Miss Rice's Secret


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Once there lived a little old lady her name was Miss Rice. She owned a pet shop, you know the usual pets such as hamsters and goldfish. But Miss Rice has a secret, and it was well kept, until a young girl named Sarah Green moved into town. 



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Chapter 1

     Sarah Green was a 12 year old girl with sandy blond hair and dark blue eyes. She had just moved from Cincinnati, Ohio with her parents and only brother, Thomas, to a small town outside of SouthBend, Indiana. They lived in a black and white house with two stories and a medium sized backyard. Sarah walked down the hall to her brother's room, pausing in the doorway to watch as he unpacked a box of old CDs. 

    "Hey" Sarah announced. 

    "Hey" Thomas replied in a low voice, concentrating on a random disc. "What are you up to?"

    "Well, I was wondering if you would like to come with me to explore the city, Mom say's we can."  

    "I can't, I have a lot to do." Thomas said, putting the disc on a small pile on his bed. 

    "Okay, I'll be back around 3:00." 

    Sarah left her house around 1:00, wearing her favorite dark blue hoodie, dark skinny jeans and white KEDs. She looked in either direction of the sidewalk, choosing to walk along the one in the western direction. It wasn't long before she came to a long row of buildings. She explored the many shops laid out, eyeing pretty dresses in window displays and smelling the sweet smell of deliciousness wafting out from a bakery. She stopped outside a smaller building. There was a sign above the shop that said Miss Rice's Pet Shop. She pulled the old door, flinching as the hinges screeched against the rust. A small bell rang above her as she entered and let the door swing shut. 

    "Hello?" She called, turning her head to look around the shelves of food and toys. Cages of different sizes lined the walls, most filled with various animals. 

    "Hello, dear," Said a plump lady from behind a counter off to Sarah's right, "are you looking for anything in particular?"

    "No, I'm just looking around." Sarah said doing a half shrug. 

    "Alright, just let me know if need anything!" Miss Rice said brightly with a wide smile. 

    Sarah walked over to the cages lining the walls and watched the little pets. Considering their state, none of the animals looked sad, to the contrary, they all seemed to be happy. She walked down the row to a smaller cage on a table with three fat multi-colored hamsters. 

    "Can I have that one please?" Sarah said wile pointing at a gray hamster.

    "Of course!" Said miss Rice. "You go and pick out a cage and get some would chips and the essentials. There over there." She said walking out from behind the counter. "I'll take care of that hamster." 

    o-0-o Continueing o-0-o



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