Love Crime


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My name is Yuna.

This is a story about my boyfriend and his name is Thomas.

Lola is my bestie.

Me:Lola ,I really love Thomas ,he is so romantic and cute , he is just the perfect boy ever ,but sometimes I feel like someone is following him and he changes the times we have to see each other that sometimes I feel he is cheating on me.

Lola:Don't say that ,maybe he is preparing a surprise for you,you know my boyfriend was like that ,too,but he was doing that to get me a Valentine's Present.

Me:Maybe you're right,I will call him right now.

Suddenly a car drags me from beside Lola.


I wake up in a place I don't know.

????:Did she wake up?

????:Yes boss.

Me:Where am I?You kidnapped me!!!

????:I don't think so.

Me:Who are you?

The boss:I am Derek.

Me:Do I know you????

Derek:Of course not,your friend knows us.


Me:I don't have friends.

Derek:Lying won't benefit you.

Me:I am not lying .

Derek is laughing.

Derek:Listen girl,don't tell me you don't know Thief Lord.

Me:Thief what's????

Derek:THIEF LORD!!!!

Me:I really don't know him, so please let me out of here.

Derek:You're not going anywhere else until you tell us where he is.

????:Boss,there is a call from thief lord.


Thief lord:Listen Derek, that girl doesn't know me and I don't know her , so you better leave her alone.

Derek is laughing again.

Derek:Listen thief lord, that girl isn't going anywhere until you give me  my money ,you know we stole together so I get the half.

Thief lord:I will show you in the future what will happen.

Derek is so pissed off that he hit his helper .

Me:Why did you kidnap me??

Derek:Ask that stupid, we were going to kidnap his girlfriend but he is always stupid at everything.

Ham:I didn't mean it boss.

Me:Why don't you leave me now?????

Derek:You're trying to get smart on me,but I won't let you,you will be here until he comes with the money.

Me:It's not my fault that you lost your money.

2 days later,a big car came.

Ham:Thief lord came .


Thief lord:Where is the girl Derek??

Derek:She's there.

 Theiflord got out a gun from his pocket and shot Derek.

Their lord:RUN .

I run towards that big car and thief lord  comes right away and drives away.

Then he stopped me at a petrol station and told me to run away to a cottage.

After a week......I met Thomas at a cafe.

Thomas:We have to breakup.


Me:Tell me Thomas, Why can't we be together?

Thomas:Becuase I love another woman.

I slapped Thomas on the face and left.

I returned home and told Lola about everything.

Lola:That's what he deserves for cheating on me.

Me:I didn't slap him for that.


Me:Because he was lying about loving another woman .

Lola:Are you insane?Have you gone Mad?Have you lost your mind?


Me:I can know when is Thomas lying.

Lola:Stop saying nonsense already,you know he is in love with another woman.

I suddenly begin crying.

Lola:I am sorry , I didn't mean to hurt you.

Me:I am so confused right now.

Lola:We'll know soon.

After 5 months..........

Me:Lola , hurry up we'll be late.

Lola:You can go , I'll go with Andrew.


Then I hurry up to go to work.

At work,people say the new boss is tough and hard.

Lola:What's wrong?

Me:I don't know,they are saying the boss is tough , a girl came out of his office crying.

Me :I wonder who he is.

Lola:There he is.

A man with good looks gets out of the office, and he was apologizing for his rudeness.

I can't see his face because of the crowd.

The man:I am sorry miss.

The girl accepts his apology.

The crowd went away.

Once I see his face,tears began falling from my eyes, it's Thomas.

Thomas hugs me suddenly to cover my cry face, and takes me to another place.

Thomas:Are you alright?

Me:Yes, thank you.

Then he goes away.

Lola:Are you alright???

Me:Yes , I am.

Lola:They told me the new manager's name is Thomas.

Me:Yes , he is my boyfriend.

Lola:That's terrible , if you wanna go to another workplace we will go.

Me:No problem.

At work, it tears my heart from inside into pieces it just makes me sad every time I see him, it feels like we didn't know each other before.

The Next Day,.......

Thomas:Yuna, Can you get me the papers of  the interns that have qualifications?

I stood up I just wish I could tell him that I am not his maid.

Me:Y.Yes,of course.

