He's A Jealous Wolf (BoyxBoy)

Break-ups are hard. They are even harder when you have a jealous ex who refuses to let you move on. Carter was heartbroken when his boyfriend, Alex, came back from summer vacation and broke up with him without warning. Something changed within Alex over those few months, something supernatural. When Archer, a sexy Italian transfer...

Camp Alpha

Every year the future Alpha’s get together in cities all over the world. This isn’t a party, this is training. For five weeks the future Alpha’s train in combat from the best and gain knowledge from experts. Nate King didn’t expect anything to be different about this camp. That was until he crossed paths with Brody Lewis, a tattoo...

My Psychotic Ex-Boyfriend

Rose and Christopher were once the perfect couple. Rose was helping Christopher overcome his demons and together they seemed to be unstoppable, believing that their love would last forever. That all changed one day when Rose discovered her boyfriend’s cheating ways and what started out as an innocent break up, turned into a...

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