the system's rules against itself.

-- It's just different Arline. Consider learning the technical specifics of RFID. A pat response indicative of impatience and lack of attention. Arline didn't have time for condescending assholes, she dealt with way to many of them in her own lifetime. She knows enough about programming to bypass social media spam block functionality, encrypting phrases in different ways, and playing around with the word sandwich order to reach a desired result.

The city life was filled with the noise of construction workers, and she didn't even know there was implant conventions within the area. She didn't even want to consider the idea of telling them about her remote viewing. A by this point, she knew they just wanted her to assume the magnets worked, and not to worry about the specifics of RFID encryption, as long as she could get into her apartment. The daylight was beginning to fade, the city lights beginning to glow. It was chilly, but not enough to snow. The neighborhood dogs barked loudly, and at times she joked around with the idea of trying to see if her magnets could feel their collars, but decided better of it.

And now she leaves the convention, socially worn out.

She scans the RFID chip on her door, and then quickly closes the door. She then loads up her zero liability USB drive, and she received a message from a friend down in Smyrna, Tennessee.


She was to tired to decipher it right now.

But at least she knew it worked

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Chapter 3

They used to say they Russia and the US had different social values, but now after the current president was elected by the lowest margin in years, various executive orders have made it nearly impossible to tell them apart. The average person wont ever feel the change. But immigrant families and minority groups have already felt the change even before he was elected. While Arline was technically one such minority, she never got out enough to really experience discrimination. Although try telling her that because she never faced discrimination, that means no trans woman has, although most of the ones at the rally do not actually represent trans people. She spends most of her time working on her programming skills, and wants nothing to do with activism.

Social media spam block functions were notoriously weak although Arline didn't know they were this much. If you changed the message only slightly each iteration, you could spam as many messages as you wanted. And so one could encrypt the same phrase more than once, and as long as they inserted enough _, she could bypass crucial spam blocking functions. She wondered why it was then that computers haven't yet figured out how to bypass spam functionality.

And if someone stole your password, it wasn't like a spam functionality would do you any good. Just recently the government was considering efforts to ask for immigrants passwords in order to be let into the United States. Although all one would have to do is give them the real one once, then promptly change their password the following night. And it didn't actually solve the terrorist problem, as Saudi Arabia wasn't effected by the no fly list. The people were simply ... listless about it.

Arlina goes to various people's houses, using the convenience of their friendship to scan for magnetic pulses in the walls, among other places. She wasn't sure how long it would take for the government to crack down on bio scanners, although as long as she stayed low during the day, and did most of her work at friend's houses at night, at least for the moment there shouldn't be any issue.

But for how long...

This she wasn't certain.

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