Thomas:Great , put them on my desk when lunch time comes and I will be waiting for you at the meeting room.

Me:But,Why do you want me at the meeting room?

Thomas:To help me make decisions about the interns .

I thought for a second :Does he care about my desicion?

But at lunch time, I knew it was just what my heart told me, everybody was already there.

Thomas:Glad to see that you came.

Me:But I am not.

Thomas:Did you say something?

Me:I was just saying that you are so caring about your employees desicions.

Then a beautiful woman wearing a blue gown approaches us.

The woman:Tomy,I missed you so much.

Thomas:Me too,Oh this is my fianc├ęe Gabriel.

Gabriel:Sweety, Aren't you going to introduce your friends to me.

Thomas:Yes ,excuse us.

I was so jealous at that moment.

Me:I  want you to come get me from the party,I'm so tired.

Lola:I'll come in thirty minutes.


After thirty minutes...

Me:Where are you Lola?

Lola:There is a traffic jam.

Me:When will you come then?

Lola:I think you should take a taxi.


Then I saw Thomas with Gabriel,I almost cried in front of them.


Driver:Where do you wanna go miss?

Me:Delight street.

After fifteen minutes...

Lola:What is wrong with you?

Me:I feel like I am going to explode from tears.

Lola:Is that why you ate all the ice cream?

Me:I'm so depressed.

Lola:Hey,you'll find a better boy than Thomas.

Me: I don't think so.

Lola:I'm sure that will happen.

The next morning.......

Me:Oh my god I'm late.

Me:See you at night,Lola.

Lola:You too.


Suddenly,someone kidnapped me.

Thomas:YUNA!! WAKE UP!!!

Me:Where am I?

Thomas:You're at my place.


Thomas:I can't tell you right now.

Gabriel:Thomas, we should talk.

Thomas:I'm coming.

Then I took my phone and called Lola.

Lola:What happened?

I told Yuna everything.

Me:Well, I'll call you later.

Lola:Take care.

Gabriel:Yuna, you should now , it's almost midnight.

Me:How long will I stay here?

Thomas:For three days more.


Thomas:I can't tell you.

Thomas: Goodnight.

Gabriel:You know.


Gabriel:I knew today that Yuna still loves you.


Gabriel:Because she's eavesdropping us.

Thomas:I'll checkout.

Me:I can't hear any thing they are saying.

The door opened and I fell down.

Thomas:What are you doing?

Me:I'm looking for my earring.

Thomas:Both of them are in your ears.

Me:Really?I think I mistaken.

Then Thomas shut the door.


Thomas:I just want her to come back to her senses.

Gabriel:If you still love her,why can't you just tell her about everything.

Thomas:Because if she knows that I'm their lord ,she'll in great danger.

The next morning......

Thomas:Wake up sleep bird.

Me:What...where am I?

Gabriel:You're at Thomas apartment.

Then I saw them preparing breakfast together ,it's like they were happy.

After having breakfast,....

Me:Where are you going?

Thomas:To work.

Me:What about me?

Gabriel:You have a holiday.


The two of them went out.

I didn't want to stay at home , so I went shopping.

At twelve o'clock.....

Me:What a sunny day.

Me:I bought a lot of things.

When I returned to Thomas apartment,....

Thomas:Where were you?

Me:I went shopping.

Thomas:Didn't I tell you to stay at home?

Me:Why are you shouting at me?

Thomas:Because I'm your boy....

Me:I'm nothing to you.

Then I went to my room and shut the door and began crying on my bed.

Gabriel:You shouldn't have done that.

Thomas:You know I'm worried about her.

Gabriel:I'm gonna prepare lunch.

Thomas:I'm going.


Thomas:To the convenience store.

I called Lola.

Lola:He is such a jerk,if I see him I'm going to kill him.

Me:He even shouted at me in front of Gabriel .

Lola:Come on , cheer up.

Then ,I heard a knock on the door.

Thomas:Yuna,come out to have lunch.

Lola:What happened?

Me:Thomas is knocking the door and telling me to have lunch.

Me:I don't want.

Thomas:I'll leave your food in front of the door.

Lola:What did you tell him?

Me:I told him I don't want .

Lola:Good girl.

Me:But,I'm starving.

Lola:I'm going .


Me:I'm going to die if I don't eat.

