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 Someone charged in and mother lept up. We all howled at home he moon. Mother, Tye and I.


*I am a young girl with my old magic lipgloss ring that keeps me young. I am a wolf and so is my brother. My mother was a child when she got turned into a vampire. Many people are scared of me, as i am the one and only HYBRID. *

One night i was about to sleep when i heard a knock on my window, many people have tried and still try to assassinate me so i was a slight bit scared about who was there at this time of night, but as soon as i opened it... 

*my heart was racing, i was running.

 he was on me and we were having fun.

i was pregnant with his baby and my ring was off.

i was young again with out the ring, he had bitten me and i was a vampire-werewolf. I was a HYBRID*

Sorry about that i had a "flashback". Well it is called a flashback but when you see the future, it gets a bit weird. 

...I opened the window and he was there, glowing in the moonlight. Kyle, my vampire lover, was standing there with his hand out wide. I knew we shouldn't but the earge pulled me over the edge.

The next morning

I woke up and he was gone, we had had such a good time and now he was gone. I saw the tests in the cupboard and knew something was wrong. Tests, pregnancy tests! I grabbed one and ran into the bath room,

Three minutes later

Noo, i sat there. Waiting for one of the two lines to go away. 


I need to see Kyle. I called him but he didn't come. I will have to see him tonight. 

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