Underwater Love


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Complicated Day

 I quickly entered the cafe and started putting on my apron for waiting tables . I walked over to my section and looked at the couple " May I take your order ? " I asked " Oh yes I would like a chicken fettuccine and a sweet tea what do you want babe ? " She asked her boyfriend " Just a cherry pie and Coca Cola please ? " He asked I nodded and went into the kitchen cooking the food as I thought about my parents then I heard a ding noise so I pulled out the food and put it and the drinks on the tray carrying it to there table . They were making out " Anything else I can get you two ?" I asked " No " the girl said looking at me giving me a death glare for interrupting . I walked off and went to behind the counter and took orders telling Rafeal the cook to make the food he pressed the little bell when he finished and soon the day was up . I went to my beach house and took off my clothes in my room I let my long colorful hair come out of its bun that was hidden under a hat for work . I put on my beautiful swimsuit that looked like beautiful colors as a canvas on my swimsuit . I walked out of my house with a towel and went to the beach which surprisingly had no one there yet I lay my towel out under a Umbrella . I then walked into the water till I couldn't touch my feet on the bottom anymore I went under the water and opened my eyes looking at the beautiful fish then I felt a pain In my stomach so I got out of the water holding my side as it hurt like hell " what happened ? " asked someone turned out it was the annoying bitchy blondes boyfriend I turned to him and looked away " Nothing I'm fine " I said " don't lie " he said he lay me back onto the towel and started pulling up my top part of my swimsuit which revealed scars that weren't completely healed " you should tell a doctor you have these ... What happened tell me ? " he asked I shook my head trying to pull away " fine I'll just take you to the doctor then " he muttered huffing he took me to a doctor and I was checked out in both the doctor and the being checked out by the boy " when did this happen ?" The doctor asked " 2 weeks ago " I said " who did it ? " a police man asked coming into the room I gulped and a tear fell " I uh don't know " I lied bitin my lip " tell the truth " the boy scolded " my father " I answered gritting my teeth from the pain then I blacked out . 

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