Where flowers bloom


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Chapter 2: Daisies

The next morning Fleur woke up before her alarm at 7:00am when she has to be up by 7:30am to get the train to London at 9:00am. She seemed calm, strangely calm, as if nothing at all was going to happen that day, just a usually normal day. She has stopped all the worrying and over thinking weeks ago, as she knew she would be going months in advance. Right now if she were to feel anything it would be excitement and tired, it was quite early after all.


She spent the next half hour just sitting there quietly in bed with just her thoughts as a form of entertainment, until her alarm went off. She got out of her bed, onto her feet and down the stairs, poured herself some cereal at sat there all on her own at the kitchen table in silence, like a zombie with just the sound of her parents rushing and banging about above her head.


Once she had reached the bottom of her bowl she then dragged her self back up the stairs using just enough effort to lift her feet one by one. She then started getting ready on autopilot.

What was going on inside her head was a mystery probably to her as well but if it reflected the outside it wasn't an awful lot. Fleur was upstairs for probably no more than ten minutes before she was all ready, hair and teeth brushed, face washed and dressed in some relatively comfortable clothes for traveling. Some black leggings, a light over sized white knitted jumper with bits of dark blue in every other stitch, on her feet, some black ankle combat boots and her silky black hair swept back in a high pony tail on the top of her head. All set and ready for her trip. She sat down on her bed beside her luggage which was just a little purple and pink spotted suit case, pack to the very brim, if she would have tried to cram just one more thing inside it would surely explode...well...alright maybe the zip would break.


By then Marie and martin were now downstairs, Fleur stayed seated on the corner oh her bed for another few minutes, still in the zombie trance before talking a much needed deep breath, before laying down back to her bed with a big smile.

“Today is the day” she smirks to herself.

“Fleur” Marie calls from beneath her feet ruining the moment of bliss Fleur had created.

She sighs.

“Yes?” she yells back.

“Are you ready?” her mother asks either screaming louder of standing closer.

Fleur looks to her bedside clock marked 8:00am. She grins.

“Yeah I'll be down in a second” she cries.


Once everyone was all gathered down in the front room, shoes on and ready to go, they all set off out the door, Fleur struggles dragging along her monster suitcase followed by her parents.

“Are you sure you don't want me to carry that for you Fleur, it does look heavy” Martin asks already trying to take it out her hands.

“Dad, you want always be her to help me you know, I need to learn to do things for myself” she mutters pretending she wasn't having as much trouble with it than she actually was.

Martin looks to his wife who just giggles. He glares at her as she stops, shrugging her shoulders.

“What? Are you already planning my death? I'm old but not that old I'll have you know” he laughs.

Fleur sticks her tongue out at him as she swings her case into the boot of the car with a big thump. After she closes it she turns away from her parents, shaking her wrist and silently screaming in pain, she wipes the expression off her face before turning back and joining her family inside the shiny black car.


They spend the first minutes of the what would be a substantially short journey continuously asking their daughter questions, not even really giving her time to answer.

“Are you sure you'll be okay alone?”

“Do you want us to come with you?”

“Do you know which train you're taking?”

“Do you want us to book you a hotel instead?”

At first Fleur was planning on staying at one, a hotel that is, that was until just over a week ago, in perfect timing actually, some might say too perfect. If the Fishers were the type to believe in fate, this would have been a good time to start. Completely out of the blue, the agency called them up one day, the adoption agency Fleur was adopted through, on just another random week day while Fleur was at school , they never did that, they never called unexpectedly, they called on specific days to check up, specific.

When Fleur really little they did, when she was first adopted, who know to maybe catch them off guard, to make sure they weren't just hiding the fact that something was indeed wrong. But since she was about ten years old...never. So what was it that made the agency change and call now you ask? Well they had some exciting news for Fleur.

They had been contacted, contacted by someone, someone related to Fleur, her Aunt, Aunt May Bloom, Fleur had never met any of her real family before, she wasn't even sure she had any, nobody had ever told her otherwise.

She knew absolutely nothing about her real parents, not even their names, or if they were actually alive, neither did Martin or Marie, maybe aunt May would be able to answer some questions for her.

Fleur was never particularly bothered about it all really she was happy with her adopted family.

Her parents were and always had been completely honest with her from the beginning about the fact they were not her birth parents, maybe that's why she didn't mind not knowing. She was very excited to meet her aunt though, curious, she had no idea what she would be like, what she looked like, or what she sounded like. Fleur could have easily picked up the phone and spoken to her through that before heading up to London without a back up plan, to maybe get to know her a bit more, but she decided it would be more fun if it were a complete surprise.

So everything would be for the very first time, it really had no need to be that much more scarier for her, but it would be.

Back in the car.

For the rest of the journey after the game of 20 questions had stopped, the over protective parent theme kicked in, through Martin and Marie's eyes it was like Fleur was five years old once again.

“Don't forget to brush your teeth, twice a day, everyday, okay?”

“You did remember to pack your tooth brush didn't you?”

“Remember not to talk to strangers”

“Stay away from dark alleys”

“Don't take anything off of someone you don't know, or trust”

I'm sure they would have been able to carry on for at least another few hours but luckily for Fleur they had arrived, at last, that short car journey seemed like hours, it was almost amazing how two people could say so many words in such a short amount of time.

They parked the car around the corner for easy access and they all walked into the train station together to say their goodbyes. There a lot of hugging, an embarrassing amount.

Luckily for Fleur the other people in the station, the other travelers and passengers would have no idea how long she would be gone for, for all they knew she could have been leaving forever so the amount of hugs she received would seem about right.

The only reason Marie let go of her daughter eventually was because she had no choice, Fleur would have missed her train, not that that made it any easier for her.

Fleur steps onto her train, she tries to turn around one last time to give her hysterical parents a wave goodbye but she gets pushed back by a group of people getting on last minute. When the group had disbursed, it was too late, the doors had closed right in front of her face, just slow enough for her to hear a faint “I love you” from her Mum and Dad.

Fleur smirks.

“I love you too” she whispers under her breath looking slightly disappointment that they wouldn't have heard it.

She then rushed to get a seat before the train set off for the 45 minute ride.

Fleur passes the time with a book in her hands in front of her face. She had just started reading it last week, she could spent days on end reading non stop just having short breaks to do things like eat and shower, so 45 minutes straight was nothing.

The time past quickly as it always does with a good book to submerge yourself into.


At just past ten she was there, the train had stopped, but she hadn't really decided what she was going to do next, if she should call her aunt for the first time, the aunt she had never met, that was the plan she had told her parents after all.


All of a sudden it didn't seem like such a good idea, Fleur stood there on the hectic rocking platform with her hand in her light brown leather shoulder bag, with just the very tips of her fingers stroking her phone which was inside, should I? She asks herself. She then slipped her hand back out and rushed to the exist.

She needed to summon up some courage, but from where?

She decided she would just turn up at the door, her aunt was expecting her after today after all and she had memorized the address. That way once she was standing there in front of Mays house, at the front door she wouldn't really be able to turn back around and find somewhere else to stay in such short notice.

“Yes, I'll do that” she confirms her idea as she walks out of the station towards the noise of a very busy road. It was a bright day, relatively warm, the sun wasn't out, it was hiding behind a sky of fluffy white clouds, maybe that's were the brightness came from the bright color.

It was very busy, busier than Fleur was used to in the small town she had spent most of her life and it wasn't even the heart of the city, it was just outside. Yet she didn't feel strange, uncomfortable or out or place at all.

For some reason she felt as if she belonged there, a feeling she had rarely felt in her short life.

Isn't it weird how you can feel so at home so far away from anywhere you have been?

Fleur looked up at the various street signs above, She thought for a second trying to get her bearings before she gave in and got her phone out to help navigate.

Thankfully she had a thing for adapting, she was in a big busy city now, not a small town surrounded by fields and sheep. She needed to be more careful, less trusting. She kept a tight grip on her beloved phone, tight to her chest, as she followed the orders it was giving out, the woman's voice quickly became her new best friend in this new environment.

Fleur eventually arrives on her aunts street, the street was slight out the way, off to the side, not on a busy road at all but busy enough for strong businesses to run it seemed.

There was a few small shops scattered about, just for essentials really, a cute little old fashioned sweet shop on the corner and a little pub opposite.

The houses all looked very similar, the same shape and design just different colored roofs, outside walls and doors.

Fleur stops in her steps just as she was about to walk around the corner, butterflies start to swam violently in her stomach, the bad kind of butterflies you get when you're scared or nervous, the type that make you feel sick, considering the whole situation it was probably a normal reaction for her.

She shakes it off and goes to take another step, but she is stopped again, her head started to spin and for a second she starts to feel very faint and dizzy but yet again she manages to shake it off.

she feels better until another stroke of strange behavior struck her, a rushing pain develops in her head, she tries not to scream , holding her head to stop it from ripping apart.

What was this feeling? This horrible agonizing feeling? A vision? But why now? In the day? And not in the form of a dream?

It felt like it was going on forever, It wouldn't stop.


All of a sudden Fleur hears something, it-it sounded like her name?, someone calling her name, it couldn't be, she must have been hearing things, her eyes were ringing. Then suddenly, it all goes silent, then the pain just disappears. She takes her hands away from her head slowly just to be sure it wasn't going to come back.


When she felt completely sure it had actually gone she lifts her head slowly, a woman was standing there right in front of her, strange, she didn't look at all worried or confused, maybe she didn't see that Fleur was in pain? She must of, she didn't just teleport there, maybe-maybe it was all just in her head, the whole situation, the ringing it wasn't real? That's it, it wasn't real, it couldn't have been, that would explain it, but did that just mean Fleur was crazier than she first thought?

Even after she looked up at the strange woman she still just stood there expressionless and silent.

She was kind of hippy looking, she was wearing a long to the floor gypsy skirt, a reddish brown color and brown gladiator sandles. On her top half she wore a plain brown strapped top and a sringy, holey white wool cardigan, the kind that was made like that, she wasn't a complete slob. Despite what her long long dark brown curly hair would suggest, it was down to her hips and didn't look like it had been brushed or washed for maybe a week. She had kind eyes, a shade of brown, almost orange, perhaps she was a mother? That's what the strangers eyes told her. She looked as if she was in her late thirties to early forties.

But who was she? Why was she staring at Fleur?

“This may sound a tad strange but is-is your name Fleur? Fleur Fisher?” the woman asks in a calm, very soft and warm voice.

“Erm...yeah” Fleurs eyes widen and she pulls into herself a bit, almost reserved.

“Does that happen to you often?” she asks with no hesitation what so ever.

“Err, I'm sorry but...who are you, are you my aunt May?” Fleur asks politely.

“Well know did you think I was silly?” she laughs.

“How-how did you know who I was? I've never met you in my life, and not to be rude but you're not at all what I was expecting”

“...well because you look so much like your mother did at your age my dear” May tells her grinning as if it was as obvious as the color of the sky.

“I do?” Fleur smirks.

“Do you not think so? I think you are the spitting imagine of her and from the look of it it seems you've got more than just that in common” May seems shocked.

“Well I wouldn't know would I? I never knew her” Fleur smirks.

“Of course you didn't but what about the photos didn't you see them?”

“Photos? What photos? I had nothing at the foster home, where would have I got them?” Fleurs eyes narrow.

“What? You didn't have anything? That's odd, when you were left there we gave you a box, a box full of photos, some old clothes, some of your mothers diaries that you could look out if something happened, something only they could explain for the moment you would need clarity. Things like that, maybe you just don't remember, you were so young. Did you really think we would have left you there all alone, with nothing?” May starts to sound a bit upset, a bit angry.

“I didn't even know I had a family, I think I would remember if I owned a box like that, I wonder what happened to it” she too got a bit emotional, she could see that even though she didn't know her aunt, she did in fact care about her all this time. She racks her brain desperately trying to remember.

“Oh, I think I can tell you exactly what happened to it” Mays cries now just with anger in her tone.

Fleur looked at her aunt in confusion with a glimpse of curiosity.

“Those parents of yours of course, they must have taken it from you before you were even old enough to know” May elaborates.

“Martin and Marie? No they would never do anything like that, they have always been so honest with me, they tell me everything, they always have” Fleur defends her loving parents but she can't help but question them just a bit after all they box must have been taken by someone.

“Maybe that's what they want you to think” May whispers like an evil witch from a fairy tail.

“Are you trying to make me turn against them?” Fleur yells at the woman she hardly knew not too pleased with what she was hearing.

“Of course not why would I do something like that?” she says sincerely, sounding a little offended.

Fleur looks down to the ground feeling guilty for upsetting the strange woman she barely knew who had been nothing but kind towards her, she had a point what would she possibly get from a random accusation, she was beginning to think maybe that's what she was actually like, it was her personality...strange.

“...I'm just saying Fleur my dear, why else haven't you seen any of the photos or things we left for you in that box? It is quite likely they just wouldn't want you to see it, you have to admit” May put it more delicately this time so Fleur wouldn't question her sincerity.

Just looking into Fleurs eyes you can see she was thinking about it and could see Mays point.

She sighs before looking back at May with a smile.

“So” May says smiling back.

“So what?” Fleur asks intrigued.

“...So, we should probably stop standing here having a conversation on the pavement like two weirdos, shouldn't we?” she laughs.

“Yes, I think that's a good idea” Fleur looks around to where they were standing and smirks.

“We've got such a busy evening ahead of us, busier than I first thought seeing as you know even less about our family than I imagined. I've got so much to tell you and catch you up on” May squeaks excitedly.

Fleur grins.

“Can't wait”

“Okay then, let's go home shall we?” May links arms with her niece and they begin to stroll down the street together towards Mays house.

“I have to be up early tomorrow for my first day of work so we can't talk forever” Fleur laughs.

“Don't worry we have two weeks don't we? I'm sure we will have plenty of time” she grins at her niece.

Weird isn't it? How someones whole life can be told in just a mere two weeks.

They stop outside a two story house with a small front garden behind a white wrought fence, unlike all the other front gardens in the area, this one was full of rose bushes, plants and potted flowers, all different types and colors, beautiful. Fleur looked around quickly at all the others house around, all along the road, right next to the house she was standing in front of was another that looked exactly the same but without a nice garden, it didn't have a single color in it, it was just grey, dull and boring, even the grass was grey.

Fleur tried to let her thoughts express on her face, she tried not to let the fact she was secretly hoping the pretty garden belonged to her aunt. I'm sure the inside of both houses were not much different.

Don't judge a book by it's cover, she wasn't, she just preferred the one with the best, is that so wrong?

Fleur looked away from both the houses for a second and to May.

Her aunt looked at her with a funny expression on her face.

“Well, what are you waiting for dear?” she mutters as she swings the white gate open.

Internally a feeling of relief flows through Fleur body.

“Thank god” she thinks to herself, she smiles at My before squeezing though the gate with her bulky suitcase in her arms as My stands and holds the door for her.

“Your garden is so beautiful” she smirks.

“I know” My snickers looking rather proud of herself.

Fleur giggles.

May unlocks the door then walks inside looking back at Fleur standing there with wide eyes which were having their own little adventure with all of these new things they had to explore, taking a few seconds to mentally prepare themselves.

May looks at her grinning.

“What?” Fleur asks when she eventually notices.

“I already love something about you, I know we haven't known each other for long but from what I have seen, what I've noticed you like it stop and take things in properly, to stop and smell the flowers if you will, you appreciate every little thing, don't you?”

Fleur goes a bit pink, blushing.

May watches her smiling sweetly.

“...you do, I can see it in your eyes, do you see things that maybe, other people don't?” she asks her so naturally, so subtly.

Fleur then starts to get a bit uncomfortable, a but unnerved.

“err...like...what?” she stutters.

