When "thoughts" Become Reality


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Before I begin I thought you may want to know a little bit about me.I am an 11 year old writer from Australia.writing is a way to escape from the struggles of my life.I am bullied.Sometimes I wish I could die.Sometim s I wish I could live.I know some say "it could be worse"" your so ungrateful " the truth is for me it feels as if this is the worst thing that's ever happened.Thers always something missing.theres always something wrong which is why I have come to one question to wake up everyday to.something that I will never get out of my. The question that is on constant reply in my head."will I ever be good enough".the answer is easy no.i will never be able to please everyone.i am nerdy I love to read and I love school.im not pretty.im play sports.i don't like to talk.i stet bullied for these reasons.but I never try to please people I try to be me.because I know at the end of the day at the end of every tunnel,when there is darkness there will always be light in the end.meaning the ons option that matters is your own.i am not telling you that I get bullied and I have depression.but having pick me ups helps me.I am not trying toga be pity or anything I am just telling my story.I was born on the 20th of April 2005.i have one silbling that I don't see that much of.i have a father how has rejected my family nut still visits for some reason?? And a mum that is work three jobs just to get us by.i write and read because I cane press my feelings in a way that I can interest people and connect rather then bottling it up till I explode.i play sports because I love the outdoors.i barely talk  because I am scared.scared that one day will talk and no one will listen.scared that I will talk one day and hurt someone.scared that one day I will wake up with no one.i am scared to tell people what I feel.i am scared to be me.this is me writing to you.When "thoughts" become reality.

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When "thoughts" become reality

 I sit on my bed tears trickling down my cheek.whats wrong with me.why can't i just be normal.why can't people like me for me.why do I get bullied.why am I failure.The same things repeat in my head as they do evrynight.When will this stop.I don't know how much longer I can put up with this.my mums is always working my brother never has time.i will never talk to someone about this.tey can never know.idont want there pity.i don't want people to judge me anymore then what they already are.growing up I always had a smart mouth always getting into trouble hurting people.Maybe if I never talk people will forget about me and I will get my wish to be invisible.I start to plan it out in my head.

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