Chapter 1 Of Crushed


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Chapter 1

 The large black rat stood motionless in the back ally almost hugging the wall but that's not like rats. I couldn't see why it was doing this.

The names Kyle. I live here. Here meaning in a back ally in the outskirts of the city of  Chicago. I wear the same every single day. A white vest with blue tracksuit trousers and some old black trainers with holes in them. No socks though. No one in the gang wears socks. I'm not actually part of the gang. I got kicked out. The gangs name is the leeches. Why? Well what does a leech do? It sucks blood. The leeches don't exactly suck blood but they do suck something. They suck every single thing that's got in your life and leave you cold and wet and homeless. That's what they did to me. I got two brothers. AJ and Zac. After our parents died the only thing that kept us together was what we loved and what we loved was what the leeches do. But one day I stopped loving what we did and I thought my brothers would protect me but it turned out that the only thing that kept us together was what I used to love. They disowned me. They beat me up and left me cold and wet and homeless. We were nearly brothers anymore. But anyway here I am.

Now I saw why the rat was so still. On the top of a fence was a thin, tall black cat. The cat was teasing the rat. It knew where the rat was. You could see the malice in its eyes. Suddenly the rat sprinted off down the ally but it wasn't fast enough. The cat was right behind it. The cat grabbed the rats tail and gruesomely took a huge bite out of the rat and left the rat alone. The cat happily strolled off but the rat twitched a few times and slowly and painfully died anonymous to the outside world.

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