For a reason that was unclear to her as she hadn't actually seen anything as yet, not that she knew of anyway, not counting the random images she saw that she only vaguely remembered seeing. She would have moments where she could swear she had seen something or someone but she would then take a second look and nothing was there. She had just always narrowed it down to an over active imagination. So why was she so nervous and uncomfortable with May asking that?

“...I-I mean you must do huh? Spending more time looking at things than the average person does, it would make sense, is all I'm saying” She then starts to stutter getting a bit nervous as if she had only just thought to add that bit on, as a precaution. It was all very suspicious.

“Oh...well, yeah I guess I do” Fleur blood pressure reduces and she was now at ease.

“Alright, come on in, that was enough time for you to take in everything you wanted to now, right?” May giggles.

Fleur just smiles and enters the house.

“Should I take my shoes off?” she asks politely.

“Do whatever you want” May states arrogantly.

At first Fleur seemed a bit shocked by the unexpected response, had she said something wrong? Or had her aunt had a bad experience with shoes or something? What a strange thought. She laughs to herself.

But why did she get like that all of a sudden?

“Here, let me take that case off of you, it looks quite heavy” May says sounding more like herself, at least the self she had been showing for the brief moment Fleur had known her as pulls it out of her nieces hands and places it down on the ground.

“Are you hungry? Thirsty?”

“Erm...” Fleur thinks for a second but before she has time to answer May interrupts.

“I could make some tea? Do you want some tea? Sorry I'm not sure what you like” she had gone slightly skittish for a second.

“Tea is fine, thank you”

May walks off into the kitchen right opposite the front door, down the short hallway, leaving Fleur standing there alone, feeling slightly awkward not knowing what to do. Should she follow her aunt into the tiny kitchen where there would be practically no room for either of them to move? Should she go into another room? Or just stay exactly were she was like a wally in the hall?


The hallway wasn't massive by any means either, but probably bigger than the kitchen, less cramped.

The floor was all wooden, a dark brown, chocolate color and the walls a pretty shade of purple, lilac I think you'd call it. Just off to the right next to the door to the kitchen was a staircase, wooden like the floor but with a deep purple rug running all the way up it. All up the walls were paintings, mostly of flowers, forests, nature themed things. Behind Fleur where May had put Fleurs case before was a panel of hooks half way up the wall, full of coats and jackets, underneath was a shoe rack with many different types of shoe on.

There were four doors leading off the hall not counting then front door. The kitchen, another door next to it behind the stairs which was just a back living room, just a quiet place to read leading out to the back garden. The two doors on the left of the hall were the main living room closet to the front and the one closet to the kitchen was a dinning room. In the hall way between the two white doors was a big old fashioned dark wood color. The rest of the house also had a subtle vintage feel, furniture wise, also a running theme of flowers, forest, butterflies as well, quite girly.

“Fleur?” May calls from the kitchen.

“Yes?” she yells back.

“Do you take sugar and milk?”

“Yes and yes, two please?” at that moment Fleur started to feel much more comfortable, maybe it was the familiar smell of tea or some other reason but that wasn't important, whatever it was, it worked.

Fleur then took her boots off and opened a door, ready for a new room to explore, the living room. It was so different from her own very white, very clinical modern house she was so accustomed to. This house, this home was so warm, so inviting, with a very family orientated feel. It even smelt cozy, a mixture of new books, freshly basked cakes or cookies and flowers, roses to be precise.

May walks past Fleur in the living room and places two floral teacups on saucers onto a small white coffee table in the middle of the room before going back to the kitchen.

In front of the big window talking up almost the entire front wall was a side table matching the coffee table full of photos in various varieties of frames, in the right hand far corner, a TV, kind of middle sized on a glass stand.

The majority of the room being taken up by two large cream colored sofas, very comfortable looking, the type that if you lean back too long you'd get swallowed up if you weren't careful, one on the opposite wall to the TV, a three person one and the other along the wall facing the window, a two person.

The whole room full of nature themed accessories, more paintings on the duck blue walls and an array of pillows scattered over the sofas, some with leaves, some with flowers, butterflies, trees...

In between the TV and the two person sofa was a beautiful marble white fireplace that would have been lovely in the winter.

The photos are what instantly caught Fleurs eye, her family's home, her home didn't have any photos in frames, not even one.

The first photo she picks up is a photo of a woman, a woman that looked a lot like her.

“Is-Is that...?”

May interrupts as she walks back into the room with a plate of jammy dodges in the hands.

“Your mother? Yes that's her” she smiles, a forced smile.

May places the plate on the table with the tea, she picks up her cup, sits down and starts blowing on her drink.

A small tea drips down Fleurs cheek, she turns to face May her eyes still glued to the photograph, holding it very tightly.

“What-what happened to her?” she mumbles ignoring the tears.

May pretends she hadn't heard the question as she begins to sip her tea but Fleur could see by the way her face had changed that that wasn't in fact true.

“And-and my father? What happened to him?”

“He's dead..” May tells her bluntly not sounding awfully sad about it.

The tears start taking Fleurs face hostage, flooding her eyes.

Funny how you can cry over someone you never even knew, maybe it wasn't the actual death that bothered her maybe it was because she would never get to know him either.

Fleur thought that she was fine, happy with the Fishers, maybe she wasn't as fine as she thought.

“...and my mother May? What about my mother? Is-is she dead too?” her voice trembles.

Mays lips start to wobble and her eyes start to water, she starts to lose her cool just a bit, but she swallows her emotions back down into the darkness of her stomach, shaking her head, she regains control, she wipes her eyes, she gets up and gives Fleur a quick comforting cuddle, a cuddle both of them needed but only one would admit.

“I will, I will tell you, but not right now, alright? It's not the time, I need to be more prepared for it, just, just please try not to think about it for now, okay?”May tells her as she lets go, she looks into her eyes, holding her shoulder she nods assuring her.

Fleur nods back and takes a deep breath.

She hadn't known or thought about any of the information that all of a sudden she was desperately seeking before just a few seconds ago so letting May have the time she needed, just maybe at most a few days was no hard ship.

“Come on, sit down, have some tea and biscuits, I'll make some lunch in an hour or so if that's okay, if you're not too hungry” she tells her niece as she herself takes a seat.

Fleur sits down beside her aunt smiling as she rubs her eyes with her sleeve.

“Sorry I just kind of lost it like that, demanding information like I had earned to right, I don't know what came over me” she apologizes laughing.

May smirks.

“It's okay, you do deserve to know, and after all you're only human” she says with a slight twitch in one of her eyes.

“You know, I don't think I've ever met anyone quite like you before, everyone I know is so-so ordinary” her eyes crinkle as she dunks a biscuit in her tea.

It just shows genes aren't everything, how you were bought up, how you were raised, who you were surrounded by growing up really comes together to make the person you are, how you speak, how you think. Just because two people are related doesn't mean they are anything alike, but however blood just happens to bring people together, people who may not have met otherwise.

“Of course you haven't” May winks.

“It's a shame, I would have really liked you being around as I grew up” Fleur tells her humbly.

“No one really does not quite like others like the Blooms, I'll tell you that and by Blood you too are a Bloom, oh how lucky you are” May laughs


They both then finish drinking and eating.

“What do you usually eat for lunch?” May blurts out energetically.

“Not a lot really, usually just a sandwich”

“Well, I haven't really got anything in the cupboards to eat, we could go down to the supermarket if you like? To pick up a few thing?” she suggests.

“Yeah, that sounds like a good idea, I'm not really sure what I'm going to do tomorrow for lunch actually, I was thinking about going out into the town to get something to eat, but, if I take a packed lunch that would give me more time to walk around, a bit, what do you think?” Fleur asks unsure.

“Yeah, a packed lunch sounds like a good idea to me” May grins.


They both then get up off the sofa, out the living room and back into the hallway.

Fleur gets her shoes on and picks up her little bag and they both set off out the door and into the car, the supermarket wasn't far at all,maybe around a ten minute walk and an obviously shorter, much easier, much faster car ride especially when they would have to be carrying lots of heavy shopping bags with maybe some frozen food in too.

Fleur spent the car ride looking out the window taking in all the new views.

They drove straight to the supermarket, which was bang in the center of town, surrounded by quite a big high street with many different small shops, just where the shops drew out to an end, where they started to fin out, that's where the publishing agency building was, a five minute walk up hill from the supermarket.

The girls spent just over 15 minutes wandering around the food aisles, filling up their baskets. They then payed and walked out the shop with about ten bags full of food and loaded them all into the car.

“Do you want to take a look around?” May asks as she notices Fleurs eyes wandering down the street.

Fleur laughs.

“No, It's okay, I must restrain myself from the overwhelming need to explore, It will give me something to do tomorrow on my lunch break, I just need to keep telling myself that”

May laughs along with her.

“We could at least just drive down the street up to the puplishes office so you can take a quick look” May winks.

A big grin forms on Fleurs face.

“Alright, I guess that would be okay”

“...We don't even have to get out the car” May smirks.

“Lets go” she cries completely giving up the will to fight her strong curiosity.

They climb back into the car and set off down the high street and stop right outside the building just like May said they would.

May glances at her niece curiously, trying to figure out what her expression was trying to tell her and what she was thinking, It was usually much easier to tell because of the sparkle in her eyes and the big, stupid smile taking up her entire face. It was different this time.

“What's wrong?” She asks after giving up.

“Nothing” Fleur says bluntly, not at all convincingly.

“Fleur, I can see something is not right by your face, tell me what's wrong, I thought this was your dream?” May generally seemed concerned.

“It-it is...my- my dream, it's just not, not how I pictured it that's all, something just doesn't feel right” Fleur explains.

“What had you pictured?”

“I'm not really sure, I don't know, more glass? More modern looking I guess for some reason” she laughs.

May looks at her niece with sorrowful eyes, she rests her hand on her shoulder and rubs it slightly with her thumb.

“It's not what it looks like that matters though is it? It's the actual work you'll be doing inside”

Fleur snickers.

“Yeah, you're right”

May could tell she still wasn't completely convinced, but why not?publishing books, making peoples dreams come true, that's what she was really passionate about not what the building looked like, not about the image , something had changed in Fleur eyes, her mind but even she had no idea what that was.

They carried on driving past the building, taking the long way round instead of turning around and going back the way they came.

Fleur sat with her mouth zipped listening to the thoughts swimming in her head, she carried on like that for most of the journey, silent.

May turned the corner just before the one that lead onto her street and that's when it started again, the headache, the rushing pain to Fleurs head, she starts screaming in agony, holding her head like before.

May immediately stops the car, in front of the local pub, Blake-Hart pub? It wasn't much bigger than an average sized house, It looked like any other ordinary small town pub in London. There were peoples houses, well, apartments above it the same as the shops.

In front was a small parking space, big enough to fit maybe ten cars, it was basically just a graveled area with just a few picnic tables quite tight up against the building.

May turned to her niece to comfort her.

“You're alright Fleur, shh shh shh, it's okay, I'm sure it will pass just breathe okay?” This time she actually looked worried.

“It-it hurts so- so much” Fleur screams out.

“I know- I know” May whispers.

“How do I make it stop? Please make it stop, please” She yells almost in tears.

May's hand start to shake hovering over her not knowing what to do, in a bit of a panic.

“Erm...err...erm” she stutters, she takes a deep breath then proceeds to get out the car, she rushes to the other side of the car, Fleur's side, she swings the door open quickly and she holds her shaky hand out for her niece to take hold of.

“...okay, come on” she mutters in a bit of a state.

Fleur glares at her.

“Come on, trust me” she glances across the road at the building opposite, the pub. She helps Fleur out the car and leans her front up against the back door.

“Some fresh air might help” her voice wobbles as she leans against the door too, next to her patient, but facing in the direction of the pub.

“...I think it might be passing now” Fleur whispers trying not to attempt fate as she slowly opened her eyes.

May looks to her examining her closely.

Fleur turns away from her, her chest no longer against the door. She sees the pub in front of them.

“I don't know what's going on with me” she mumbles as her eyes start to fill up with tears.

May doesn't say anything but she gets that strange look in her eyes again, the look of withholding information, she knew more than she was letting on, what was she hiding?

Tears start dripping down Fleur's face as she stares straight ahead, she didn't even realize her eyes were overflowing until one of the tears drops down in front of her.

May smiles sorrowfully at her as she wraps her arm around her and wipes the tears away.

“Hey, maybe we should get dinner there later? Would you like that? They do pretty good food you know”

“Mmm, we have food at home don't we? Another night maybe” she cracks a smile at the corner of her mouth but the rest of her face remains still, the headache had now completely disappeared.

“Really? You can't think of a better excuse, when turning down an invitation for free food you might want to try a bit better” Mays jokes trying to lighten up the situation.

“We have food at home, that's a perfectly good reason, it's not an excuse” She laughs, but she was lying.

“Fleur” May groans sternly and slightly judgmentally.

“I just a strange feeling about it that's all, how knows making it's my gut telling me it's not a good idea, who knows maybe it will save your life one day” Fleur smirks still stuck with a strange, unnerving expression on her face.

“Okay, okay, we should probably get back now, we've got food defrosting in the car” She says as she climbs in.

Fleur stands there outside for a few more seconds, a cold shiver flows through her body, as if a ghost had just walked through her, she shakes it off, then exhales slowly, evening her breath before jumping back into the car as well.


When they get back they unpack all of the shopping, once all the bags were empty, May then starts making sandwiches, they both head out the kitchen and into the dinning room, where they sat and ate their lunch.

“So, how are you feeling?” May asks her niece across the table.

“I don't have a headache anymore, so better, but I still have a strange feeling, in my stomach and my heart, I don't know why or what is is, I can't explain it”

Fleur mutters with her hand on her stomach with a frown.

“You really have no idea why?” May asks with narrow eyes.

“No...I- I don't, think so” She thinks out loud.

“What, what is it?” May inspects Fleur more closely eagerly waiting for her to reply, with wide eyes like a cat stalking it's prey.

“Earlier...when you told me about my real father, it just occurred to me that I didn't actually ask you what happened to him”Fleur adds.

May sighs silently as her face shows a glimpse of her slightly disappointed feelings.

“Don't worry, I know you're still not ready to talk about my mother, but you can tell me about my father right?” Fleur says quickly before May could bring it up.

“Car crash...” she blurts out under her breath without a moment of thought.

Fleur gulps, she doesn't cry but she couldn't help but look upset.

“It was a drunk driver, you were just a few weeks old, it was a tragedy” May adds.

“Thank you, for being honest with me, I appreciate it”

Fleur rests her hand on Mays, she looks into her eyes with a smile.

The rest of the day flies by, the girls spend the day getting to know each other better. May tells Fleur lots of funny stories about her and her mothers childhood, it was a nice way for both of them to spend the day, sharing.


At 10:00pm Fleur suddenly realizes she hadn't called her parents like she had said she would, she hadn't even looked at her phone the entire day, she was far too busy with her aunt to even think about it.

Her phone had been zipped up in her bag, her parents must have been so worried, not knowing where their daughter was or if she was alright.

Fleur rushes out through the living room doors into the hallway, where she had left her bag, with no explanation, she just got up and left, just, as it seemed her aunt was about to tell her something, something important.

10 missed calls, they weren't going to be happy, she rings them straight away...

luckily they were more pleased to just hear from her than anything.

She talks to them both through the phone for around ten minutes telling them all about her day, they wanted every detail, they had obviously not had a very eventful day themselves, she told them that she and everything else was completely okay a few dozen times before she manages to get them to believe her, so she could then put the phone down.

She then staggers back into the front room looking ever so slightly worn out.

She drops back down on the sofa beside her aunt with a big huff.

“Have a nice chat?” May laughs.

“A very very long chat but yes” she smirks.

