Blue Eyes


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Chapter 1

Blood was pilled again by my own two hands. This is the only thing that I am good at. How many people have I killed now? I guess, this man here who I pinned down on the floor will be my three hundred thirty three.

They call me the living Death because of my white pale skin with a skinny body and long jet black hair. I've been doing this kind of job, killing people and giving the justice for the ones who hire me, since when I killed someone on my eight birthday. I was a street child that time, my mother gave me an apple which we usually can not afford since the only source of our living is begging. I was very happy at that moment. Suddenly, a big guy with a big belly took my apple and started beating my mother. I was crying, wailing at that time, then I saw a sharp metal object lying on the ground, I picked it up and drove it to the scumbag's heart. I saw my mother lying on the ground and was about to die.

"You must become strong from now, son. I'll be leaving you from now. Do not show any weakness. Do not cry. Do not mourn the dead for they do not have emotions and feelings any longer." She said her final words.

"You're mother is right, kid." A guy suddenly appeared.

"Who are you?" I was surprised.

"I'm the guy who will get you out of this messy life that you are living into." He said.

From that day  on, a middle aged guy from the underground society took me in and turned me into who I am now where death only crosses in my hands. I was trained to be the best of what I do. I became a cold killing machine. I don't have the capability of feeling any remorse and I hate it. I don't want to kill anymore. And tonight, I vow that this will be last my hands will take someone's life. 

"Go ahead and kill me now." The man who was pinned down cough blood. "Just like what I taught you, it's nothing personal. You're just doing your job." He grinned. "I'm proud of you, son."

I pulled the trigger of my forty five caliber. I shot the man who stood up as my father right through his heart. The sound of the gun shot echoed throughout my being. Still, no emotions or feelings was felt but my cheeks suddenly got wet. I wiped it off and looked at my hand. It wasn't blood, it was transparent like water. 

I was mentally and physically exhausted. I was drained. My knees were wobbling. I decided to sit down, took my phone out in my pocket and dialed the client.

"The job's done." I reported.

"That's good to hear." A man with an old raspy voice replied. "We will deliver the remaining payment this midnight at the bay."

Midnight was about to come. I was waiting while feeling all the killing intent that is surrounding me. A black  armored car arrived. The driver got out to open the door for the three people. Two women wearing in a corporate attire and between them is a middle aged man wearing a corporate attire also with a  furry robe hanging on his shoulder. 

"Thank you for taking out our enemy, Mr. Thirteen or should I say, Gin Zayne." The man who was between the two women started laughing. "I never thought the Zayne family, a proud family of assassins cold be so stupid." He kept laughing. "So stupid to the point that they are willing to kill their relatives for just a mere job and money."

This guy doesn't know what he's talking. The members of Zayne family are not related by blood but with trust, honor and respect. For us, in the family, we are honored to die from the hands of someone from his own family because we believe in a saying, The Strong Eats The Weak.

"Where's the remaining payment?" I shrugged.

The old man burst into laughter, "Unfortunately, there's no remaining payment waiting for you, only your death. "He clapped his hands.

The people who were hiding with their killing intent leaped with such speed to kill me with their knives and swords, but I am already aware of what is coming. I unsheathe my wakizashi strapped behind my back and slashed through the air. Blood showered from their arms, and hands started falling to the ground.For a legit ninjas, they were wailing and crying. I could have killed them with such ease but that would be breaking my promise.

"What's this?" The old man was smiling with sinister on his face. "You've gotten soft after killing your stupid kind?"

For the first time in my life, I felt an unfamiliar feeling. The feeling that made my body to move on its own and made me want to really kill this old man. The feeling that made my body burn inside. I leap to him him and swung my wakizashi but I was stopped by these two women. This feeling is swelling up. That's right, this is the feeling of being mocked.

"You can not hope to defeat my two lovely angels. These two are the fruits of our labor, the superhuman experiment." He announced defiantly.

These two women are really extraordinary. They attacked with such super speed. My eyes can barely catch up with their movements. I have no time to lose. If only I was able to fully recover fast from the last fight with my own family.

