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Chapter 1


She had short, wavy, brown hair right at her chin. Her black tie complemented her white button up shirt and black tuxedo pants. She finished off the look with grey Nikes and a Nike backpack.

The cold wind brushed against her face, causing a small, but sharp sting. It was the middle of the school year, however, Jade was just released from her mom’s overprotective grasp for her first day at school. Jade was home schooled, due to a family struggle.

She wasn’t usually the clingy type, but she hugged her mom after seeing the huge Middle School, burying her face into her mom’s side.

“Mom… I d-don’t like it…” she said

“Honey, I need you to be strong… for me.” Jade’s mom said, trying to comfort the girl.

“What if they make fun of me…” Jade questioned

“Just trust me. I need you to do this because I need free hands to take care of your baby brother.”

Jade followed her mom into the school, waiting to be sent to a room full of kids, kids that she doesn't know. She’s rarely even seen kids, due to being home schooled. The only kid she actually knew was her friend, Josh. They played basketball and soccer at his house sometimes. Another kid she knew was her new baby brother; Oliver.

Jade’s mom walked her to her classroom door. Jade walked in and up to the teacher. She was prepared to be told where to sit or what to do. The teacher told Jade to introduce herself as the ‘adults talked’. The teacher walked out the classroom with Jade’s mom.

Jade nervously walked up to the front of the classroom, prepared to introduce herself. But, before she could even say a word, one kid yelled; “are you a boy or a girl?”

“well... My name is Jade Wilson, and I am from New York. for as much of my life I can remember, I've been home-schooled. I am 11 years old and I am a girl.”

“Ewww! Why are you wearing boy clothes?!?!”


“Wha- why would you like your OWN gender!?? You need to check yourself, girl! You are gross!”


Tons of yelling filled the classroom until the teacher busted into the room, confused at the ruckus. The kids immediately changed their ‘ewwws’ to laughing. The teacher shrugged, thinking that Jade just said something funny. The teacher dismissed Jade to her seat.

Jade sat down, beside the kid that told her to check herself. She looked away, trying not to bring attention to herself.

“Listen,” the kid started, “just keep your germy hands away from me!”

The kid scooted over more and Jade hid in her arms with her head down on the table.

“I’m sorry, Jade.” her teacher said coming over to her. “I had to talk with your mom so I missed your presentation. Maybe you can tell me later.”

The teacher looked over at Jade and said, “Oh! I see you’ve made a new friend! If you don’t already know, his name is Lucas.”

Jade didn’t move, still looking down at the table.

“I’m Mrs. Davis! if you need anything, just let me know.”

Jade nodded, not knowing what to say. She grabbed her sketchbook and started drawing a deer-like human.

Lucas looked over at her sketchbook. “Oh God, you’re a fury too!? I’m outta here.” he muttered.

“Actually, this is a hybrid. A crossbreed of deer and human. Not the same as an anthropomorphic animal.” Jade corrected.

“Do I look like I care?” Lucas snapped, turning away again.

“Welcome back to class and a special welcome to Jade!” Mrs. Davis told the class once the bell had rung.

The class looked up from whatever they were doing. Jade, however, continued to draw.

“Jade.” Mrs. Davis called. “Are you paying attention?”

“Oh… sorry.” Jade said as laughter rose from the classroom.

“Now class, let’s settle down!” Mrs. Davis said. “Since today is one week from winter break, I thought we’d do something to celebrate! Let’s start by making a winter themed door design!”

The kids all excitedly started talking and laughing.

“Come grab your supplies!” Mrs. Davis called.

The kids all ran to the front of the room to grab supplies. All the kids but Jade. She slowly walked and waited to get the last supply. When she got to the table, everything had already been claimed.

“It’s ok, you two can make snowflakes!” Mrs. Davis smiled

Two? Jade thought.

She looked behind her and saw another girl. The girl had long, wavy hair and wore a blue long sleeve dress with snowflake designs on it.

“Let’s get to that then.” The girl said

Jade followed the girl, starting to smile. The girl didn’t make fun of her.

“I’m Lauren!” The girl smiled

“I-I’m Jade…”

There was something in the eyes of Lauren that was different than in other girls. It seemed to Jade that maybe…

Then it hit her

Jade had noticed her binder cover, it had a lesbian flag in the front pocket.

YES! Jade thought Yesyesyesyesyes!

"Are you-"

But Lauren quickly covered the binder and acted like nothing happened. She looked up at Jade.

"Am I what?"

"Nevermind..." Jade replied

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