“I'm really sorry to leave you but it's getting late and it's been a very long day, I think I might go to bed now, if that's okay, I have to be up early tomorrow as well?” Fleur says looking a bit guilty.

May seemed a bit disappointed but she tried to hide it.

“Don't be silly, of course it's okay, you need to be well rested for your first day don't you?” she smiles.

Fleur smirks.

“so...which ones my room?”

May jumps up.

“Oh err, I'll show you”

Fleur gets up off the sofa following May's lead, she grabs her suitcase which was exactly where she left it in the hall. She then struggles up the narrow staircase behind her aunt.

She stops at the top of the stairs for a little rest.

In front of her she could see a short hallway with just four doors lading off of it, the hallway was the exact same color scheme and nature theme as downstairs. There were three bedrooms and a bathroom, Fleur would be sleeping in the first room on the right, opposite to Mays.

May lead her right to it and opened the door for her to see inside.

The room didn't have a lot in, like a lot of guests rooms, it had a large white wooden wardrobe, a white chest of drawers and two bedside tables and a large double bed, a matching set, nothing to fancy or expensive.

The walls were light blue and the bed sheets, pale yellow, plain, It was perfectly good enough for Fleur to stay in.

Fleur dumps her suitcase on her new bed and begins to explore the room, May points out the bathroom and leaves her niece to get settled on her own. Fleur digs some pajamas out of the bottom of her case, white button up ones with little black cats over the top and bottoms, she gets her was bag out and gets herself ready in the bathroom.


Once she was all ready she gets into bed and reads her book for a while, the same one she was reading on the train, with the bedside lamp giving her enough light to see.

Not long after she starts to feel sleepy, she rests her head down on her pillows and falls to sleep quickly into a deep sleep.

…Until around 1am, she started fidgeting in her sleep, twitching, was she having a bad dream? She went on for a while like that before she gradually got worse, she started groaning, then shouting, then screaming out.

“No- No...” loud enough to hear from down the hall, maybe even down the stairs or even outside her window.

May comes rushing into her room still half asleep, she turns the light on to find Fleur lying there in distress, she was still asleep, the screaming didn't wake her, surprisingly.

May rushes up to her and starts shaking her gently, calling out her name trying to wake her.

“Fleur? Fleur?”she yells.

Seconds later she opens her eyes and sits up in a panic, in tears, she looks around the room a bit spaced out before her eyes jump to May, she jumps into her arms.

May holds her for a minute before pushing away she holds her face and looks into her eyes.

“What did you see? Fleur tell me what you saw” she cries.

Fleur pauses for a second.

“He-he...died” she mumbles before bursting into a fit of tears.

May exhales, she looks into her nieces pain filled eyes.

“Who? Do you know who it was?” she asks calmly.

Fleur shakes her head.

“No, no I don't” in that moment she asks herself why she was crying? Crying over someone she didn't even know? Crying over someone who didn't even exist, a figment of her imagination.

“Okay, listen to me, It's very important you tell me every detail, everything? Alright?” May says very clearly.

Fleur nods.

“It, it was a car crash, It felt so real, like- like I was right there in the street, and the way it felt, it felt so horrible, so heartbreaking, like my heart broke into hundreds of pieces, a sharp stabbing feeling, it- it was the worse pain I've ever felt” Fleur explains in as much detail as she could, trying not to relive the experience, she tries to swallow the tears.

A frown appears on Mays face.

It's horrible seeing someone in so much pain, hurting so much and not knowing how to fix it, how to make them better.

“I know it's hard dear but you have to forget about it, forget what you saw, for now at least, you can't let it keep you awake, you need to sleep, worry about it another time if you have to just not now, do you understand?”

“Do you think it was my dad? Do you think I'm having nightmares about him because of what you told me? Was it a memory?” Fleur asks.

“Fleur” May cries sternly.

“I need to know May, I need to, It's not like I'll be able to get back to sleep easier anyway, not with the questions as well” she demands.

May goes out the room for a couple of minutes.

“Wait there” she yells from the hall.

She returns with something in her hand, a photo, she climbs onto the bed and lays next to her heartbroken niece.

“Is that him? Is that who you saw?” she shows her a photo of her father, a photo that was taken maybe a few weeks or so before he died.

Fleur takes the picture from her and examines it closely, she shakes her head.

“No, that's not him, I don't think that's him”

May looked as if she didn't know what to think, if she should be happy about it or not, she sighs but quickly stops herself when she feels Fleurs eyes on her, she turns it into a comforting smile.

“You're probably right, it was just some random guy you made up in your head after hearing what had happened, silly girl” May hated lying to her, she knew it was a vision, but it wasn't exactly the best of times to start what would be a very long conversation, in the middle of the night, especially when it would be Fleurs first day interning in the morning, she'd need a clear mind.

Fleur still didn't look too convince but she wasn't about to disturb her settled thoughts.

“Yeah it must have been” she fakes a laugh.

“So, You'll sleep now yeah?”

Fleur nods grinning, she lays back down until May left the room she sat back up.

Until she heard May coming back.

“Does erm this happen often? The nightmares I mean?” she asks.

“Not really, not like this, the headaches are new too” Fleur tells her.

“May? Do you think I should see a doctor or something? Do you think that would help?” she adds with a hint of worry.

“...We'll see how it goes, shall we? You never know, maybe it's just a one night thing” she smiles before leaving for good this time.

May knew it wasn't, she knew they were only going to become more frequent, more painful, clearer, but she definitely couldn't tell Fleur that part. It was her fault Fleur was suffering, it wasn't just a coincidence that it all started the day the two of them were reunited.

She wasn't really sure how it worked, no one was but the longer Fleur would spend with her aunt, a blood relative, someone like her, someone who knew exactly what it was like.

If May were to tell her that, there was a small chance it would drive Fleur away from her, she didn't want that, they had just met after all and she was enjoying their time together, selfishly.

Fleur finally manages to get back to sleep after what felt like hours of tossing and turning to her, when suddenly her alarm started to beep.



Not only did she feel like she hadn't slept at all, she looked like it, she had big dark bags under her eyes and her skin was ghost white, she didn't look well at all, but she wasn't the type of of person to quit, she would fight through it, she was determined.

She took a nice warm shower to wash the past day off of her, clean and new for another day in London.

Once she was all dressed, her hair was done and her make up was applied, she looked perfectly Fleur like.

She went downstairs looking quite content. She sits down in the living room, turns the TV on low volume so she wouldn't disturb May and just watches some morning cartoons while she wakes up a bit.

She was dressed very smartly and professionally but not too over the top, just a tight black pencil skirt just sitting on her knees, a white frilly blouse with little blue dots all over and a black thin cardigan over her blouse. On her feet she wore some plain black, medium high high heels, her hair was down with just two thin strains from the front clipped back either side of her head.


She was in the room for no longer than five minutes before May joined her still in her pajamas covered by a long blue dressing gown.

Fleur glance over to her leaning up against the door way, then back to the TV, she could tell that May knew something was going on with her, that she still wasn't quite herself and she had a feeling May was hiding something from her, keeping secrets, so understandably she wasn't feeling to pleased with her, she goes back to watching the TV and ignores May.

“You look very nice today Fleur” May smiles.

Fleur doesn't react.

“How are you feeling?” May asks not really expecting an answer.

As she expected Fleur pretends she hadn't heard what May had asked her.

“Do you want some coffee?” May persists.

Fleur didn't like coffee, it was far too bitter for her liking even with sugar but she was sleepy, she couldn't turn up on the first day half asleep and coffee would really help wake her up, she was forced to stop ignoring her aunt and give in even though she would have preferred to carry on, her new job was far too important.

“Yes, please” Fleur mumbles in defeat.

“Okay, I'll put the kettle on” May mutters waiting until her back was turned to celebrate her victory with a smile.

“How many sugars do you want dear? Two like your tea?”

Fleur thinks for a second.

“No, more like...six”

May laughs.

“Mmm, you can have...four, but I'm not even happy with giving you that many, It'll rot your teeth, you know”

The warm strong smell of coffee feels the house.

May places the drink in front of Fleur before sitting down beside her.

“Are you going to have the cereal you bought yesterday for breakfast?” she starts a conversation.

Now Fleur had what she needed she goes back to the silent treatment.

May sighs.

“I know you're mad at me, I know you think something is going on, you're not stupid, I'm aware of that, but you just have to trust me okay? I'm sorry but you just have to”

“trust you? You clearly don't trust me, so, why should I trust you? That's not how it works” Fleur yells.

“Fleur, you have to understand” she remains calm.

“How can I understand if you won't explain anything to me?” Fleur adds as she starts to get frustrated, her eyes begin to water.

“Fleur” May yells.

Which shocked her a bit, she hadn't known the woman for long but she had a few opportunities to raise her voice now and she hadn't taken them.

“Listen to me, I promise, I promise you I will explain everything, everything to you, this time not even just when I feel like it, not just when I feel ready, alright? After you get home from work, I'll tell you everything” She reverts back to her usual calming voice.

“But -but why can't you just tell me now? If you say you won't wait until you're ready now, why not now?” Fleur asks her nicely, not yelling this time.

“This is the part you need to trust me on, I know I've given you no reason to, but what I will tell you later, It's not going to be easy for you to take in, I don't know how you will react, but it's more than likely you'll need some time, time that you wouldn't have if I told you now” May explain delicately.

Fleur nods finally agreeing to the conditions.

“Is it really that bad?” Fleur asks with a nervous look on her face.

“Bad? It depends how you look at it, I guess, It's just a lot, I don't want it to take control of your first day”

“What about yesterday? You could have told me then you know, when I was practically losing my mind? Fleur thinks out loud slightly sarcastically.

“Yesterday? Yesterday I- I was being selfish, I was only thinking of how I felt, how I'd feel telling you, I'm sorry for that” May says sincerely.

Fleur accepts her aunts apology and they both carry on as normal for the rest of the morning.

She just about had enough time for something to eat before she had to leave, while she was eating her bowl of cereal in the dinning room, May was in the kitchen making her some lunch to eat later.

Fleur was going to make it herself but since she had wasted so much time arguing, she wouldn't have had enough time to eat as well.

8:20am, she had ten minutes to get there, it was a five journey so she would get there slightly early.

May pulled the car up in front of the building in the same spot as yesterday.

“Scared?” she asked her niece as she got out of the car.

“A bit” Fleur whispered with a smile, she slammed the door closed, took one long look at the building and one very deep breath before making her way to the door.

That was it, the moment she had been looking forward to for weeks it had arrived and she had a very good feeling about it.

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Chapter 1: Caterpillar

Have you ever wished you could tell the future? Of course you have, everything would be so much easier, there wouldn't be any surprises, you'd always know what was going to happen before it does and you wouldn't have to worry or waste time trying to figure out what you want or are going to do in your life because you could just look into the future and know, you could put all of your time, all your energy reaching that goal that you know you are going to achieve. Everything would be easier? Right? Well maybe it's not as easy and as great as everyone thinks, the grass is always greener on the other side as they say. In the case of Fleur Fisher it is but she's on the side you want to be on. Yep, that's right, Fleur Fisher can tell the future, only her own, she's not some sort of gypsy fortune teller, who spends her life traveling the country in a little tent with a circus, not that there's anything wrong with that, that just wasn't Fleur.

Fleur was just an ordinary girl really, well, as ordinary as someone who can tell the future can be. She was quiet, shy, not very comfortable In her own skin, like a lot of teenagers, insecure. I'm not sure of the reason for it really, maybe because she was indeed different, maybe because she never knew her parents, because she was abandoned as a baby or maybe there wasn't even a reason at all, not everything needs a reason. All I know is her lack of confidence had nothing to do with her appearance, well not unless she was completely blind or if she had never looked in a mirror or deaf even for that matter because people were always telling her how beautiful she was.

Boys would constantly stare at her, that being said strangely she had never had a boyfriend in her life, not even when she was little, you know the age when the most you'd do with your so called boyfriend was let him give you a little peck on the cheek in the playground before you'd both run off in different directions with bright red cheeks and big grins on your tiny faces afterwards.

She just wasn't at all interested in anything like that, something fake. She was happy just being by herself and not letting anyone too close, keeping her distance. After all if she were ever to let even a few words slip out, everyone would think she was crazy or a complete weirdo.

At such a young age she had already experienced so much, in her actual living life and the little life she had in her head, her future life. Of course to her they were just dreams, she knew that but it didn't change the fact she felt and saw everything. Some of the dreams were nice and were just like stories, fairy tales just of her own life, things that were yet to happen, but there were bad ones too. You would never imagine she had seem some of the terrible things she had from the outside though. She had such a lovely, gentle nature.

Fleur was average height for a girl her age and probably around the same weight as well, like I said, ordinary.

She had medium length black hair as dark as the emptiest corner on earth with no lights around for days. Just down to her collar bones and as straight as hair could possibly be.

Her eyes, a very deep shade of blue, with eyelashes that would make mascara factories across the world shudder in a corner.

You see? No reason at all for her to be so insecure, in that department anyway.

The thing about shy people, no matter how unbelievably beautiful they are, they are never going to be as noticed as the relatively average looking girls, who treat every room they walk into as a stage at a beauty contest, the type of girl you couldn't possibly ignore, even if you tried because they just have to be the center of attention , a girl like Kenna Waters for example.

Kenna Waters thought just because she had bleach blonde hair, rich parents and the biggest chest out of all the other girls in her school year, that everyone should be completely in love with her, but of course that wasn't the case. Nobody falls for the cocky, full of herself, airhead, who thinks people should fall down and kiss the ground she walks on, but of course Kenna didn't think like that.

She would spend hours on end trying to figure out where she was going wrong, to which she never reached a conclusion. One thing she did know though was how much she completely, utterly, detested Fleur Fisher, simply because of how little Fleur had to try, she could sleep through her alarm and only have five minutes to get up and sorted in the morning for school and still turn the heads of most of the guys in the hallway.

The worse part for Kenna was one of those heads belonged to Jamie Park, the best looking boy at school, the one Kenna happened to have had a crush on for years.

She wasn't turning heads for a bad reason either, just simply because of how good she looked. Where as Kenna had to get up hours before most of the other students did just to look, well, alright. Imagine how early she would have to get up and how much makeup she would have to cake on to matched up to Fleur.

It is hard to feel sorry for her though, if she wasn't so worried about how she looked and didn't need the approval of others to feel good about herself she could sleep in. Then again you can't blame her either, that's just the way she was, she never pretended to be someone she wasn't. She never complained about it, she didn't annoy anyone with it.

The thing about Kenna's hatred for Fleur that she found most annoying however was that it was completely one sided.

Fleur had no idea Kenna even knew she existed let alone hated her, Kenna had never once said a word to her, so there was no reason for her to suspect anything. How can someone who doesn't even know you, hate you?

You'd have to ask Kenna I suppose, she was a professional at it. The fact Fleur had not even an inkling made it so much worse.

Kenna would look at her and say things like

“Oh look at her, she's so self involved, completely obsessed with herself, she doesn't even care what's going on around her, it's all about her, the entire world”

That wasn't at all the case, it was true that Fleur didn't know what was going on around her, but not because she didn't care but because she generally thought no one would want anything to do with her. If they actually got to know her, in a weird kind of way, a Fleur Fisher way, she thought if she would just spent all her time in her head, in her own little world, the little perfect world she had created over the years she was doing everyone a favor, only she seemed to see it that way.

I'm sure if someone would have told her, or if she would have realized everyone thought of her like that, as an uncaring, self obsessed, selfish person, the way Kenna thought of her, she might have actually tried to change.

Not because she cared what people thought of her, what people were saying behind her back but because she herself wouldn't have wanted to be that type of person, the type of person she wasn't. Just the thought of maybe upsetting by ignoring them and not even realizing it because her head was down wouldn't make her too feel terrible about herself.