I took some needles in the small bag wrapped around my waist. I gracefully dodge their attacks while leaving some needles at their pressure points until they were not able to move. Finally, I cornered the old man but I didn't notice that the other woman was still able to move. I didn't notice that one of the needles missed a vital point. She suddenly appeared at my back and swung his arm with her superhuman strength to my neck.

My vision slowly fell down. I can't seem to remember what I'm doing. I was now looking at the foot of this old man. This is it for me, I guess. I was now having a hard time breathing and started vomiting lots of blood. No one's gonna mourn for me unlike the people that I killed.

"This is the only thing that I can give to you, time. To repent for your sins and hope to be reborn or repent or whatever religion shits there is." He bid farewell.

I wish that kind of thing is real and this time, and if it'll be granted, I want to be who protect life this time. 

I finally closed my eyes and let go of my existence. It was dark and peaceful. I can feel myself drifting from a flowing water. I heard voices then I saw light. I heard a baby was crying and saw blurry faces of two people. They were young man and young woman. They were looking at me with such joy. Finally, my eyes are now adjusted to the light, I can now see these two people clearly. I felt so happy and a sense of belonging, and I didn't know why but I've felt this kind of feeling from a long time. That's right, this is the feeling when I was with my mother before I turned into a murderer. I tried to reach for them but what I saw were small hands, only able to grip a finger of this bearded middle aged man. 

And that is when I realized that this newborn child is me. That the world has granted me that wish and reincarnated me. That a chance was given to me. A chance to make up for the lives that I took.

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Chapter 2

Blood leaked out for the eyes, ears, nose and mouth of my father. Back then, I was still a three years old when he died  protecting me, against my own power. Mother kept the truth of what really happened to my father for seven years. However, I already know what happened to him. It was caused by my power. It was overwhelming my body, it formed into something of a demon, killing me inside my head. 

"Who are you?" I asked.

"I am you, your power." He replied.

"Why are you hurting me?" I asked.

"Don't be delusional, child. I'm not doing such kind of thing. You don't even get hurt. You don't know what is that. You don't know what pain is. You don't know what are those. Have you forgotten?"

He was like me in my past life. Cold and expressionless, you can't see any emotions and feelings on his face. His pupils were shining blue in the dim lit room and the sclera were black with blue veins across the eyes. Huge raven-like wings, he was magnificent yet terrifying to look at.

"Beautiful wings." I was awed. "What are you?"

"You, humans call us demons." He said. "Even though, we are your power, created from what you really are. For that, I am you and you are me. I am your reflection. Have you forgotten who you really are?" He played the flashbacks of my old life.

"Stop it! I'm not like that anymore. I have a new life now."

"Don't be silly, kid." He gripped my neck. "If you don't want me, your very own power, might as well I'll kill you."

In this world, power exists in the mind of people, they call it Psychopass -- from the word 'Psycho' means 'mind'  and 'pass' from the word 'compass'. They say that people who can use more than ten percent of their brain can unlock or acquire this kind of power. The power is divided into four -- Enhancer, Telekinesis, Manipulator and Telepathy. Each power has its own elemental affinity, earth for enhancer, fire for manipulator, wind for telekinesis, and water for telepathy. Each power has been specialized by Northern, Southern, Eastern and Western people. Each power has a demon that will try to devour, consume, or take over your body.

"If you're going to kill me then you're going to die also." I said.

"Try me." He gripped my neck harder.

This demon really reminds me of my old self, and I don't know if I should feel nostalgic about it. I don't have the ability to do anything in this situation anymore. There's no stopping him. He will kill me without feeling a thing. It was about to be my last breathe when a sword just fell down with a speed of lightning and impaled his arm that was holding to my neck. After that, another one fell down again, and again...and again.

The swords that impaled the demon crumbled and scattered into pieces, and formed into something human. It was my father. He saved me from the demon who was now bleeding blue all over.

"Father." I called.

"Son!" He hugged me.

"What happened?" I asked. "Where am I?"

"We are inside of your mind." He said.

"We're what?" I was confused.

"Oh, son! You are a genius kid after all." He hugged me again. "You unlocked your power at such young age. And that's not all, to think that you're already a blue class right from the start." He explained while tearing up like a kid who was touched from the movie that he watched. "I'm so proud of you."

"So, you're the father." The demon stood up, bleeding all over, still with no facial expression.

