Dark X Jack: No Secrets


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Chapter 1: Waking to Screams

Jacks POV

I awoke to loud yelling and bickering. It was my parents again. My Father wasn't the nicest person. To be honest he's pretty abusive. He hits me and my Mother as well as kicking Iris my German Shepard. Its about 1:28 in the morning and I couldn't sleep because of my parents. I tried to ignore them until it was over. It kind of worked until I heard my Mother scream in horror and pain. I shot up from my pillow trembling. I heard her scream fade to silence as footsteps filled right after. I quickly pulled the covers over me and I laid down again. I hid my face under the covers. He opened the door. He slowly walked in. I trembled in fear. I didn't move or speak. 

He stopped and turned around and walked out my bedroom door. I waited a few minutes after he left my room before getting up. I heard Iris wine a little. She stayed put as I opened my door a little. I opened it enough to spot my Dad dragging my dead Mother down the stairs. I slammed it shut and packed my blue Fila bag full of things I need to survive. I looked at my window and shook a little. I heard my Dad stomping his way over here. I opened the window. Being the 17 year old crybaby, I started crying. I jumped from my window and helped Iris out too. We both ran down the street and towards the forest for shelter.


Me and her were out of breath. We started to slow down and eventually started walking. We made it to a big tree in the middle of the forest. To be honest it was creepy, dark and wet. It was terrible. I laid down next to the big tree and watched as Iris laid down next to me. "Well, at least I'm not alone..." I said as I pulled out my damp fleece blanket and wrapped it around us. It wasn't quit comfy but it was all we had. I watched as Iris fell asleep with her head on my lap. I started to slowly fall asleep as well. 


Finally...I fell asleep.  

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Chapter 2: Here Now

Jacks POV

I shot up from a...Bed? I looked around. I was in an unfamiliar room. I saw Iris next to me. She seemed to be confused and scared as well. "Don't worry girl...Were okay...I hope." I looked around the room. The side walls were dark red and the Front and back walls were black. The door was a dark wood as the black blinds covered the window. The only light was the dimmed lamp next to the bed. I looked down and noticed I still had the same clothes on. I sighed in relief and pet Iris's head gently. I heard a sudden knock at the door. I pulled the covers over me and hid. I heard the light footsteps come closer. Someone sat on the end of the bed by my feet. 


I felt the blanket being gently pulled off of me. "It's alright. I mean no harm." I heard a raspy voice call out. The blanket was off my face but my eyes were closed shut. I could tell he was a male just by the deeper, raspier voice. I trembled in fear as he stood up. I never opened my eyes until he rubbed my head comfortingly. "Theres a fresh set of clothes on the dresser if you would like to change into clean, warm clothes." He walked to the window and opened the blinds. He headed for the door after. 


I waited until he was gone to peek from the covers. I looked over at Iris. Weird. She wasn't growling when he was in here. She usually growls when she's around strangers. I didn't get a good glimpse of what he looked like but I knew he smelt nice and had pale skin. His touch was gentle and not harmful in any way. I looked over at the black dresser and noticed the clothes. I walked over to them. I noticed the attached bathroom to the bedroom. I hesitantly walked over to the bathroom and shut the door. I looked around for any cameras or anything like that. None surprisingly. I quickly changed and left the bathroom. I closed the door behind me and looked up to see Iris gone. "Iris? IRIS!" I panicked. I rushed out the door and where I heard her barking. "IRI-" I stopped every motion in my body as I saw the man playing and feeding my dog. "Oh, Hey! She's a sweetie ain't she?" He giggled as she rolled over. I was in the light but I backed into the darkness in shock and fear. "No! Don't go! I'll leave her alone now." He stood up and backed away from her. I called her, keeping my eyes on the "man" that stood a few feet away from me. He didn't look fully human. Not to me at least. He had black hair leaving the top being blood red. He had a nice black suit on with a red rose attached to the pocket. 

I'm guessing he likes red and black. 


He smiled and held out his hand for me to shake. I grew a little bit of anger in my heart. "Why are you keeping me here!?" I shakily yelled at him. He looked a little offended but shook it off and turned his hand for me to take. He smiled even more. "At least let me show you around before you leave?" He waited. I slapped his hand and ran out the front door.   

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Chapter 3: The Fall

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