It was the fifth of April.

The first day of the Easter school holidays, which lasts for exactly two whole weeks, the last short school holiday before the long summer break.

April in the UK where Fleur lived was usually a good temperature, not too hot, not too cold, rainy but not cold just warm.


As most teenagers on the first day off school for the holidays or even just on Saturday, Fleur was still in bed at lunchtime.

Oh the joys of having nowhere to be and nothing to do, just relax.

That wasn't exactly the case for Fleur though, not this holiday anyway. You see, Fleur had always had such an amazing limitless imagination. Ever since she was a kid, she had always wanted to share it with people, like some people can sing and some of the very talented lucky ones get to do it as a job, as a living, they get to make people smile, in some very rare case with very famous celebrities just a song could save someones life, that's what i've heard.

“you've given me a reason to live”

“you and your music helped me through a difficult time”

It's so beautiful, so wonderful that people can do that for each other, just through something as simple as a song, sharing your talent can be so powerful, so magical.

If you have a job that maybe you don't necessarily enjoy but maybe just occasionally you too get to make someone smile, maybe even make their day, doesn't it make the whole thing worth it?

Everyone likes to be the reason behind someones smile.

That is how Fleur felt, not everyone gets a chance like that, not everyone is capable of it, so if you are, if you have something that can affect people like that, why would you hide it? Why not show the world?

Writing a good book or a good story, even a short one can make people feel so many things, just to name one, happiness; so why wouldn't she do it? Or at least try?

She had a chance, an opportunity to touch the hearts of hundreds, thousand or even in an idealistic world millions with her little story and she sure as hell wasn't going to pass up a chance like that, a chance that so little people get.

So obviously it wasn't guarantee to make it, that people would ever actually get their hands on a book by Fleur Fisher but she at least had to try, for herself. Fleur was yet to see it in a dream and even if she had she wasn't aware of her gift yet anyway so it would have been just that, a dream, no more, no less.

Without trying even just a bit it was definitely never going to happen.

I don't know about you but I'd take maybe over never any day of the week.

So the plan for this holiday was for Fleur to travel up to London for her two weeks off for a very short trial internship at a very impressive book publishing company and not just sitting around at home like she could have done if she wanted to.


It was a quiet Saturday morning in the Fisher household. The Fishers house was very bright with a lot of windows, modern, almost all of the walls were white, cream or varieties of shades that that family, with little touches of pastel colors here and there with the furniture. The big windows let the perfect amount of light in, everything was very clean so the house practically glowed from top to bottom, it was almost clinical.

Yet it still had a sort of lived in feel to it with the softer touches, the fabric, the amount of furnishings, but definitely not a house for a dog or a baby, anything messy.

That particular morning it had a slight smell of coffee and toast with just the sound of birds singing outside, with quiet chatter and footsteps creaking from ,Marie and Martin or Mum and Dad.

Mr and Mrs Fisher seemed like the most perfect parents anyone could wish for, kind and loving, like the type of parents that people impersonate at family gatherings or the type of parents you see in those photos that come in the photo frame when you first buy it, the way you would like your actual family photos to look like, perfect. They all sit still and pretty for the camera for about two seconds but as soon as the camera is off and everyone is home, when the doors are closed they can go back to their normal, rough around the edge selves.

Martin and Marie were not like that, well not as far as Fleur could tell anyway. They had always been like that, ever since she could remember. Surely if it was in fact just an act, they couldn't have kept it up for that long, they would have slipped up by now. Then again before they had adopt Fleur they had spent years looking for a child, visiting various children homes, full of children dreaming about the day they finally get adopted with their very own idea of perfect parents in their heads, so maybe that was the source of the act where the will came from.

Fleur wasn't eighteen yet so the adoption agency would call or stop by occasionally to make sure everything was running smoothly, to make sure Fleur was healthy and happy.

Nine months, nine months until Fleurs eighteenth birthday, January the thirteenth, that is when she would see the true untainted nature of her parents. Until then, they were perfect.

Mrs Marie Fisher was five foot seven with short curly sandy blonde hair just long enough to gently brush her shoulders, she had dusty brown eyes, she was a very plain looking lady really, a plain Jane, she wasn't ugly just not necessarily pretty either. Marie was slightly plump and was always baking. Her clothes style was quite old fashioned, vintage, she'd often were collared buttoned up dresses either plain or subtlety patterned, flowers usually, with a cardigan over the top. She was just young enough for it to look more like a choice of style rather than just a grandma, Fleur also dressed very similar to her mother, one of the few things they had in common.

Mr Martin Fisher was a tall skinny man with short patchy Grey hair and small baby blue eyes. He wore mostly jeans with a colored shirt, blue, pink or sometimes yellow, In the winter he'd wear a woolly jumper on top, pretty normal and not very exciting at all. Martin was a teacher, a history teacher for an all boys secondary school near to where they lived. Marie worked in a small flower shop in the town, which is why the name Fleur was perfect for her daughter, she was very into flowers and generally quite girly things.

Martin and Marie had reached the top of the stairs, Marie had a tray in her arms with some breakfast on, breakfast in bed was a tradition in the Fisher house, whenever someone was going away for awhile, either for a holiday or just work, like in Fleurs case.

Martin knocked on Fleurs bedroom door.

“Fleur, Fleur are you up?” he yells through the door loud enough for her to hear though the heavy wood.

She wasn't up, she was quite a heavy sleeper so even that didn't wake her.

Martin opened the door anyway, just as he had expected, she was still fast asleep with no signs of waking anytime soon.

They both approached their daughters bed. Martin tries again.

“Fleur, it's time to wake up” he yells.

Still nothing, he places his hands on her side and shakes her gently.

Fleur groans as she slowly looks up from her pillow, with her hair all over her face, her eyes not fully open yet because of the sticky stubborn sleep dust in the corners of her eyes gluing them shut. Looking slightly confused She sweeps her hair out of her eyes and tucks it behind her ears, roles over to her back,with seemingly a lot of effort, gravity clearly wasn't on her side that particular morning, well, afternoon as it was then.

Her mother places the tray on her lap and smiles sweetly.

“good afternoon darling” she whispers.

Fleur looks down at the tray in front of her, again in confusion.

“what's this for?” she mumbles.

“you're going away tomorrow, remember? Silly?” Martin laughs.

Fleurs eyes lighten up as she smiles at her gazing parents.

“Oh yeah, the tradition, I almost forgot”

Something catches Marie's eyes as she leans in closer staring at her daughter curiously.

“Your face, it looks, a bit, wet, have you been crying in your sleep again?” a worry line appears on her face.

Fleur wipes her cheeks with the back or her hand and slowly examines her findings.

“Oh, yeah, I must have had a sad dream or something again” she anwers before giggling anxiously.

“Are you sure Fleur? That isn't just an excuse right? For something else, a real reason? Something more serious?” Martin asks now worried too.

Fleur shakes her head.

“No dad, it's not, don't worry okay? It really is just because of a dream, well, that must be it because I am completely fine” she assures him.

“You would tell us if you weren't though, wouldn't you?” Marie asks.

“Yes, Mum, I would, I promise”

But of course it wasn't a dream at all, it was something that was either about to happen to her or something that would, something bad, but for now she didn't know that and she could never seem to remember what she saw anyway. What she had seen last night in her sleep was in fact a vision, a vision of something not so nice most likely, but you see it's hard to say. Fleur's visions weren't exactly the clearest of things, which would explain why Fleur still thought they were just simply dreams, but that is the normal thing to think really, I doubt most people would jump to a conclusion like that without some sort of proof behind it. Even if one of the visions Fleur had had in the past had actually happened already, she may not have even realized, that's how unclear they were, she might have even mistaken it for a case of deja-vu, I'm sure a lot of people have had moments like that before, when you swear you've seen an object, an imagine or a person before but just can't remember when or where.

Fleur's visions were more often than not just a quick flash, a still imagine of a face, a place or even sometimes a sequence of a few imagines all lined up one after the other. From her own view, from where she would be standing when the time eventually comes, as if she were looking through her own eyes, she wasn't ever in the vision. The sequences never even made sense, not yet anyway, for example, there would be a cat, then a lamp, then a road maybe, she couldn't even be sure if they were connected at all. Very rarely she would see a short second clip but nothing that would give anything major away.

Back to the bedroom.

Martin left the room as Marie sat down on the bed beside their daughter, he had noticed she was getting herself comfortable and was probably planning on staying for a while and thought he'd better leave, before they started talking about girly things he didn't want to hear about, they do that occasionally, they'd start to talk about things they knew he wouldn't want to hear about on purpose to make him go away, just for fun.


The last few weeks it was more serious though leading up to the holidays, leading up to Fleurs first ever trip away from home, away from her parents, completely on her own. They had been talking a lot about what she was going to pack and what she needed to wear at work, things like that, the usual things a mother talks to her children about before a trip, like not letting anything distract her, things that weren't as much as a problem before, like not getting invested in a city guy that would steal her away from her family, as if that was going to happen.

The point is no father wants to talk about her daughter dating, especially not being swept away by another man, another man in her life, a man that wasn't him, his heart would break.

They didn't talk about that then though, in fact they didn't talk at all, they sat in silence, Marie sat there just staring at Fleur eating her breakfast, Fleur was so preoccupied with her food she didn't even notice how odd her mother was being but once she finally looked up it wasn't nearly as easy to ignore.

“Mum? Why- why are you staring at me like that?” she asks with her face all scrunched up with no idea.

“Like what?” Marie smirks.

“Well, why are you staring at me at all?”

Her mums eyes start to tear up a bit as she starts to get emotional.

“Because you're leaving me and I'm going to miss you” her voice trembles

Fleur just laughs.

“I'm going for two weeks Mum don't be silly just two weeks”

“No, not just because of that, I know you're not going to be gone for long, you know, just in general, I mean” she explains her voice still shaking.

The same confused expression from earlier creeps back onto Fleurs face.

“what do you mean?” she starts to take it more seriously.

“I'm not dying or anything am I,am I, because that would actually explain a lot” she adds joking.

Marie manages to let out a laugh.

“No, you're not, I just mean when you get older, when you have a full time job and a life of your own, I'm going to miss seeing you every day”

Fleur smiles sweetly, puts the tray aside and gives her mum a tight hug.

“You don't have to worry about that, not yet, I've still got to finish high school, then university and even when the time does come around when I get a job, I'm not just going to forget about you, you're my mum and I love you” she tells her mum comfortingly before giving her a little kiss on her cheek.

Marie lets go of her, looks at her, smiling as she wipes the tears from her eyes.

“I love you too darling, I'll try not to worry but, no promises, worrying is my job after all, and, you will write everyday won't you?”

“Everyday?” Fleurs eyes widen as she smirks.

“Yeah, that's perfectly acceptable, don't you think?” Marie jokes.

Fleur just laughs.

“I'm not sure about that, but ring you? Erm, maybe after all this is the twenty first century” She laughs again.

“Glad that's settled then” Marie agrees to the terms.


There's a moment of silence as they both settle back down.

“Are you looking forward to your adventure or are the nerves still there?” She asks her daughter.

“Mmm a bit of both but I think the excitement has taken the nerves over for now” she answers.

Marie grins happy to hear the update.

“Good, I'm glad” she tells her tapping Fleurs knee.

“Okay, get up, get dressed, get whatever, we've got a long day ahead of us and I don't want to waste a single second let alone minute” she tells her daughter as jumps up excitedly.

Fleur groans.

“Oh the horror”


Around half an hour after Fleur stumbles down the stairs to find both of her parents waiting eagerly at the bottom.

“Finally” Martin jokes.

“We've only been waiting...forever” he continues

Fleur giggles as her mother nudges her father in the ribs.

“Ready?” Marie snaps.

“Erm, yeah I guess but what for exactly?” Fleur asks completely clueless.

“If we told you that would just ruin all the surprise and suspense wouldn't it?” Martin says all mysteriously.

“A day of family fun that you can think back on whens you're lonely and homesick in the big city, missing the most wonderful people on earth, of course” Marie winks at her daughter.

“Us” Martin whispers.

Fleur laughs.

“Okay, okay, I'll just have to wait and find out later if you won't tell me, won't I?”

“Preciously” Martin shouts out like a mad scientist.


They all stumble out the front door and into their big black jeep.

They're in the car driving for about ten to fifteen minutes until they eventually reach a stop, from the view of the car it still isn't clear to Fleur where they are going. She continues to look all around as far as she could see trying to figure it out as they all climb out the high car.

Fleur turns back to her parents who are standing in front of her grinning as wide as it is humanly possible to grin, before it tears your face, looking a bit creepy actually which just confuses Fleur so much more.

“Okay, when are you going to tell me? What's going on?” Fleur asks smiling at the two weirdos trying to ignore all of the thoughts swimming around her head

“is it a car? A puppy?” she thought to herself.

It wasn't anything like that, it was more sentimental, which through Fleurs eyes was so much better than something that could just be bought.

What was actually waiting for her was in one of the small buildings, a bookstore front, that just so happened to be owned by the same person who owned the publishing company Fleur was going to start interning for tomorrow.

They had some exciting news to tell her, they walked around the corner, Martin and Marie walking in front of her slowly, backwards so they were facing her, so they would be able to see her facial expression hopefully change. She smiles all around the corner until they arrive at the MagicTree bookstore, but her face didn't look surprised at all, not yet anyway.

“Don't you know where we are Fleur?” Martin asks not really disappointed with her reaction.

“Well, yeah, MagicTree book store...it says right there” Fleur says still confused.

Martin and Marie both laugh.

“what? What's so funny?” she asks now slightly embarrassed.

“You don't remember do you?” Marie states.

“I'm not surprised, you were so young” Martin continues.

“Vague much?” Fleur mutters feeling left out.

Martin and Marie glance at each other briefly as if they were communicating telepathically, they smile as Fleur is standing on the side lines waiting for them to explain rather impatiently I might add.


After a moment they turn to look at her.

“When you were just four years old, the day we adopted you, we came here, the three of us, you were so excited and happy that day that you were finally getting a family” Marie explains with a sensitive smile on her face as she looks back on that life changing day.

“Everything was going so well, you were sat there contently in the back in your little pink car seat and we had almost arrived at your new home, that was until you started crying hysterically” Martin continues.

“Crying?what for? Didn't I want to live with you anymore?” Fleur smirks knowing full well that that wasn't the case.

“When we asked you you managed to say between sobs that is...well all we could understand was the word...book” Martin now had the same reminiscent look as Marie.

Fleur smirks.

“...so we decided to go back to your foster home to get the book we gathered you had forgotten there, we had no choice really, you wouldn't stop crying, it was such a bad start to parenting. We didn't have to go all the way back after all though because you stopped, right as we past this exact book store” Marie finished the story still smiling as hard as ever.

“I really wish I could remember that” Fleur whispers, smiling to herself.

“...and this exact book store is where you got your very first book as an adopted child, an official Fisher” Martin adds.

“A book of fairy tales” she blurts out like the smartest child in the class, the one that knows all the answers and isn't afraid to let everyone know, you know that kid.

“Yeah, that's the one, how did you know that? Do you remember?” her parents smirk.

“I don't remember the day but I just know I've had that book forever, as long as I can remember” she explains grinning.

“Maybe you'll remember more inside what do you say? Shall we?” he gestures towards the entrance to the store.

Fleur and Marie both nod and begin to walk through the door.


Once they're all inside they begin browsing the shelves and continue reminiscing.


After about five minutes Fleur looks up from a shelf to find her parents looking excited and grinning again, it's like neither of them had ever heard of a poker face, you could read them both like a book, pun intended.

Fleur sighs, she doesn't bother questioning them this time she just carries on browsing.


