The Two Worlds


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I couldn’t really describe what is going on. All of the objects are flying everywhere which I can’t explain. People are falling one by one as though they look like they were suffering. Then I saw him right there, knowing that he is the one who has taken control of everything. Clutching onto the basket, tightly hoping no one could find where I was, but I jinxed myself. A guard did found me and he yelled out loud,

“There she is!” Before he could go and starts charging right after me, I begin to jolt out my spot and ran. As I was running, I heard multiple footsteps coming from behind me. That is when I knew that those footsteps were the guards. So I ran and ran and ran until my legs couldn’t bear much longer. My breathing was short and my calves were burning with heat. I knew that the guards would catch up to me. So I used up the rest of my energy until I ran up to a nearby house up ahead, hoping they would accept the basket that inside lays, a baby. My baby…

‘She would not be safe with me,’ I thought as I slowed my pace up the porch of the stairs. I carefully placed the basket down on front of the door and take one good look at my baby. Luckily, she was fast asleep, maybe dreaming about her future. I wipe a tear from the corners of my eyes before it could fall down my cheek. Sniffling, I reached into my pocket, grabbing out the letter and place it onto the basket. Then I began to hear loud shouting voices, just about a good distance away. I quickly kissed my baby’s forehead and pressed to ring the doorbell. Tears starts falling down my cheeks as I started to ran as fast as I can. I hope they would accept her. I hope my daughter would understand why I did this and it’s for her and the baby’s safety.

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Chapter 1

Seraphina’s P.O.V

“Se-ra-phi-na,” my friend, Roxy spoke loudly next to my ear. It was my last year of high school. The senior year and we are the graduates of this year. The graduates of Anthalon, the school of magic. In this school, everyone has a talent but this school is regularly for people who have mind magic. All of us have interesting things that we can do with only just our minds. I, Seraphina, can control people’s mind and order them what I want them to do. Rarely few people have my kind of power.

“Are you spacing out again?” and that’s my friend Roxanne, but I call her Roxy for short. Her talent was to change people’s dreams and sometimes make it into reality. It’s pretty neat and all but sometimes I don’t want to anger her or else, she’ll do something with my dreams. So we both pretty much keep our agreements into a minimum.

“What is it now, Roxy?” I replied back as I placed my pencil on my desk, trying to look bored as possible. I would turn my head to look at my friend. Compared each other by looks, she was the prettiest one. Her golden blonde hair and her blue icy eyes matched her personality all the way. As for me, I have boring brunette hair with the same chocolate brown eyes.

“Were you not paying attention to me, Seraphina,” She exclaimed, poking my shoulder which is quite annoying. So I gave her a look, telling her that I was listening this time. “Ok, anyways. Have you heard that Jacob and Isabella are dating?”

Ugh, it’s one of these rumors again. I rather not listen to those, but instead I pretend to listen and nod my head if needed.

“Heard about what?” An arm went around my shoulder as I know who it is. It’s my friend, Nathaniel. His blonde spiked up hair and his bright brown eyes made him look adorable. To other girls, he was the ‘Heart throb’, but we, as friends of him, think that’s unreasonable why they call him that because he never even dated a girl once and if he did, then he wouldn’t break her heart. Our mini friend group didn’t call, we just simply call him Nathan because he thinks that Nathaniel is too last decade, but he’s a really interesting type of person. He does telepathy and could read people’s minds. I kept that noted in my notebook, since he does tend to snoop to other people’s privacy.

“About Jacob and Isabella” Roxy explained again. “You know, they have been going on and off for a long time now. It’s kind of irritating.”

“You just wanted Jacob, Rox,” He joked, knowing that Roxanne has a huge crush on Jacob ever since he moved to this school in grade 3. I mean he is pretty cute, but not exactly my type of person. He’s the captain of the football team and a player. I heard that he three-timed with girls in the cheerleading squad. It’s disgusting if you think about it.

“I know that, but I don’t think I like him that much than before”

“Oh Roxy, you keep saying that every year and yet you stalk him wherever he goes,” I rolled my eyes.

“But Seraphina…” She whined. “I can’t help it; he talks to me in writing class. He’s just too... too”

“Hot?” I questioned.

“Yes! He’s Hot and Handsome. The two H’s” Nathan and I exchanged glances telling each other, here we go again. We both knew that she’s going to give us a long story about why she likes Jacob and blah blah blah. “Hey Nathaniel, where’s Liam? Wasn’t he in the same class as you?”

“Oh, the teacher had to keep him in there. He needs to retake his unit test. Let me tell you, Physics is so hard.” He complained.

“I know, Nathan. I had Physics last semester. No need to complain to us” I said as I stand up from my chair, packing my stuff up to go home. “Besides, Physics to me is so easy. You just need to know what to do with those formulas and you are set to go. “

“Easy for you to say. You basically have A’s in every class.”

“Except P.E., you know that I suck doing physical stuff. “ I reminded him, beginning to sling my bag to one side of my shoulder. We all started to walk out of the classroom, until Liam stops us by the door. “Are you leaving without me?!” He looked like he was running out of breath. Liam, who just came to this school just about 2 years ago, had black hair swept to the side, looking kind of emo. We don’t know what type of mind magic does he have, but his personality is great. He’s sweet, charming and kind. You don’t find those types of guys anywhere.

