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My College Days

Jane was in her first year in college when she encountered the most challenging situation that made her seek urgent help. Like most students, Jane thought writing a thesis in college is much simpler, and she could find her way around it just like she did in high school. College life can bring a lot of excitement and nostalgia that you may forget to focus on more important things – your studies. High school is a great achievement in life, but not all there is to academic success. Every college student must walk through various learning stages before getting the award of a diploma. Assignments and essays are meant to sharpen your writing skills and improve your writing, which leads to excellent diction.

When Jane got admission into college, she was carried away by the lifestyle of most students, and her attention gradually became divided. Even as a fresher on campus, she missed a lot of classes. And when she was assigned to write an essay, she was fond of asking her friends, “who will write a thesis for me?” Essay writing is one of the dreaded activities in school that many students find very complicated. Jane was not an exception.


Her case was just like many students that fail to prepare for a test and end up seeking for help when the day was near already. Jane knew the right thing to do to enable her to write perfectly. But she found herself drowning in school activities, partying and engaging in some time-wasting ventures that took the most of her time each day. Most times, she gets stuck in the thesis while writing her paper. This became a frequent occurrence even after reading many online sources that she resolved to look for someone that will write me a thesis. But she was at crossroads, and she didn’t know whether to turn to her supervisors for help or continue surfing the internet till she gets what she needs.


She had just two days left to submit her essay to her supervisor. Her problem seemed complex as she has only managed to write the first sentence of her introduction. For three days, she struggled to draft her thesis to no avail. Jane didn’t just know what to do at this point. She has not been attending classes recently, and she knew the teacher must have given some tips on how to do it in one of the lessons she missed.


She wouldn’t want to ask her friends because most of the time they laugh it out and see her as a junkie. How can she get the load off her shoulders together with the bunch of assignments from other supervisors whose deadline are also fast approaching?


Jane decided to brace it all up and approached her senior, Mark, for some tips. Mark was on the verge of graduating from college and had once been in Jane shoes. Little wonder why he was willing to help her.


Jane asked: “Can you show me someone that will write my thesis paper, please?”

“Sure, I will guide you,” Mark replied.

He advised her to do away with all forms of distraction and have a good rest. Then, after that, she will be able to engage her mind in some logical reasoning that would lead to healthy brainstorming for ideas for her thesis. Since the deadline for submission was fast approaching. He acknowledged the fact that Jane had little time to think.


Mark advised Jane to visit an authority site like and hire someone directly to write her thesis. Jane decided to try it as soon as she got home. She was amazed at the fact that her thesis was written within minutes, and she got more than what she expected in terms of service delivery. “This is perfect”! She exclaimed. Now she can boldly face her supervisor and submit her paper even before the deadline.


Needless to say that she had learned a lesson. After that, she resolved always to seek help from the right source online if she finds school task too daunting.


Just like Jane, you might be struggling to write your paper for several days without success. Each day, you surf the web with the hope to find a reliable thesis writing service for hire. But each attempt is always futile as you are either offered a poorly written thesis by the site or they never deliver.


You too can get the help you need with thesis writing with just a click. Even if you find your assignment boring, an expert can write it easily for you. If you ever find it challenging to write a thesis, you can always get the help you need fast. 

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