Me:I think I'll sleep for a while.

Seven o'clock.......

Me:I wanna eat.

In front of the door I saw food,I took it and began eating.

Then I went to the kitchen and there I met Thomas.

Thomas:Did you eat?


Thomas:I wanted to apologize for what happened this morning.

Me:I..I...I'm sorry too.

Thomas:Would you like to eat ice cream with me.


Both of us ate ice creams do talked about our lives when we broke up.

Thomas:It's ten o'clock.

Me:I'll go to bed.

Thomas:Good night.


The next morning......

Thomas:Good morning.


Gabriel:You're actually good at French.

Me:Thank you.

Thomas:Let's have breakfast.

A knock on the apartment door.

???:Open up Gabriel, I know you're there.

Thomas:I'll open.

Gabriel:I'll go with you.


Gabriel:Peter,let me explain.

Peter:What's going on here?

Thomas:Explain to him what happened.


Me:Who's that?

Peter:Gabriel's brother.


Gabriel:I'm sorry sweet heart.

Peter:I trust you .

Gabriel:I knew you were my right boy for me.

Peter:Can I stay with you ?

Gabriel:Of course.

Peter:Hey,Thomas ,missed you buddy.

Thomas:Missed you too bro.

Peter:And you are?


Me:I'm their friend.

Peter:Nice to meet you.

Eleven o'clock.....

Peter:So,I fell like you love Thomas.

Me:Hoe did you know?

Peter:It's just when I look at your eyes they are full of hope and love and caring.

Me:You're amazing.


Me:Because you only met me at this morning and you knew how I felt,while I stayed with Thomas for more than five months and didn't know.

Peter:Well,let me tell you a secret.


Peter:Thomas is eavesdropping us.

Thomas:You're saying that about me while you still love me.

Then I went to open the door.

Me:What are you doing Thomas.

Thomas:I was looking for a pin paper.

Me:There's one in your hand.

Thomas:Really,oh thanks.

Me:You are incredible, how did you know that's?


Then after a while,,,,,,,

Peter:See you later.

Then I called Lola.

Lola:OMG,did that really happen?

Me:Hell yes,he was like oh no I'm busted, but you know that Peter is soooo hot.

Lola:I'm going.


Lola:I'm having a date with Andrew.

Me:See you later.

Four o'clock.....

Gabriel:We're going.


Thomas:On a date.

Peter:Would you like to be a spy?


Me and Peter were spying on them they even stopped at a caf├ę.



Gabriel:You know why we went out .


Gabriel:Because Yuna and Peter are following us.

Thomas:If that's so, come closer and I'll pretend to kiss you.

Gabriel:Are you sure,that will hurt Yuna's feelings?

Thomas:That's exactly what I want to do.

Then I saw them kiss.

Peter:Are you alright?

Me:I'm in deep pain.

Then I ran quickly.


Gabriel:What happened?

Peter:Why did you do that?

Thomas:We just pretended to kiss.

Peter:She's in deep hurt.

Gabriel:You must find her Thomas.

Thomas:I think I know where she is.

Gabriel:Go and I'll stay with Peter.

Gabriel:Peter,did you think we kissed.

Peter:I almost thought that happened.

Gabriel:I love you Peter.

Peter:I love you too.

I'm in a very nice place, but I feel so much hurt at the bottom of my heart.

Thomas:Yuna, I knew you would be here.

Yuna:How did you know I'll be here?

Thomas:You told me this place was precious to you.

Thomas:I'll tell you why I can't be with you,because I'm th....

Me:Theif lord.

Thomas:How did you know?

Me:At your apartment, I saw your mask while was doing laundry.

Thomas:Aren't you angry or sad because of those?

Me:Of course not,because I love you.

Thomas:Gabriel is my partner in crimes and Peter,too.

Thomas:And Gabriel and Peter are lovers.

Me:I love you.

Thomas kissed me and it was raining heavily.

Peter:Thomas,Yuna are you both alright.

Thomas:Yes,I even told her everything.


Peter:Can I take my girl to home?


After six months,

Me:Lola,I can't believe this is my wedding day.

Lola:There is a message on your phone.

I was shocked when I read it.

Thomas:I'm sorry Lola but we can't get married.

And I fainted from the shock.

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