“Of course, we wouldn’t leave you here,” Nathan grins, motioned him to follow as we are all walked home. Before we could reach to leave the entrance doors, Nathan and I saw a couple kissing at the corner of the entrance. It was both Jake and Isabella. We both jolted a little as I turned to look at Roxy. Gladly, she wasn’t staring. I waved Nathan a hand motion, something to distract her from the scene. He would nod and begins to start a conversation with her.

‘Oh thank goodness,’ I sighed of relief when we all are at the same distance away from them. If Roxy saw that before us, she would flip. Let me tell you, FLIP! She would complain if we are walking home, but that’s the past. I told her to get over him, but she doesn’t want to.

“Is something bothering you, Seraphina?” A voice, so deep and firm interrupted my deep thought. I perked up and saw Liam giving me a worried look.

“It’s nothing, I’m just thinking about Roxy. You would get why if you saw the scene, just about 10 minutes ago” I choked on the last part.

“Yea, I saw... that must be pretty rough for Roxanne, you know. To handle that stuff”

I nodded my head as I look forward, watching where I was going. The streets are pretty quiet at this time of the day. People are still at work or at home. A sunset appears over the horizon, just a peek of it, since a giant wall is blocking the way. I always questioned about the wall to my parents but they said that wall is to keep us away from evil. They even said if you pass that wall, you will drown into the darkness and you will never turn back. You will never return. That line always scares me, but I wanted to know what is over the wall.

“Seraphina!” Roxy said “We should go to football game tomorrow. It’s their last game before we all graduate next week.”

Before I could say anything, an image of Jason and Isabella making out in the corner made her changed her mind, but she doesn’t want to disappoint her friend. I turn to look at Liam and Nathan asking them if they are free during that time.

“I have to play some video games with my brothers. I promised them and plus they owe me money, if I won the whole game,” Nathan explained to us. We all knew that he and his brothers are always competitive with one another. So we obviously had to let him go.

“What about you, Liam?” I asked

“I think I’m free tomorrow,” He said “It’s not like I have stuff to do anyways.”

“Great! Roxy” She turns around, realizing that her name has been called. “Liam and I could come with you to watch the last football game and besides I’ll TRY to help you with Jason”

“You’re the best, Seraphina!” She smiled as she begins to hug me tightly before she goes inside her house.

“Bye guys!” She all waved at us as we all say our everyday farewells. As soon as she enters her own home, Nathan spoke up.

“Are you going to be ok at the football game tomorrow?”

“Yea, I’ll be fine. Besides Liam here, would protect Roxy and I, right Liam?” I nudged his arm and winked at him playfully.

Liam coughed to clear his throat and flashes a smile upon his face. “I, Liam Walter, hereby declare that I would watch Roxanne Renfrey and Seraphina Delaine upon your request, Nathaniel Drews,” He would then bows formally towards me and then salutes at Nathan. Nathan saluted back having a grin upon his face.

“Alright, I trust you soldier!”

We all started to laugh with joy. This is the best part of having close friends. They laugh with one another and joy aura filled the air around us. After a couple of good long minutes, we kind of faded out and kept walking towards our own lovely homes. On the way, Nathan’s house was on the way to Liam’s and mine, so we say good bye to him as he entered his house. It’s just Liam and I left. Half way through our walk, it was all silence, but he broke the silence.

“Are you nervous about the football game and Roxanne?” He asked, so kindly.

Dang, it’s like he’s reading my mind.

“Yea, obviously I am since Roxy has been my best friend for as long as I can remember,” I stated “and I know Jacob’s girlfriend, Isabella would be there to cheer him on. Isn’t she like part of the student?”

He just shrugs, shaking his head no like he has no clue what I was talking about. About a few minutes or so, I saw my house, just about a few houses down. As soon as we reached the front of my house, I turned to look at Liam.

“Remember, we need to have a plan for the football game, just in case.”

Liam nods his head and said his goodbyes and left.

When he was gone from my sight, I look up at the sky before walking into my house and saying good bye to my friends.

‘Will the football game will be ok for Roxy, if we see Isabella there?’ I thought before entering my house. ‘Well I guess, it’s up to Liam and I to distract her as possible.’

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Chapter 2

Skylar’s P.O.V

Students passing the halls, going to their next class as I, Skylar are in the library with Rachel, studying for our test for tomorrow. We both have a spare block so we are fine, just as long we are in the library. This is our last year of Rixalon and I don’t give a fuck about it. It’s fine if I get out of this high school. This high school is really suffering me. This school is gifted for people who can do physical stuff with magic. For me, I can move things where I want them to be and I can make fire with just only my hands. My friend, Rachel, the quiet one over there, she does a lot of assassinations going on with her whole life, so she’s basically the only ninja out of our school. One of my friends, who are here today, but are not here in this library right now. But his name is Noah, he does ice magic. If you want to know our relationship, well let me tell you. Fire and Ice do not cooperate well with each other. Noah and I called each other frenemies. I took a slow deep breath, as I look down at my paper, letting my short brunette hair fall down my face. I started to research about something of the wall. The huge wall feels so mysterious, like there’s more to it out there than it is here from where she lives. Rachel and I wanted to have an adventure anywhere around the world, but we already have. Now we are trying to figure out what’s beyond the wall.

“Got any luck?” Rachel asked, looking up from her book.

“No,” I shut my book which was called “Living an Adventure”. This book was completely useless. Nothing about the other side of the wall is on here. Then something came to my mind. “I have an idea, but may not like it. Maybe, we should try to… cross the wa-“

“Sky! That is just wrong. People… Guards are guarding that wall. It’s just… Impossible!” She exclaimed.

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