Martin and Marie then sneak off away from the books without Fleur noticing, miraculously, to the other side of the store.

They hurry over to a relatively tall middle aged bald man in a nice suit, they shake his hand and introduce themselves.

“Hello, I'm Martin Fisher and this is my wife Marie, we're sorry to bother you but are you the owner of this fine establishment?And also the owner of the publishing agency too? Are you not?” Martin asks polity.

“Yes, yes I am, can I help you?” the bald man answers.”

“It's nice to meet you sir” Marie snaps desperately trying not to seem rude or annoying.

“Please call me Sean” he grins.

“I'm sure you're probably too busy to be aware of this but my daughter Fleur is a big fan of your company and is becoming an intern at your London agency, just for the holiday and I'm sure she would love to meet you if that's alright? That's actually why we are here today, Fleur isn't aware of this yet though...it's a surprise for her”

“Oh what lovely parents you are, I don't think there are many people in the world that would say they are a fan of a publishing agency, I'd love to meet Fleur” Sean laughs smiling happily.

As they all walk over to where she was earlier Marie continues to talk about her daughter, that she's so proud of.

“You know my daughter isn't only in love with the idea of making struggling authors dreams come true, she's also in love with writing you know? She's always writing stories and all sorts of things”

“This Fleur of yours sounds like not only the type of intern we would want working at MagicTree but full time employee, people that really genuinely care about our clients” Sean tells them with a smile still stuck on his face as they stand behind Fleur.

Martin reaches out and tapes her shoulder as he calls her name.

“Fleur?” he cries trying to get her attention.

It startles her.

“Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you dear” he giggles.

Fleur turns to see her mum and dad standing there with Sean, she looks at him for a second then back to her parents to introduction her.

“Fleur, this is Sean”

She shakes his hand.

“It's nice to meet you sir” she says a tad awkwardly.

“Do...err....you know my parents?” she stutters.

“Not until about a minute ago” Sean laughs.

Fleur looks to her parents in confusion.

“Sean Oak, Fleur you know him, not us” Marie laughs.

Fleurs eyes bulge in shock as she goes a tad pink from embarrassment.

“Oh my god, I'm so sorry, of course you are, I did think you looked familiar, I just, I wasn't expecting you to be here so the possibility didn't even cross my mind” Fleur blurts out an apology.

Sean snickers.

“It's alright, It's okay, don't worry about it...your parents tell me you start working at my London firm soon?” by the look on his face he was being completely sincere, he actually looked as if he found Fleur to be quite endearing.

“Yes, yes I do” Fleur nods violently.

“Are you exited?” Sean asks.

“Yeah, very actually, I've always loved books and writing as well actually” she grins.

“Yes, your mother said I'd love to read something or yours one day, who knows maybe I'll even have it here in this bookstore”

Fleur starts grinning like a bob cat, she would have started squealing if she wasn't in public.

“I hope so” she manages to say like a relatively normal person as she suppressed how she really felt about it.

“Well I really would love to stay and chat but I've got work to do unfortunately, maybe I'll see you again some time soon Fleur Fisher” If I didn't know any better I'd say he may have been flirting just about, but what middle aged man flirts with a teenage girl in front of her parents?

He slowly walks away leaving Fleur very happy indeed, stuck with the very vivid image of a book written by her on one of the shelves that surrounded them.

The family spent a little bit longer in the bookstore before leaving to go and eat some late lunch.


They spend the whole rest of the day in town until they eventually went home for dinner. The day went by in a flash just as the last day home before a trip always does. Before anyone knew it it was dark out and time for bed. Fleur had already sorted out her clothes and everything she would need a couple of days earlier and was quite tired after the eventful day that was promised to her. She fell straight asleep as soon as her head hit her pillow, she didn't even have an ounce of time to worry about her bit adventure, her very first trip away from Mum and Dad...which was a bonus.


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Chapter 3: Butterflies

The door to the building was wooden and heavy, she glanced back at May watching on in the car before entering and waved for one last time.

It was bigger than she expected, bigger than in seemed from outside, , as she walked in the first thing she saw was a secretary, like you would in a doctors office building, farther in there was a big almost empty room, with chairs in .

There was a wall at the back with maybe ten doors leading off, people would wait in the room on the chairs before being called in one of the ten doors with an appointment.

Off to the left were just two others doors, one a staff room, with a kitchen and the other a bigger open office, with a large table with many chairs surrounding in and a white board at the front.

Fleur walks up to the secretaries desk, there was a woman sitting in front of a computer, she was an average woman, with a professional look, the standard secretary look, she looked as if she were in her mid twenties, she had wavy blonde hair down just past her shoulders, thick black rimmed glasses, she was wearing a long sleeve white shirt buttoned to the top and a plain black dress on top.

“Hello, my name is Fleur, Fleur Fisher, It is my first day interning here, can you help me please?”

The secretary looks up from her desk for a second and up at Fleur before her eyes wander back to her screen.

“Okay Fleur, who are you shadowing? Do you know?” she asks.

Fleur looks at her blankly.

“erm...” she mutters before she began to rummage around in her bag looking for a card she had been sent with all the details on

“...Charlotte” Fleur reads out before she gets interrupted.

A tall skinny woman with short brown hair rushes through the door with three full looking bags in one hand and a big stack of stray papers in the other.

“Kingsley, Charlotte Kingsley” she cries.

The secretary glares at her.

Fleur smirks awkwardly.

“I- I am Charlotte Kingsley” she shuffles over to Fleur managing to get a hand loose without dropping anything and holds it out to Fleur.

“It's nice to meet you” Charlotte smiles.

“Oh, it's nice to meet you in person” Fleur grins as she shakes her hand.

“You too, now if you'd follow me, I'm so sorry I'm late by the way, how unprofessional of me” she laughs not really sounding like she cares as she walked further into the building.

“Here, let me help you with some of that” Fleur could see her new boss struggling, she took the thick pile of paper out her hands.

“Thank you” Charlotte whispers.

Charlotte wasn't at all what Fleur had been expecting, she thought she'd ba a very strict, maybe mean woman, someone who never smiled or laughed, a serious hard working person, a professional.

Charlotte was far from that, clumsy late, hyper and a complete mess really, even the way she carried herself, her posture was clumsy.

Not that that meant she that was bad at her job because she really wasn't.

She had a pretty face, maybe not the type of pretty that you notice at first glance, she had very distinct features, her eyes were very pale green with very bushy untamed eyebrows above them and she had a big mob of curly hair on her head laying forward into a fringe. She was wearing a denim like blue shirt half buttoned up with a plain white t-shirt underneath and black tight skinny jeans with black flat shoes that made her outfit look slightly less casual, she didn't look like she worked in an office at all.

Charlotte lead fleur up the small flight of stairs and into one of the offices, the one with the Charlotte Kingsley name plate on the door. The first thing she did as she walked in was just let go of everything she had in her hands, dropping it all on the floor.

Fleur watched her smiling, she was beginning to quite like Charlotte's layed back style.

“What?” she asks laughing as she turns to Fleur and sees the smile.

“Nothing” Fleur shakes her head.

“Okay, here, take a seat” she says as she she pulls one of the two seats closest to the door around to her side of the desk.

Fleur sits immediately like a dog on the soft chair while Charlotte just drops down next to her bundle of bags. She shoves the paper Fleur had carried in for her on the floor next to her in an even messier pile than it was in the first place, all out of order, pages facing in all different directions, upside down, sideways...she spreads it out a bit because cramming it back together again and hands it back to Fleur.

“Here sort this out for me please?”

Fleur looks at it slightly overwhelmed.

“...erm okay”

Charlotte snickers at her.

“Yeah, sorry, I'm a messy reader too along with everything else, how long do you think all that would take you to read?”

“I don't know, I'm not sure” Fleur stutters.

“You have an hour to put it back in order and read it” Charlotte tells her bluntly.

“That just might be impossible” Fleur laughs anxiously.

Charlotte just laughs again she places her hand on Fleurs knee.

“But you see I believe you can achieve the impossible Fleur Fisher, you just might be impossible yourself”

Fleurs eyes narrow as she tries to make sense of what her boss had just said.

“...Don't worry, you don't have to read it all, just as much as you can, alright? Before the client gets here other wise we may as well be speaking Chinese for the next few hours because you wouldn't understand anything you'd be completely lost instead of just slightly” she adds assuring her.

“Ah, okay, I'll get right to it boss” Fleur sighs in relief.

Charlotte gets up off the floor and takes her seat beside Fleur, she gets her little note book out of a drawer, the note book she uses to write down all the notes about the books she has to read, things she likes and wants more of, things she would like to change, things she would add and things she would get rid of.

The book Fleur was reading, well it was just a first draft on some paper was written by a very young talented author called Emily Jones.

Charlotte just sat and read through her notes while they were waiting for miss Jones to arrive for her appointment .


In the short hour Fleur managed to read almost fifty pages, which Charlotte was happy with. Charlotte hadn't spent the whole time reading through her notes, she had also sorted out a few things for later and she had spent a while on her computer too.

They were both waiting patiently for a knock on the door, when it arrived Charlotte jumped up to greet her at the door.

Emily was in her early twenties, 22 years old, this would be her first published work, she had big curly, honey colored hair bouncing on her shoulders she had large thin rimmed round glasses, her lips were bright red lips, she was dressed like a school teacher or librarian. She was wearing a white girly style blouse underneath a turquoise cotton cardigan, a short dark blue denim skirt, grey and white stripped tights with black glittery flat slip on shoes.

Fleur stood up from the desk as she walked through the door, Emily shakes Charlotte's hand before wandering over to Fleur to shake hers too.

When their hands touched something strange came over Fleur, her eyes seemed to cloud over slightly, not enough for anyone to notice unless they were right up to her face, it was a vision, but it wasn't like any of the others, it didn't hurt, was this how the visions were suppose to be? So nature so easy?


She was transported into another room, it was a bit hazy so she could tell it wasn't real, she was in fact still in the office, but it was clear enough to see everything perfectly, ever looked through lightly fogged up glasses?

The room she was in was full of people, she could feel her stomach, her throat physically vibrated even in the office, she could hear laughter through her eyes as if it were in there with her but it wasn't it was in her head, a feeling of happiness overwhelmed her, it had taken her body hostage, she was having fun, it felt so real, not at all like a figment of her imagination.

She didn't recognize any of the people who surrounded her at first but as her sight moved, her head turned, she looked around at all the faces, she could see Charlotte and Emily, they were dressed differently to how she had seen then before in the office, they were smiling and opening champagne, they were celebrating, it was through her very eyes just as before.

It seemed as if she were in that happy, crowed room for at least a few minutes but it was over in a blink of an eye, she was back in Charlotte's office, Emily's hand still in hers, no time had passed at all.

“This is my new assistant intern, Fleur, so she'll be here for the meeting, if that's alright with you Emily?” Charlotte explained.

Emily didn't seem to notice Fleurs strange expression.

“It's nice to meet you, Its so cool that you're interning here, I wish I would have done that when I was your age, it's not a problem for me Charlotte” Emily smiles sweetly at Fleur.

Fleurs eyes were still stuck on Emily, she had barely even blinked since she had reentered the real world, she looked a tad freaked out.

Charlotte taps her on the shoulder looking slightly concerned, she crouches into her sight.

“Are you alright Fleur?” she whispers.

Fleur then snaps out of the trance, she clears her throat taking a second for her eyes to readjust.

“Yeah- yeah I'm- I'm err fine” she grins confidently.

“Are you sure? If you aren't feeling well don't be scared to say alright? We don't pick these moments, we don't get to pick when we're unwell...I don't want you here infecting the office or puking on anything” Charlotte glances at Emily ever now and then for reassurance with a funny expression on her face.

Emily nods.

“No, no really I'm completely fine, I was just thinking, Emily, you'll be a published author soon and I get to help make that happen, I get a chance to meet you and read your book before you're famous and harder to get to, I'm so grateful for that” Fleur smirks.

Emily looked humbled.

“I like the way you think Fleur” she laughs.

“Okay, okay, girls, sit down now, we should probably get started” Charlotte interrupts the sweet moment. She squeaks excitedly.


After a couple of hours they get all they needed to get done and Emily leaves them for their lunch break.

Charlotte had decided she would get her lunch in her office at her desk instead of going into the staff room or outside like Fleur.

Fleur found a nice bench just down the street from the agency to sit and eat her sandwich, packet of crisps and her apple and to drink her bottle of drink May had made up early.

She finishes it quickly and just stays sat there for a bit watching people past until she got bored.


It was 12:30, in total her lunch break was an hour long so she still had time to walk about a bit, She didn't want to walk too far so she only had a limited of shops to look in and to explore.

On her way back to the building something caught her eye, a small poster pinned up on a wooden board, an old out of date poster for a karaoke night at a pub, it was at the one near Mays house, Blake-Hart.

“How odd” Fleur thought to herself as her eyes narrowed in confusion, she stepped back to take in the rest of the pinned up fliers then eventually her eyes full circled back to where the Blake-Hart poster was, it was gone, it had completely vanished. Fleur's eyes searched the whole board once again, even the floor but it was nowhere to be seen, was it even there in the first place or had it just been her imagination from the start? What was so important about that pub? Why was it engraved into her brain? First yesterday with the headaches and bad feelings that just so happened to present themselves right in front of that particular building, and now this?

Fleur shock it off and pinned it all down to just a coincidence. She hurried back to the office and got straight back to work to get her mind off of it.


The rest of the day was much less eventful, much more quiet and slow than it was in the morning, no more clients were scheduled.

It was just silent reading and taking notes for Charlotte.

“Don't worry tomorrow we'll have a very busy day ahead of us, a day out of the office” Charlotte laughs as she sees Fleur's eyes searching the room for something to look at, she hands her some paper and a pen.

“Erm, what- what am I suppose to do with this?” Fleur stutters.

“ You like to write don't you? That's what you told me before on the phone, there's not much to do here now so I thought you could write something for me” Charlotte smiles.

“But, what? What do you want me to write about?”

“I don't know, whatever you want, a story, oh, wait, no, write about writing , write about books, write about the reasons you wanted to work here, like what you were telling Emily early” Charlotte grins happy with her idea.

Fleur sat there for a second before digging in, she took her time, as you do when you love to do something, you don't care how long it takes you because you just enjoy doing it, you never want it to end.


It was almost 4:50pm, with just ten minutes to go before it was time to leave Fleur handed Charlotte her work.

Normally on a day like that, Charlotte would go home after the client if she had no other work to do, she's just read whatever she had to at home but she didn't today because of Fleur.

She began to read what her in intern had written for her.


The paper read:

Books truly are beautiful, magical things, full of love, heartbreak, wonder, with just a sprinkle of mystery and adventure. The smell, oh the smell. If I had to choose my favorite place on the planet it would be a bookstore, without a doubt and to think maybe just maybe one day something I would have written or even just someone elses book that I helped get published could call a bookstore, a wonderful bookstore home? Well that would just be the cherry on the cake really, but not one of those fake cherries no one likes, a deep red shiny one, one that grows on a tree like cherries should and doesn't come from a tin, the on that makes all the other cherries give up and drop off to the ground below because compared to that one cherry, my cherry, they were practically pink...


Charlotte looks up from the paper and smirks.

“...and?” Fleur asks looking slightly nervous.

Charlotte stays quiet.

“Don't you like it? I shouldn't have gone on so much about cherries, I knew it” Fleur sighs.

Charlotte lets out a laugh.

“I love it, your style, it's good, I think a good writer needs a different aspect, a different view on life, on the world and you have that, It's really great” Charlotte tells her.

Fleur wasn't quite sure if she was just being that nice to her, telling her exactly what she wanted to hear because she would be stuck with her for the next couple of weeks and it would be better for them both if they were friendly towards each other but she didn't care, it was nice to be praised and appreciated.

