Harry Potter And The Lovers Stone


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Hey Snape!

I was at hogwarts finally and who was to greet me Professor Snape or should I say Snake he was taking you to your dorm when he left for... Some random reason. Then Blam! "Ouch what's your damage dude?" You said annoyed."Oh I'm so sorry I was in a rush and.." He was Harry Potter his thick British accent getting stuck in your head more and more by the minute "You're Har...ry P-potter..." You stuttered. "Oh you heard about me? Hahaha!" You ran into a dorm luckily it was yours "oh gods why? I'm so stupid and I really just did..whatever the heck that was in front of The Harry Potter" you thought. "Hello? I'm looking for a girl/guy with (your hair Colour) hair and (your eye Colour) eyes and... "I'm here" you said stupidly. 

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Hey wanna come with me?

Hey author here and now you can pick were you want the story to go!💙 Author


"hey umm Hermione a girl said that you should come with me um us on an adventure." (Option 1) "Yeah totally I'll see you tomorrow!" (Option 2) "umm no maybe another day." (If you picked option 1) "yay!! Um I mean ya whatever." (If you picked option 2) "oh um yeah see you later I guess." 

A/N sorry I know this was short but this is a sub-chapter another one will be out later today and I just wanted to know if u guys liked the choice based style please tell me!

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Please wait tomorrow for the other part of you picked choice 2💙Author 

 (If picked choice 1) It's today I was so happy an adventure with...Harry...and the other people.  *knock knock* I answered and it was a girl with Harry it was Hermione Granger I read about her and they had no idea that they were fictional characters what if I-I ruined the book? "Hello..." She said (choice 1) " are you Hermione I've a lot about you! You seem nice!" I said really enthusiastic. 

(Choice 2) "Well look a little baby joined us! Harry are you babysitting?" I said rudely. 

(If choice 1) "oh umm well hi you seem nice as well thank you for being polite you should go with Harry alone you guys seem like you should get to know each other!" She left right after "well um off we?..." "Go." I said finishing his sentence. I think she was right we should get to know each other we had chemistry wait no...Magic we had that.

(If choice 2) "Hey Hermione is my friend I think we'll go alone thank you very much!" Harry snapped back.

              BAD END 

        FOR CHOICE 2

Happy day choice 1 people keep going!!

A/N I know I know so many authors notes please bare with me I'm going to do 2 real chapters everyday and 1 sub-chapter everyday well thank you for understanding the schedule 💙Author

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