Boy Stalks Girl Short Poem


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 I watch her walking out of school,

Smiling, waving goodbye, like every other day,

She hugs and kisses her boyfriend goodbye,

Not knowing that soon she shall die.

Walking slowly I follow her home,

She lives on 5 O'Mulberry road,

And when she finally comes to a hault, 

I wait and watch her open the door.

She steps inside, 

And looks around,

Giving me time to sneak in the house,

She jumps in fright as the door slams shut, 

Not noticing me hidden behind the couch.

I watch her cook a steaming dinner,

Lasagne and salad with a pinch of coriander,

She disappears into another room, 

I'm sure that she will be back soon.

I turn around and see her coming,

She yells at me," What are you doing!"

I stand up quick with my knife in my hand,

This is the moment to strike her, at last.

She cackles loudly as she pulls out a gun,

She laughs, "I know what you're doing, I've been on to you!"

And with one bullet I was down,

She shouts, "I was the one, watching you, You just didn't notice it, you fool!"

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