Her eyes sparkle as she grins at her boss.

“You really think so? Thank you so much” she mutters.

“ you need to show me some more of your work, I'd love to read it” Charlotte demands.

Before Fleur even has time to react she got sucked back into the dream world for a second time that day.

It was dark, all she could see was black, but she could feel Charlotte's presence close behind her, she could hear her breathing and guiding her, had she gone blind?

All of a sudden she hears Charlotte's voice.

“Open your eyes” she yells as she pulls back on Fleur stopping her.

Then suddenly there was light, all she could see in front of her were books, they were in fact, in a bookstore.

Charlotte walks into her line of sight and up to the shelf, she point something out, she couldn't quite make out the title but there as clear as day at the bottom of the book was a name, Fleur Fisher.

Fleur could feel her eyes watering up just as she clicked out of it.


This time when she had reentered the land of the living she was left with a souvenir, she actually had tears streaming down her face this time, the two worlds had crossed over.

Charlotte notices and starts to worry.

“Are- are you okay?” she asks not knowing whether to laughs or cry along with her.

Fleur pauses for a moment as she realizes what was happening, she takes wiping at her face abruptly.

“erm...I-I actually have to go, is that okay? We're done here right?” she grabs her stuff and hurries out the room then eventually the building leaving Charlotte in a state of confusion.

“Oh erm yeah, alright” she whispers to herself alone in her office.


The first thing Fleur did when she left the office was lean up against the outside wall and take a very deep breath in and out

“What is wrong with me?” she mutters before rushing down the road, she had told May she would find her own way back.


When she eventually arrived home, she knocked violently on the front door still hyped up and very impatiently waits to be let in.

“Hello there, did you have a nice day” May asks straight away with a sweet smile just as she sees Fleur standing on the porch.

Fleur doesn't say anything, she just pushed past her.

May's smile fades as she shuts the door, she turns slowly to her niece not really knowing what to make of the situation.

“That bad, huh?” she mumbles.

Fleur babbles a bit before she could conjure up some words, before she could ask the question she'd been asking herself throughout the day.

“Can- can I tell the future?” she cries bluntly.

May's eyes widen, she was not expecting that.

“What?” she snickers trying to seem like she had no idea why Fleur had asked her that, like it was completely preposterous.

“You heard me May” Fleur cries now looking more worried than before.

May takes a hold of Fleur's arms and gently pulls her into the living room, they both sit down in awkward silence for a few seconds avoiding eye contact.

“Yes” May whispers.

Fleur takes a moment to let it sink in, the information she was already almost certain of.

“How? How?” her voice trembles.

“How is it possible? I have no idea, but it is, your mother had it too and our father, it runs in the family Fleur, it's in our blood”

Fleurs eyes stare into the wall, you could almost see the imformation processing in her head.

“...Fleur, what- what made you think that? What made you ask me? I mean you'd have to have a strong reason to ask someone something as crazy as that, right?” May stutters.

“I- I can- can tell the future” she mutters, she was taking it pretty well considering.

May takes her face in her hands and pulls her head around to look away from the wall and look at her.

“Fleur, Fleur” she yells.

“...you have to calm down, just breathe, I know it's hard but you can't think about it too much, it will drive you crazy, the faster you accept it the faster you can carry on as normal”

“I- I saw Emily, I saw her, when- when I touched her hand, I saw her future, I saw it” Fleur explains.

“No, no, not possible, you can't see anyone elses future, only your own, that's how it works” she shakes her head.

“But, I did, I saw her and Charlotte, they were celebrating, it was her book, it must- it must have gotten published, it must have gotten released, that's what they were celebrating” Fleur smiles.

“No” May tells her again sternly.

“I did, maybe I can, maybe it's different for me” she says seeming sure of it.

“Or...maybe, they were celebrating something else, something to do with you, did you stop to consider that? I'm telling you, it is not possible, It is always about you, that's the whole point of it, to help you, to give you an advantage, not others” May refused to believe otherwise.

Fleur doesn't respond.

“I trust you're smart enough to know that you can't tell anyone, you have to keep it a secret, from everyone, you can't trust anyone with it, alright?” she adds.

Fleur nods.

“But, what I don't understand is why are? Why do we, get help? Why can't we use it to help others? What's so special about us that means we get something other don't?” Fleur frown.

“Why is the sky blue? Why do innocent children die everyday just for being born in the wrong place? Why do people who have done nothing wrong their entire life get horrible illness'? Fleur you could spend your whole life asking yourself these questions at some point you just have to accept that's just the way things happen to be and there's no reason for it, it's just, life”

Fleur signs.

“well life sucks” she moans.

May smirks.

“Indeed, now there are other things you should know, alright? Ones you have these, these, visions, once you have seen something, it will happen and there's no changing that, It's set in stone, no matter what you do, it will happen. No matter how much you don't want it to happen, it's just like the fact you can't change the past, it's the same” May tells her as simply as she could so she was sure she would understand.

“Huh, we all really do have a path in life then? The future is already written for us” Fleur says under her breath.

“Yeah, I guess it is” May smirks.

“What, what if we do try to change it? What if we just walk the other way and run from the truth?”

“Nothing good, that's for sure, it will find a way to happen, maybe just not as smoothly as it would if you just allow it” May sighs with a strange expression on her face.

Fleur was concerned by the look her face was displaying, she held her hand tightly.

“Who did it? Who tried to run?” she mutters.

May's eyes start to tear up.

“Your- your mother, that's who” she whispers with a wobbly lip.

Gravity pulls on Fleur's face.

“There- there are these people my grandmother told us as a kid, it was a fairy tale, a scary campfire story, about these terrible people, they know about us, they know about people who can see things, extraordinary things, they are scientists, many many years ago they discovered us, our family, they haunted us down. We were so scared of the scientists as kids but as we got older it became exactly what it was just a story, a fair tale. When your mother was pregnant with you she told her she had a vision, a vision of them, the scientists taking you off of her, she was so scared.” May explains.

“Is- Is that why she gave me away? She put me up for adoption, to save me? She strayed from the path for- for me?” Fleur says now in tears as well.

May nods.

“She wasn't well Fleur, she had stayed far too many times, she was sick, I still don't know if that vision was real, if she actually saw it. Her brain it couldn't cope with the rerouting, that's what happens when you go against your instincts, you stray away, you get ill” May tells her sobbing into her nieces shoulder.

“May, where- where is she now? Where is my mum?”

“I don't know but she's safe, somewhere she can get help, somewhere she can be taken care of, Fleur, she's- she's not your mother anymore, she's nobody” May tells her calmly as she wipes her eyes and gets herself together.

“I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I- I can't be here right now, I need some air” Fleur rushes out the room, trying to be strong, she stops in the hall way for a moment before deciding to leave the house, she slams the door and crouches down holding her legs to her chest tightly desperately gasping for air as if Mays living room had been severely lacking in it, like all the oxygen had been sucked from it, she was having a panic attack.

She stayed there like that until the air was once again pure but she couldn't bring herself to go back inside, not if she wanted to live, just the thought dried her throat and stilled her lungs.

Where would she go instead?

She walked down the road aimlessly like a lost dog, until she found somewhere, somewhere she could go and for right in, a place where people often turn to when the are feeling low, a place that has the power to brighten the saddest of peoples day with just one little magic ingredient. A pub, Blake-Hart, all she had felt for it before had vanished, at that moment it was just a place to seat, nothing more.

She pushed open the heavy wooden door to hear the sound of a bell, It was a small dark place, even with the lights on, the bright orange walls didn't even help to lighten it up but they did help give it a warm, cozy feel. There was nothing special about it really, it was full of brown tables and chairs filling up the whole left of the room. There quite a lot of people inside but not too many to make the small room cramped.

On the right was a bar with a few stools in in front and a very handsome bartender behind it busy at work. He couldn't have been older than 25 years old, he had quite short slightly spiked up at the front dark brown hair, almost black and deep blue sparkly eyes like the ocean, that you could stare into for hours, eyes you could lose yourself in if you weren't careful, his eyebrows weren't perfectly groomed just ever so slightly bushy and just a bit of stubble. He wasn't much taller than Fleur maybe just a head, he was wearing his work uniform, a long sleeved white shirt under a black waist coat, a full length not one of the cropped ones, black tight jeans and black converse shoes to make him look less overdressed.

The longer Fleur spent in there the more the feelings from before were returning, the nerves and butterflies but it was different this time it wasn't scaring her away, it was pulling her in but she still had no idea what it was about that place, why was she so connected to it?

As soon as the bartender caught her eye everything started to feel so much better, she was much more at ease and much more comfortable, her body went numb, all of a sudden she felt nothing but the fluttering in her stomach, she couldn't seem to take her eyes off the man behind the bar.

She stood there half way through the door, still, in awe, completely paralyzed.

The handsome man hadn't noticed her yet and her body had already turned to stone, what would she be like if those endless ocean eyes looked into hers? She'd surely crumble to dust.

An elderly man knocked her shoulder slightly on his way out, her trance was broken. She couldn't go near him, so there was yet another place she had to leave, she turned around before she could even blink and started speeding towards the door, just as she had the handle in her grasp, a raspy voice yells out to her from deeper into the room.


“Please don't be him, please don't be talking to me” she mouthed silently as she feels a warm weightless hand on her shoulder, like a butterfly, you know it's there, you know it's touching you but it's like air, completely weightless.

“Are you alright?” the voice asks.

Fleur turns round slowly as if she had been set on slow motion. It was him, she could feel her cheeks burning as they turned bright red.

“Sorry?” she squeaks so high pitched she felt as all the mirrors in town would crack at that very moment.

He just laughs politely, biting his lip and scratching the back of his head like an anime character.

“Are you alright?” he tries to look in to her eyes but she was looking down and was looking everywhere but his face.

“Oh, erm, yeah, why do you ask? Don't I seem alright?” she asks as quickly as she possibly could.

“Well, no, not really, why are you leaving? You just got here?”

“Leaving? I'm not leaving, I just got here, why would I do that? That would be weird” she laughs nervously.

The bartender looked at her like she was completely insane and she shouldn't be out on the street alone, a bit worried for her sanity but also strangely enchanted by her.

“Shouldn't you be working right now?” Fleur asks glancing at the ever growing queue forming around the bar.

He just stares at her, fascinated by her for a second before what she had just said clicks in, he looks past his shoulder and grins.

“Well, I couldn't just let a customer sneak away could I?” he smirks.

“Yeah, like one less customer would make a difference” Fleur laughs as she follows him back over to the bar.

As soon as his back was turned she couldn't help but yet out a big smile she had been suppressing, before sitting down on one of the bar stools nearest to the taps.

He starts serving some impatient friendly men.

“I'm Emmett by the way” he looks to her.

“Fleur, Fleur Fisher” she cries over the sound of chatter.

The crowd disburses quickly once everyone was happy with their drink in their hands.

Emmett leans over to shake her hand.

“It's nice to meet you Fleur” he grins charmingly, showing all his beautiful straight white teeth.

Fleur could feel the untamed swarm of butterflies creeping back, coming back to life as his overwhelming heat took her over, he smelt so good, so sweet, almost expensive, who was this man?

“Can I get you a drink Fleur?

“yes please...” she whispers.

There was a brief moment of silence.

“What, what would you like?” he smirks.

“Oh yeah erm...” Fleur had never ordered a drink in a bar before, not without her parents and certainly not any alcohol, she was underage and wasn't at all into breaking the rules. But today had been so strange, so different, any other day she wouldn't have even considered it, not for a second, but just then she did.

“Just water is fine, thank you”

“Okay then, water it is, flowers do need water after all” he grins again.

Fleur snickers but couldn't help but feel guilty, she hadn't even been away from her parents 24 hours and she was already so different.

Emmett places a glass of water in front of her then leans down on the bar top.

“There, free of charge” he bites his lip again gazing off in the distance.

Fleur takes a sip.

“Can I ask you something? Is this you acting normal? Because I can't quite tell if it's me or something else”

“Today has just been odd, lets just say it's definitely a day of firsts”

“Ah you haven't been in a pub before is that it?” Emmett laughs.

“Not on my own, but before yesterday I hadn't been on a trip away from my parents before or met any blood relatives either and now here I am, doing another new thing, I'm such a boring person, I've never run away from home before, I've never broken any rules, I've never had alcohol...” she lists.

Emmett smirks looking intrigued.

“Do you have really strict parents then?” he asks.

“No, my adopted parents are not at all like that actually, it's just me, it was my choice to stay in my comfort zone” she says no sounding too pleased with her past decisions.

“Do you regret it? now that you've what? Stepped into a bar and ordered water, now you've got a taste of the wild life?” he jokes.

Fleur glares at him giggling.

“No, I don't regret it but now maybe I've seen that thing aren't so bad out of my bubble, maybe I'll cross the line more often, do things I've always wanted to do but been to scared”

Emmett tries to stop his brain from conjuring up things he thought she might be talking about , he gulps quietly swallowing all his thoughts.

“You know maybe I should make that my task for the week, I should do things I've never done, like a bucket list...” she jumps up.

“Pour me a drink bartender” she cries before downing her water and thumping her empty glass in front of him.

“Are you sure?” he laughs raising his eyebrows.

“Yeah, why not?”

“Famous last words, okay, you're the boss, do you have anything in mind or do you just want the cheapest thing we have?” he smiles.

Fleur thinks deeply for a second.

“...yeah, just the cheapest thing you have” she laughs.

“Yep, err, beer it is”

Emmett starts filling up her glass.

She sits and waits early.

“Here you go my flower” he slides full to the very top glass in front of her.

She looks at it a tad hesitant, before slowly bringing it up to her lips and takes a small sip.

Emmett watches her closely looking like he was having fun.

“Mmm, it's really gross, eww, I don't like it” She scrunches up her face but takes another sip anyway.

Emmett had to serve another customer so he leaves her for a second, when he returns to Fleur she had almost finished it all, he pulls the glass out of her hand just as she was about to down the rest.

“Fleur, that's not a good idea, especially for your first drink, the fastest you drink the faster you'll get drunk, slow is better” he cries.

“Uhuh, I know”

“So what? You're trying to get drunk?” his eyes narrow.

“Yeah, it's a second first on my list, one, have a drink, three, get drunk” Fleur tells him bluntly.

Emmett laughs giving her back the glass.

“Two get drunk, not three, oh wow this is going to end so badly”

“Same thing” Fleur whispers.

“No, three is three and two is two, gone on, what comes after two then?” he smirks.

Fleur ignore him.

“What happened to you? There must be a reason why you've decided to change? Why you've randomly decided to leave your bubble?” Emmett asks curiously.

A strange expression creeps onto Fleur's face, she stays silent for a second before she looks up at him with a grin.

“Can I have another one please?” she slides her empty glass back across the bar.

“Not until you answer my question” he winks.

“Seriously? You're a terrible bartender” she moans.

“Okay then don't tick number two off your bucket list then, see how I care”

Fleur signs trying to think of something she could tell him.

“I- I err just found out where my real mum is okay? Are you happy now?” she half lies.

Emmett looks down feeling slightly guilty for making her feel like she had to answer.

“Where- where is she? You don't have to tell me if you don't want to but maybe it will help if you talk about it”

Fleur thinks for a minute before realizing he might be right.

“She's err, she's locked up somewhere, for her own safety and it's actually my fault so ,yeah...you're not a spy are you?” She tells him trying to stay strong and laugh it off.

“Fleur, I'm- I'm so sorry, that was such a jerk move from me” he mutters.

“No, no it's alright I never knew her.”

Emmett leans over and holds her hand.

“Okay, so, if you're going to do this, you have to let me help you, alright? Otherwise you'll end up dead or something”

“Thanks” Fleur laughs.

