Jeff And The Dance Show


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Chapter 1

 One day , Jeff went to school and it was a Monday . Jeff walked to the bus stop with his mum and then he got on the bus he was only 11 years old and it was the 2 term and he was in year 7 and when he arrived at school he then started to walk into the school building but then he saw a poster and it was about a dance show that was on 2 weeks and Jeff decided to put his name down but then he thought “I don’t know how to dance what should i do?” Then he waited until he got home and asked his mum if he could have dance lessons and his mum said yes . Jeff worked really hard at the dance lessons and he also had a really good dance teacher . He got up the next morning to get ready to go to school his mum walked him to the bus stop again he got to school and the first lesson that he had was English but all he could think about the dance show and he couldn’t stop thinking about it then his teacher said to him “ I’m going to have to exclude you from this school” and Jeff thought EXCLUDE that means that you cant ever go back to that school and that was Jeff’s last day at that school . The next day he woke up and got ready to go to school but not the same school as yesterday but a ne school . Jeff felt quit scared so his mum drives him to the new school when he arrived he went to class but didn’t have any friends .Later , that day Jeff discovers a poster about a dance show so he decided to put his name down and at that point he was really good at dancing but he thought to himself and told himself to do well in class . A few weeks later , it was the day of the dance show and when he got to school he had to perform imfront of the whole and and the parent and the teachers and the next day he went to school to find out who won the dance show . And as a sunprise HE WON THE DANCE SHOW and then he became the most popular person in the school and made many many friends and the does really well at school 

The end 

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