Toxic Girl


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 Hello, my named is Apollo and I was born from a black hole. I was sucked into a star and now I'm on a universe called Ampofiba and live on a planet called Stalina. The years in Ampofia are only 50 Earth days. So I'm 21 right now. And the worst thing is, when someone not my kind touches me, their skin starts to dissolve and their skeleton disappears into dust.

 I am very dark black, like how the sky looks on a cloudy night. My eyes glow like a universe collide. My eyelashes are naturally huge and thick, same with my glowing, starry hair. All I wear is tattered pieces of sticky, black natural fabric around my chest, like a bra, or a bikini top, and around my legs, like shorts. But the only problem in worrying about now, is loneliness.

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 Tears. Dripping tears dropping into the vast universe below me. Echoing sniffles and gasps for air out of the uncontrollable, soft cry. "Hello?" I called for the unexpected, uninvited company. "What?" He sniffled back, holding his breath from tears. "What's wrong?" I asked the boy, who looked like my age. "The, the black whole. It took my sister. I miss her." He answered. I tucked my hair behind my ear, looked down, and blushed. He was cute. 

"Would you like to be my friend? Im lonely." I asked politely and excited. "O-ok." He stammered and sniffled. I walked over on the damp floor from his tears. "You poor boy. You were lucky to even have a sibling. I've been a loner ever since the planet Abrooza crashed into the black hole that took your sister." I said, having slight flashbacks of my birth.

"I know a way out of here. I hid in this star when my sister was crushed and killed. I can help you. We can be a team." He said. I beamed enthusiastically from the idea. "I can't wait! But, hold on a sec, your my kind, right?" I asked, hoping he was. "Yeah, and by the way, I'm Noah." He informed. "I'm Apollo." I replied. "Well," He said, "Lets get to work!" He smiled with glee.

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Magic At Our Fingertips

 "Hold your hand out, focus. Use all your strength within you." Noah said softly. I panted. This was hard. A portal began to appear. "W-what's happening? How am I doing this?" I shrieked. "Don't worry, Apollo, don't worry. Panicking will make this not work." Noah told me, trying to calm me down. 

"The portal, its finally open. Time to get outta here." Noah said, putting his hand on mine. He didn't burn. Im not the only one. Im not  A L O N E . . .

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