“Before you get completely brain dead we need to sort a few things out and you have to tell the truth”

Fleur nods in agreement.

“One, do you have anywhere to be tomorrow?” he asks her

“Mmm, yeah, work at 9:00”

Emmett sighs.

“Fleur, why can't you do this a different day? A day you don't have work?” he says in a judgy tone.

“No, it has to be today” Fleur cries.

“Okay, okay, but you have to stop when I say so, AND you can't call in sick, you have to live with the consequences” he gives in.

“I won't call in sick, I actually want to go so that won't be a problem” Fleur promises.

“Two, how do you plan on getting home? Do you live close by?”

“What are you a stalker? I'm not going to tell you where I live” she jokes.

“No, I'm not a stalker, just a concern citizen...that doesn't want to have to carry a past out stranger home” Emmett smirks.

“But you haven't met my aunt yet, maybe you'll decide to become a stalker one day when you drive by and you're like oh hey that's Fleur's house when you see her from the window” she jokes again.

Emmett just laughs he new not to take her too seriously as she seemed to use jokes or sarcasm as a shield.

“You don't have to give me an exact address and I could just drop you off a few houses down and close my eyes for 30 seconds until you're out of sight...just say near or far away?” he laughs.

“Seriously, you'd take your eyes off me when I'm completely drunk? I could walk into the road and die” she giggles.

“Fleur” he says sternly like May did.

“...not too far” she surrenders.

“How do you plan on getting there then if you're scared for your life if you're scared to just be left for a few seconds?” he asks again seriously.

Fleur thinks for a second.

“Why do you even care so much? Do you treat all of the drunks like this?” she laughs.

“Only the ones I like, the pretty, funny ones” he flirts.

Fleur just laughs not taking him too seriously.

“Well. I'm not sure if I want to go home, maybe I'll just stay with you” she mutters.

“What do you mean? This place closes at 3, it's not open all night” he tells her not really thinking it through.

“What time do you finish your shift?” she asks twirling her hair trying to be cute.

“...soon, at 7:00” he then realizes what was going on.

“Oh, that's on your little list isn't it? To spend the night with someone, isn't it?” he cries.

Fleur looked slightly embarrassed.

“Okay I know I was all on board with this and I said I'd help you but that's not what I meant Fleur, I will let you get drunk, that's what I do, I'm a bartender but I won't be apart of the rest, just, just don't go home with one of the losers in here, Fleur, don't, you're upset right now because of what you found out, but don't do that, not like this” Emmett turns into her big brother all of a sudden.

“What? You were the one calling me pretty and who are you to tell me what to do with my life?” Fleur yells.

Some of the people in the room start to turn around, Emmett starts to get embarrassed too, he takes Fleur's drink out of her hands and takes a big sip.

Fleur glares at him.

“Fine” she jumps up.

“What? Where are you going? Oh sorry have I offended you? Well sorry for caring” He shouts.

Fleur roles her eyes and begins to walk away.

Emmett realizes that he had in fact slipped out of line and runs out for behind the bar and quickly grabs her arm.

Fleur turns to face him a little teary eyed.

“What's wrong with me? I though drinking was suppose to make me feel better?” a tear roles down her cheek.

Emmett smirks.

“There's nothing wrong with you, you're perfect”

he pulls her towards him, into his chest and holds her tightly.

“Can you just stop being so nice? It's freaking me out” she mumbles as she pushed her head hard against him.

He was so warm and sturdy yet still soft and refreshing, she was afraid she'd never be able to let him go, in that moment the earth stopped spinning, in that moment everything that was wrong, everything that had ever been wrong just went away, all the worries, all the fears, just, left, like waking from a dream.

Emmett pushes her away slowly, still gripping her arm tightly.

“Promise me you won't go home with anyone in here? Please?” he whispers staring into her eyes.

Fleur sniffles and wipes the tears away.

“What about him?” she asks pointing to an old fat biker man, with long white hair and a white beard like Santa Claus.

Emmett looks to where her finger ends and laughs.

“Oh, him? Yeah he's good but not anyone else, he's the exception” he jokes.

“Come on, let's sit back down now shall we?” he guides her back to her stool and goes back behind the bar.

“So, no number three today then, huh?” she says not seeming to disappointment with it now.

“No, not today, and not another drunk flower day either yeah?” he snickers.

Fleur nods.

“So... never then, I'm too shy sober” she laughs

“What? Shy? You're not that shy, look at me I'm a perfect stranger and you walked straight up to me and looked me dead in the eyes, if you were shy you wouldn't do that and also I guess you're not the ugliest girl I've seen in my life so you're good” he jokes.

Fleur smirks as she takes it in.

“Did you love her?” she mutters avoiding eye contact, just playing with her hands.

“Who?” Emmett asks completely lost.

“The girl, you know...” she hints.

“Oh, her, yeah I did” he laughs.

“I have no idea who you're talking about Fleur” he adds laughing.

“There was a girl wasn't there? That's why you care so much about what I do, isn't it?”

“Erm, yeah, I was completely in love with her actually” He laughs foolishly to himself.

Fleur inspects his face trying to read it.

“She apparently didn't feel the way I thought she did, the way she told me she did” he looks up to her wide eyes pretending not to be upset.

“I'm- I'm sorry Emmett” she says sorrowfully.

“It's alright, I'm over it” he tries to convince her and maybe himself too.

“If it makes you feel any better, she's probably an idiot” Fleur grins.

Emmett laughs.

“It would make me feel better if it was true”

“I know one thing about her, she knew you and she wasn't in love with as far as I can tell you'll pretty much perfect so she's clearly an idiot for not seeing that” Fleur desperately tries to make him feel better, though he was laughing he still seemed different to how he was before.

“No one is perfect” he quotes.

Fleur shrugs her shoulders.

“Not true, everyone is perfect through someones eyes, right?everyone has someone who is perfect to them that's how love works right? Their imperfections are what makes them who they are, and there are only a few that get out weighed by the long lists of perfections and sooner or later you're so in love with the bits you think are perfect you are completely blind to the rest, it all merges together to make to make that one perfect person, the person you love” Fleur grins.

Emmett smiles sweetly at her.

“You're amazing, you know that? What are you a writer or something?” he smirks.

“Yeah, actually I am, well, kind of” she laughs.

Emmett just stares at her for a moment in silence.

Fleur just stares back not knowing what to do.

“What?” she eventually asks.

Emmett blinks like she had just been hypnotized by her and she had just clicked him out of it.

He clears his throat and stands up straight.

“I should probably make you some coffee, that way you should be sober enough to get home, yeah?” he says back to being his over caring self.

“I'm- I'm still not going home Emmett” Fleur stutters being stubborn.

“Where are you going then?” his eyes narrow and he listens carefully.

“I don't know but I- I can't go back there, it's, it's suffocating... Where do you live?” she stutters emotionally.

“Fleur, I thought we had been over this”Emmett smirks and frowns at the same time.

Fleur laughs.

“I'm- I'm not asking it like that, it's just, I only got here yesterday, I don't have any friends or other family here and since someone won't let me go home with anyone in here, I'll just have to sleep on the street, you care about me right Emmett? I could get murdered or kidnapped” she whispers dramatically.

Emmett sighs sarcastically.

“Oh Fleur, that's not true, I said you could go home with that guy, so you won't have to sleep on the street will you? See, problem solved” Emmett jokes pointing to the Santa look alike again.

Fleur giggles.

“Please? I promise you won't even know I'm there, I'll be like mouse, you do have a sofa don't you?” she begs.

“Yes, Fleur, I do have a sofa and you know a mouse once bit my toe in the night when I was trying to sleep” he smirks.

“Oh my god, me too but it woke me up so I was already asleep” Fleur snaps.

“Yeah, that sounds much more like a dream than mine” he laughs.

“Oh...alright, but, you have to call your aunt so she won't worry and you have to help me cook dinner, deal?” he adds as he holds out his hand.

Fleur pretends to think for a minute because she actually shakes it.

“Deal” she shouts as a few heads turn to her.

Emmett leans down real close to her face.

“and you have to be quiet, alright?” he whispers.

“Hmm, I'll try”

“Good, you've got half an hour to drink that, you can have another if you need it, I don't want you burning my house down” he says handing her a coffee.

Fleur goes outside to call her aunt while her drink cooled down.

“Hello” she says through the phone.

“Fleur? Where are you?” May asks worried.

“I'm fine, I'm just at Blake-Hart”

May laughs.

“It feels good doesn't it?”

“What?” Fleur asks confused, how did she know she had been drinking?

“When you do it, when you listen to what your head tells you you want, you had a vision of it, didn't you?”

“Oh, err, yeah, it feels good, I guess” she laughs.

“What did you find there?” May asks sounding very interested.

“Erm not much, listen, I have to go, I'll see you in the morning aunt May” Fleur says trying to peak at Emmett through the dirty window.

“Oh, okay...wait what? Morning?” May cries but Fleur hung up the phone before answering.

She takes a big breath before reentering the building, rather proud of her rebellious hang up, she wipes the smug look off her face before sitting back down on her stool in front of Emmett.

“Was she okay with it? Did you tell her?” he looks at her dis trustingly.

“Err, yeah, I'm pretty sure she got it” she grins as her phone starts to go off in her pocket and she covers it.

Emmett glares at her.

“Uhuh” he snickers.

“Okay are you ready for the night of your life?” he jokes as he pulls the napkin he had over his shoulder off.

“Yup” Fleur cries as she jumps up again.

Emmett turns to the other bartender that had just arrived for his shift.

“Okay, Aaron, I'm off, have a good night”

Aaron nods.

He turns back to Fleur.

“Watch me walk over there, then when I get there count to thirty, then follow me? Okay?” He says pointing to the staircase in the corner on the right of the room.

Fleur sighs.

“Seriously?” she glares at him not at all impressed.

“Yes, seriously, alright?”

“Yeah, alright” Fleur says like an unhappy child.

Emmett walks over attempting to be casual and discreet.

“1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8...yep that should do it” she whispers before rushing over.

Emmett roles his eyes at her.

“What?” she asks as if she had no idea.

“I said thirty seconds, that was like, 5? at best”

“9...actually” she mumbles finding the whole thing hilarious.

“What was that?” he growled not taking himself too seriously.

“Nothing” she squeaks sarcastically.

Emmett looks both ways to make sure no one was looking before grabbing her hand and running up the stairs.

“Are you planning on killing me or something?” Fleur laughs as she watches his strange behavior.

“...Or are you just that ashamed to be seen with me? In case people get the wrong idea?” she adds, she stops at the top of the stairs in a small hall with three doors leading off, all with numbers on, why did they need numbers on? There were only three I'm sure people would remember which one was theirs?

Emmett lets go of her hand and carries on walking without her leaving her there, he stops in front of the first door, number one, he rests his hand up on the door and sighs.

Fleur slowly approached him then tapes him on the shoulder.

“Emmett? Are you okay? I was only joking I'll stop if you want me to”

He turns to face her grabs both of her arms and pushes her back up against the door gently so she wouldn't get hurt, he gets up really close to her, his nose almost touching hers. Her heart starts pounding, her body freezes and every inch of her turns to fire.

“You don't need to be sorry, I'm- I'm not embarrassed to be seen with you, not at all, ,If, If we had met just a year ago, I wouldn't be able to keep to keep my hands off you, I'd show you off to everyone, but, you're not a prize Fleur, you're a person and I know that now.

Fleur smiles sweetly.

“I really am trying to be a better person, I was so god damn scare of getting hurt again so I'd push people away before they had a chance, I'm not perfect, not even close, you right I'm a jerk” he laughs nervously but there was just a bit of relief in his smile.

Fleur slowly rests her hand on his face. He then looks back into her eyes as she smiles at him.

“Before? Not now? You're not like that anymore, are you? So maybe, maybe you were a jerk before but you're not anymore and that's all that matters” she whispers sincerely.

“Fleur Fisher you're going to make some man very happy one day” Emmett smirks.

“Mmm, maybe I should focus on making the man in front of me happy first” she laughs.

Emmett steps back.

“You're incredible, you know that right? Now I know why when you walk into a whole room all the heads turn at the sight of you, because you must be made of star dust or something” he laughs as he reaches into his pocket and pulls out the key.

“I like that...stardust” Fleur mutters as Emmett pushes her inside by her back.

He bows his head and grins charmingly before following her inside.

Emmett lived in a large open planned loft flat with just two doors, one on the left behind a dinning table that looked as if it had never been used, it was a bedroom and one on the right next to the kitchen, a bathroom.

In the right front corner was was a little living room area with a few mismatched sofas and an armchair across from the sparkling clean kitchen. At the back was a small raised area up just three or four steps, it had a desk on in front of some glass balcony doors, also on the platform was a couple of book shelves either side of the door, one full of books, the other full of CDs and DVDs. It was a very spacious, very empty, hard home, not very cozy at all, it could do with a few rugs dotted about.

Emmett shuts the door and joins Fleur, who was just standing there taking a good look.

Emmett leans forward to look at her, he smirks at her expression.

She didn't look too impressed.

“Yeah, I know it's not the best”

“No, err, it's, nice, have you just moved in?” she asks seriously.

“Erm, if four years counts then yes” he laughs as he guides her over to the living room.

Fleur flops down on the brown sofa in front of the TV.

“What's your last name?” she asks randomly.

“Blake, why?” his eyes narrow.

“Like the pub? Is that a coincidence? It's just I'm staying at your flat and you know mine, so...” she smirks.

“Mmm, no, this was my grandfathers pub, Henry Blake and Lewis Hart, Blake-Hart” Emmett grins.

“Oh, everything makes so much more sense now, how such a crap bartender got a job here” she winks at him grinning.

“Ha ha you're so funny” he says sarcastically.

“Are you hungry?” he asks.

“A bit, yeah, you were joking about me having to cook right?” she glares.

He screws his face up.

“Err...I feel like pizza, should we order pizza?”

Fleur smiles.

“Yeah, pizza sounds good”

Emmett goes off to find the menu.

“You can just watch TV or something if you want” he yells from the other side of the room.

Fleur starts flicking through the channels until she sees a film she likes that was about to starts.

Emmett sits back next to her with his glasses on, menu in one hand and his phone in the other.

“What do you want? We could get a huge one to share?”

“What? Do you think I'm fat? I want my own” she cries joking.

“Have you ever thought of becoming a comedian?” he asks sarcastically, laughing.

Fleur ignores him and snatches the menu out of his hands, turning away from him so he couldn't see it.

“Hey” he yells annoyed as he tries to get it back, while Fleur laughs moving it away from his every time he got close.

“You're so...” he leaps forwards and snatches it back, ripping a bit as he loses his balance and falls on top of her, knocking her back, bumping heads.

“...annoying” he sits up and rubs his head.

Fleur crawls out from underneath him and kneels up on the couch, she grabs his head and pulls it into her chest, stroking his hair.

Emmett raises his eyebrows.

“Aww does my poor little baby Emmett have a boo boo on his head?” she asks in a silly babyish voice.

Emmett roles his eyes and just starts reading the menu still in her grasp until she kisses his forehead startling him.

“There, mummy make it better” she whispers in the same stupid voice before resting her head on his

He pulls his head out of her arms and shuffles as far as he could get away from her with a strange expression on his face, almost scared, scared what he'd do if she got that close to him again

He clears his throat

“Come on Fleur, what do you want?” he avoids eye contact

Fleur frowns.

Sorry was I being annoying again? You know, I don't really have many friends, I don't usually feel comfortable around people, but you, I feel like I've known you forever, I'm sure why”

“Hmm, I wonder why” he jokes, laughing into the menu.

Fleurs eyes narrow in confusion.

“...you wonder why I feel like I've know you forever or why I don't have many friends?” she asks.

