9.5 Years Of My School Life.


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The blue Gates.

 So my story is about my school life in this amazing place in Uttrakhand Nainital! The place which gave me wings to fly ! The perfect place For anyone to spend their school life at. 

Oh well let me start at the very beginning.. the time when I dreaded this place! Considered it A jail! A place in which no one could save me not even my own parents, because they were the ones who left me there at the first place! 

The blue gates of St.Marys convent high school Nainital, Also know as Ramnee.  An All girls boarding school run by the sisters of the congregation of Jesus. Yes you read it right Sisters- Nuns! I was to live my childhood years in A place Run by Nuns.. yes they are strict and Disciplined. And i was naughty and Open minded and this is why i was sent here ( Atleast that’s what i was told. ) But I didn’t think i was naughty. I was always an obedient child, so why would my parents decide to send me to Ramnee ? This question haunted me for the first 4 years Of Boarding life. 

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Not enough space for me?

 So as i can recall it was actually my cousin sister for whose admission my Aunt had gone for to Ramnee. And they told her there was no space in class 10th so as she was leaving the school premises she remembered Me ! And went back to the school office and inquired if there was space for a child in class 3rd And yes there was ! That’s how My life suddenly changed from being calm to Messy. 

I easily passed my entrance test .. as i was a late admission all they asked me was to write an essay on the topic “My mother”.  And in a weeks time i was all packed And exported to Ramnee and inside those blue gates.. but then we were told there was no space in the boarding for me as i was late and somehow i saw some hope after all! *Keeping my fingers crossed* That my parents would say that we were to go back home !! But my father had other plans he went Hostel hunting near and around the school. And in like 20 steps away from school we found “Julians Girls Hostel” and i was already packed with my bedding and everything so they put me there for my first year of Ramnee.

And once all my things are settled and it was time to bid farewell to my parents All i did was Cry cry cry cry cry and cry.. I remember that day like it was yesterday! The amount i cried back then. And they left.

And All i did was cry.

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