"So, you're my other son." He beamed. "I'm sorry if I did that to you but you were trying to kill yourself, you see, and you're mother and I would be saddened for the rest of our life if that's gonna happen."

"You don't treat me like other humans would, do you?" He asked.

"Of course, you're my son too, silly!" He smiled. "And you're going to forgive me if I'll do this to you too, right?" Chains and shackles started appearing from the neck, hands and feet, binding the demon from trying to kill me.

"Jayle, son, give your other self a name, okay?" He looked at me and.. "I'll give you thirteen years to think of one. So, make sure you are prepared when you're going to face him again. And while you're at.. I'll keep him company so that this guy won't be bored and try to kill you again." gave me the warmest smile that he can give.

Psychopass power has a long story. This power started thousands of years ago, when a young man traveled to the four corners of the world. There, he met the four legendary beasts - The Phoenix of South, The Turtle of North, The Mammoth of East and The Griffin of West. Each of them gave him knowledge and power and became a Sage that ruled the world. The heaven was threatened and despised the idea of a human becoming equal to them. So, they released the Divine Dragon to destroy and recreate the world.

The man who became a Sage fought the Divine dragon for a hundred years, and finally, killed the beast. In order for the Sage to kill the dragon, he sacrificed himself and unleashed all his power. After that, some of his power still remains however the Sage himself was already gone. It doesn't have a vessel anymore, so it split into four again and scattered back to the legendary beasts.

"Jayle, you were born with such gift from the world itself. Your body couldn't handle at such a young age that's why your father sacrificed himself, for you to live.." My mother confessed.

Father was really a great man. He was the head of the Da'Leon Family, a noble family form the kingdom of Cebania. A very powerful that treats with just to the weak. He's an admirable person.

"..So, promise me, my dear Jayle." She took my hands. "Live your life like you father did, okay?"

"I will, mother." I kissed her forehead.

In my past life, my name is Gin Zayne, the best assassin in my old life and hated it. But now, I was given a chance to live a life again in another world and I'm very thankful with it.

"All hail, Princess Julia!" Someone suddenly shouted.

The princess is a beauty from heavens. She has a white rosy skin, very smooth wavy hair, pointy cute nose and a sexy mole on the upper right of her lips. We've been friends after a year and a half of what happened to my father. She was the one who made me happy again. I'm glad that she's my fiancee for I am forever thankful to her for getting me out from the world of solitude.

"All hail, Princess Julia!" Everyone from our house lined up and greeted her.

"Princess Julia" I offered my hands to get her down from the horse that she was riding.

"Jayle!" She pouted. "Why do you have always to call me like that?" She jumped to me.

"Please be careful, my princess." I caught her in my arms

She blushed and turned her attention to my mother, "Mother Maria!" She leapt over from my grip and hugged my mother tightly.

"Hello, my dear." She hugged her back. "How are you?"

"Not good, mother." She suddenly glared at my direction. "Since tomorrow is already the day that Jayle will be tested, and still, he's a weak little boy. He can't even carry me properly."

"What did you say?!"

Time really flies by when you are doing a lot of things. Tomorrow will be the day that I will prove to the King that me and my family are still worthy for her daughter, Princess Julia li Cebania.

"I'm sorry, dear. Jayle has been helping run the family since his father has passed away already. He caressed her. "But don't worry, Jayle has been working very hard for this coming day."

"Really?" She beamed. "Your level should better meet my father's expectation, mister!"

In order to prove myself, I must be a level seven Star class, defeat a level eight star fighter, and slay a level ten Star class beast.

"Yes, princess!" I smiled.

"Or else.." She's starting to be dramatic as usual. "..father will cancel our wedding."

The Psychopass power is ranked into four class -- Star, Moon, Sun, and Blue. Each class have ten levels. Level one to five Star class is where you will be when you awakened your hidden potential. Level ten means that you have mastered the certain class and able to move to higher class.

In the recorded history, there are twelve Blue class who lives in this world -- three for each affinity. One of them is the King himself. My father was supposed to become a blue class since he was a master Sun class already. With that, our family became even more famous throughout the land, until what my powers did to him. Because of me, the honor of our family was been damaged.

"Tomorrow, I will do my best to regain what I have destroyed."

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