“Why you don't have many friends” he mumbles smirking.

It takes Fleur a minute to realize what he meant, she takes off her shoes, puts her feet up on the sofa and kicks his gently.

“Hey” “you were right” she mutters.

Now Emmett was confused.

“You ARE a jerk”

They both laugh.

“Come on now, what do you want?” he puts the menu up for her to see.

“Mmm, that one” she points with her toe.

He peaks over.

“That one?” he points.

“Uhuh” she groans.

“You know I can see right up your skirt when you do that?” he says cheekily. Smiling slyly.

She kicks him again, a lot harder this time.

“I'm kidding, I'm kidding' he yells.

He laughs again before he starts dialing, he knew the number by heart.

Fleur watches him shaking her head before she goes back to watching the film she had put on.

Emmett finishes his phone call and lays back on the sofa.

“Wow, fascinating” he whispers staring at her.

“What?” she asks still looking at the TV.

“You can actually be quiet, I mean I had imagined this moment but It's amazing to actually see it” he smirks.

“Hear it” Fleur mumbles.

“What?” his squints.

“Hear it, you said see, you can't see silence, you can hear it” she explains.

“Yeah but I can see a quiet Fleur, I can't see your lips moving, so I know you're being quiet, smarty pants” he laughs pushing into her.

“I could be a ventriloquist” he sticks her tongue out at him and rests her feet on his lap.

“No, you couldn't...because you're a dummy” he snickers, he looks at her smiling for a second just thinking before he turns to the TV.

“What is this anyway?” he asks.

“It's really funny” Fleur mutters completely engrossed in the screen.

“Oh, really? That's a strange name for a film” he jokes.

Fleur chuckles.

Emmett was starting to get a little bored with Fleur not giving him any attention.

He makes all sorts of noises to get her to look at him but it doesn't work, he just watches her before randomly sniffing her bare feet on his lap.

“What the hell? Did you just sniff my foot? You freak?” she laughs finally looking away from the screen.

“I'm not a freak” he screams like a child.

“You're such a freak, you freak” she laughs.

“You'll pay for that Fisher” Emmett cries, then takes his shoes off and shoving his foot in her face.

“Eww stop it, stop it” Fleur screams.

Emmett grunts, her twists round, rests his head on her stomach laying in between her legs with his legs hanging over the arm.

“Good boy, sleep now” she taps his head as her eyes return to the TV as they wait for the pizza to arrive.

There was just something so sweet, so pure between the two strangers, they were just so right, like they belonged together, they already had the type of relationship some people spend years looking for, they had it, both of them, without even trying, maybe not trying was the trick.

A knock on the door makes them jump, Emmett gets up to answer it, the pizza was there, he takes the two pizzas over to Fleur on the coffee table quickly before rushing back to the door with some money he had sorted out earlier.

“Thanks man”

“How much do I owe you?” Fleur cries rummaging through her bag.

Emmett joins her again.

“Don't worry about it” he smiles sweetly.

“Are you sure? You already payed for my drinks downstairs”

“Yeah I'm sure, it's fine, wait? What?” Emmett glares at her.

“Well, you didn't ask and I sure as hell wasn't going to remind you was I?...” she smirks.

“It's a good thing I like you”

“See I told you? Crap...”

He shoves a slice of pizza in her mouth before she could finish her sentence.

“So, have you go any plans for tomorrow?”

Emmett pushes her chin up to close her mouth.

“Don't talk with your mouth full” he says annoyingly with his own mouth full.

She roles her eyes, takes a minute to chew and swallow her mouthful before asking again.

“Have you?”

“Why? Are you going to force me to let you stay here again?” he jokes.

“No, well, maybe but that's not why I asked, I'm just curious what you do all day” she explains.

“I've got school, then after that more bar tending and babysitting more annoying girls”

“Ha ha, school?” she asks looking surprised.

“Yeah, medical school, it's my last year, I'm training to be a doctor” he grins.

She gawks at him

“No way, why didn't you say before? That's got to make you I don't know, a thousand times more attractive and believe me you would do fine without that added on”

He laughs.

“You never asked” “What about you? You mentioned job before?”

“Oh, I'm working at the publishing agency in town” Fleur wasn't sure if Emmett knew how old she was so she decided not to mention that she was just interning. Maybe if he knew he'd think she was too young for him, only five years but she wasn't 18 yet so she was technically still a kid and he already treated her a bit like a younger sister, she couldn't risk it.

“How long have you been working there for?”

“Not long, it's just temporary while I stay with my aunt” She couldn't tell him the complete truth, that she had only been there a day and then he'd find out she'd be leaving in two weeks, he'd get suspicious.

“How long will you be staying with your aunt for?” he asks

“Mmm only for 2 weeks now” She frowns.

Emmett actually looked disappointed.

“What? Really? But we've just met”

She smiles at him sweetly.

“Maybe you can get the train down to the countryside and visit me at home you know if you still like me after two weeks of knowing me”

He grins and bumps into her like before.

“Mmm, I'm sure I will” he winks.

They finish eating the rest of the pizza and watch the rest of the film in silence except for the occasional laugh.

By the time it was finished it was almost 9:00pm.

“Do you want something to drink?” Emmett asks clearing up the empty boxes.

Fleur quickly thumbs her hand down on it before he could lift it off the table.

“Let me do something, let me help” she demands.

Emmett smirks.

“It's just a box, I think I can handle it”

“Emmett, that's not the point, you know that, please I want to help” she cries.

“Okay, okay, you can carry the boxes to the kitchen if you really want to, if that will make you happy”

She snarls at him.

“Jerk” she mutters as she follows him into the kitchen.

“Just put it in there, so, what do you want to drink?” he points to the bin.

“What? No, it has to be recycled” Fleur cries.

Emmett sighs jokingly.

“Fleur, just put it there for goodness sake”

“Okay, I will, but just so you know I am not going to be happy about it” she frown.

“Drink, Fleur, what do you want to drink?” he laughs.

“Oh, erm, I'll have some water please”

She walks back over to the sofa with her drink.

Emmett follows behind, he places his glass on the table and goes over to his bedroom.

“I'm going to get changed into something more comfortable than jeans, do you want something to borrow for bed?”

“Yeah, please, a long shirt or top is good, I've always wanted to be like one of those girls in movie that wear their boyfriends clothes to bed” she grins.

“Err okay, except I'm not your boyfriend” He laughs.

“Not yet” Fleur whispers.

“I heard that” Emmett yells from the other room smiling to himself.


A few minutes later he comes back out with a light blue shirt, he throws it at his new friend before disappearing again.

He comes out a second time in some blue and white checkered pajama bottoms and a white t-shirt with long dark blue sleeves not quite pulled down all the way so his toned stomach was showing.

Fleur folding her clothes up in a neat pile.

“N'aww you look cute” his eyes sparkle.

“I do right? Nice Pj's” she smirks.

Emmett giggles and does a little swirl for her.

“What time do you leave for school in the morning?” she asks randomly.

“I get up at 7:00am and leave at 7:30 It takes me quite a while to get to get there, why?”

“I was wondering if you could drop me off at my aunts house before? I have to be at work by 8:30am so it kind of works out perfectly...err, I mean, if you don't mind? You've already done so much for me” she adds feeling a bit guilty.

Emmett smirks..

“It's fine don't worry, I don't mind, I actually quite like having you here, I'll admit, you're not as much trouble as you seem to think, but I thought you didn't want me to know where you love?” he laughs.

“Yeah but that's before I knew I had to walk there in the morning and wake up earlier to have enough time”

“you can drive right? And you do own a car?” she adds.

“Yeah, I have a car”

“Oh thank god” she cries.

Emmett looks at the clock above the TV.

“Okay, I need to go study a bit, I don't know what you're going to do, it's too early to sleep”

Fleur pulls her book out of her bag.

“I'm good” she snaps holding it in the air.

Emmett smiles.

“Okay, you can turn the TV back on otherwise” he tells her as her walks away.

“Oh and you can have my bed, I'll sleep on the sofa, so if you want to read in there now?”

“What? No it really is okay, that's your bed you sleep there, I'm fine here” she smiles sweetly.

“My house, my rules, you sleep there, end of” Emmett cries.

“The only way I'm sleeping in there is if you sleep in there with me” she winks.

“Fleur” he says sternly.

“I mean as, friends, I won't be able to sleep in there if I know you're uncomfortable on the sofa because of me”

“Okay, alright, as friends” Emmett mutters.

“Wait, what?” Fleur asks grinning.

“As friends” she repeats once again.

Fleur sets an alarm on her phone before beginning to read.


An hour passes, 10:00pm

“Fleur? I'm going to bed now are you going to stay there after all?” he calls out.

She doesn't answer.

Emmett gets up and stumbles over to her.

She was already asleep, he smiles at her sweetly, kneels down, pulls a blanket over her, strokes her cheek with his thumb and kisses her forehead gently being careful not to wake her up.

“Good night little flower” he whispers.

He turns off a few lights before going into the bathroom, shortly after, his bedroom , then off to sleep.


It was morning.

Emmett walked about the house about in his pajamas, quietly careful not to wake Fleur. 6:55am. Five minutes later Fleurs alarm goes off, she wakes up straight away, not a hair out of place like a princess, she sits up quickly, you know when you fall asleep somewhere new and for the first few seconds you forget where you are? That's what happened.

“Morning” Emmett yells from the kitchen just as he sees her head pop up, he was making coffee.

“Did- did you drug me?” Fleur asks in a sleepy voice.

“What? No, would why would you ask that?” he snorts, with a funny smile on his face.

“You drugged me just so you didn't have to sleep next to me didn't you, Emmett?” “I don't remember agreeing to sleep here?” she says sounding annoyed.

“Hmm, well, you don't really get to decide when you or where you fall asleep, It's kind of hard choose to move beds while you're asleep”

It was too early for one of his boring lectures.

“So, you did drug me? You didn't deny it?” she asks suspiciously.

“Mmm, yeah, uhuh do you want tea or coffee crazy person?”Emmett laughs.

“I'm not crazy” she snaps “tea, tea please?”


A few minutes later he sits down on the edge of the sofa, her bed, next to her feet and places two cups on the table.

“Did you sleep well?” he asks.

“Yeah, actually, it was the best nights sleep I've had in weeks” she wipes the sleep out of her eyes.

She hadn't had any dreams or nightmares at all, maybe it was because she was already on the right tracks?

“Good, so, what are you going to now? Do you want me to drop you off now so you can get ready there? I'm just going to have a quick shower, get dressed and go”

“You've got half an hour to do that right? If I leave now I have like two hours to get ready at home, if I leave just before you do I still have an hour and a half so that's still plenty of time” Fleur assures him

“So you're just going to lye there doing nothing for half an hour, yeah?” he asks not completely sure if he understood what she had just said


“Okay” he nods before taking a few sips of his coffee then sets off to the bathroom.


Ten minutes after he appears, dripping wet with just a small town around his waist.

Fleur peeks up from the sofa after she hears the door slam, she can't help but stare.

“Excuse me, I am not a piece of meat” he jokes putting on a funny voice.

“If you were, you'd be a very hot piece” she smirks still staring.

Emmett walks across the room to his bedroom smiling.

Fleur thumps back down on the sofa and takes a deep breath.

Not long after he returns to the living room, all ready.

Oh the joys of not having to worry about long wet hair and makeup.

He was dressed more casual in his own clothes as appose to his work uniform, he was wearing the same black jeans as before, a white polo neck t-shirt with a red plaid unbuttoned checkered shirt on top.

“Aren't you going to get changed?” he asks her, she was still wearing his shirt he gave her.

“Yeah, why not? I'm just going to be in the car, also it's kind of like a dress really, oh and it doesn't go with my skirt” she says naively.

“Mmm a very very short dress” he says like a jealous boyfriend or the father of a teenage girl.

“So...It's perfectly acceptable for me to wear in front of you, cute? Even? Wasn't it? But I can't wear it out, just in the car, in the middle of the night when there's not even going to be anyone around?” she glares.

“It's 7:15?” Emmett tells her confused.

“Yeah, I know, basically the middle of the night” she says completely seriously, as if she actually believed it.

He just laughs.

“...Fine, just do whatever you want, see hos I care, other than that are you ready? It's a bit earlier but we might as well leave now”

“Err, yep, I just have to put my shoes on”

They both grab everything they need, set out the door, down the stairs, out the pub and into Emmett's posh car.

“Oh my god, I want your car” Fleur cries.

“It was a present” he smirks as they set off down the road.

“Rich friends? Do you think they'd get me one?” she asks inspecting it, joking of course.

Emmett just smiles.

“Hey, stop, we're here” she yells all of a sudden.

“Seriously? You couldn't of just walked?” he laughs.

“No, no I couldn't have” she sarcastically pretends to look upset as she got out the car.

“No, wait” Emmett cries before she has a chance to close it.

She leans down to his level.

“What is it?”

“Will you come see me later at my pub after work?”

Fleur grins.

“...I need that shirt back, I like that shirt” he adds before Fleur got too happy.

“Yeah, why not, I mean you're okay Emmett Blake”

“But you're going home to sleep this time” he suppresses a smile.

“Hmm, if, if I have to” “Can I? Can I go now?” she asks just before she was about to close the door again.

“Yup, see you later”

Fleur squeaks just as she had slammed the door.

She notices May standing at the front door in her dressing gown like a judging, angry mother.

Fleur turns back looking guilty as she waves at Emmett driving away.

“Good morning aunt May, don't you look lovely today” she says skipping towards her, sucking up.

“Who-who is that?” May asks looking very interested.

“Who? Oh, him, yeah that's Emmett” Fleur said slightly embarrassed that she had been caught.

“Emmett? He's very good looking, wouldn't you agree? Did you have fun?” she grins.

Fleur turns bright red.

“Oh, is he? I hadn't noticed and yes me and my new FRIEND did” she stutters.

“Friend? Huh?” May raises her eyebrows disbelievingly.

“Yes my new friend, can we please go inside?” she tries to get passed her aunt tugging at her shirt, trying to make it longer as she was feeling uncomfortable.

May eventually moves after it stopped being fun.

“Nice shirt, matches your eyes” she laughs as they both stumble in.

“Are you hungry dear or did you make a useful friend? One that can cook?”

I'm hungry” Fleur replies.

“I'll make some breakfast”

Fleur waits in the dinning room.

She finishes her food and heads straight upstairs to finally brush her teeth, have a shower and get ready for work.

She takes her time so she wouldn't get stuck downstairs with May in awkward silence or worse May actually talking, asking questions about Emmett.


8:10am, she couldn't stall for any longer so she faces the dread to come and goes back down.

She was wearing a navy blue skirt half way down her thigh, a plain yellow short sleeved blouse, a black cardigan and some black tights and her hair tied back in a low pony tail.

She sits down on the sofa next to her aunt.

“Better?” she asks.

Fleur nods.

“Sorry if I embarrassed you earlier, if you say you two are just friends, I believe you” May smiles.

“Not from lack of trying” Fleur whispers.

“What? Really? is he not into girls or is he just real stupid?”

They both laugh.

“You know he did flirt with me a bit, I- I think, he's just a gentleman and actually wants to get to know me before anything happens, I didn't think guys like that existed but he seems genuine” Fleur smirks.

“Really? Cling onto him and never let him go” May cries.

Fleur nods giggling.

May jumps up.

“Oh, your lunch, do you want me to make you something?”

“Erm, no, I don't think so, Charlotte said we'll be out most of the day so I think we are going to eat out too” Fleur explains.

“Well, make sure, just in case, can you call her?”

Fleur gets up to get Charlotte's card to text her.

“Yep, just like I said”

“Okay, good, come on we better go”

They both set off in the car up the road for Fleurs second day at the agency, at her dream job.


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