-His Best Friend's Daughter


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-His Best Friend's Daughter

This is Book 1 of 'The Price Brothers Stories"

A Series of Five Books







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Chapter 1

"You have to be kidding me! There's no way in hell I'm getting married!"

He watched as she reacted exactly the way he expected her to; like a teenager. When her father had spoken to him about the arrangement he himselfthought his friend hadbecome deranged but he was convinced it was the best thing for her. He felt that having him marry his daughter was the only way to protect her from the gossips and while he wasn't interested in being marriedhe'd admired the young lady standing before them since they'd met six months earlier andshe was a vision ofbeauty he would gladly take to his bed now he had permission.

He had to hide the amusement in his expression as she ranted and stomped around her father’s office swearing. He felt the stirrings as he watched her body twist with each angry movement. Flexibility in his bed was a very good thing to have. He thought fleetingly of his favourite position.

"I don't understand why we have to get married Dad. I'm only seventeen and he's..." her arm flung towards him as she sat down in the chair across from him in a huff."He’s OLD!"


"Ouch Anna... You wound me." He put a hand across his chest in a mocking heartbroken motion.

His eyes twinkled at the look of disgust she gave him.

"You're twice my age. You're a pervert" she said with anger in her voice.

"Look Anna, this is the best solution.” Her father tried to reason.

"Best for who Dad? You sat there not five minutes ago and tell me I'm getting married to your best friend and expect me to go along with it? Honestly Dad most fathers would be out for blood not condoning paedophilic behaviour."

She stood up in disgust. "I'm going out."

"Where are you going?" Her father asked looking at her with an exasperated expression.

"Oh you know... Out with people my own age. YOUNG people." She couldn't help but stress the difference in their ages.

"Like who?" He had to ask. Did she have a boyfriend? That thought didn't settle to well on him at all and her father hadn’t mentioned anyone being on the scene.

"Not that it's any of your concern but they're friends” she retorted.

"Just friends?" His jaw was locked.

He could see realisation forming in her mind as she started to smile "Are you asking if I have a boyfriend?"


"No I don't."

He felt the relief wash over him until...

"I have a fuck buddy."

"ANNALISA!" Her father yelled.

"Dump him. Today." He could feel the anger building in him, this was completely unacceptable.

"Nope. I haven't finished with him yet." She waved a hand as she walked out of the room with a grin on her face.

Her father sat at his desk with his head in his hands "God that went well."

He lent forward in his seat "Look Michael I know this is hard for you but are you sure this is the only way? You know my lifestyle, you know I won’t tolerate any insolence."

Slumping back in his chair Michael looked at him. "Ifthere was any other way I would have taken it. I feel like a prick for asking you to do this and what Anna must think of me..." he shook his head sadly.

"Look, she's a teen. It's hardwired for them to be dramatic. She'll come round in time."

He hoped!

"Time's the one thing I don't have Damon. You know that. The best I can hope for is that she'll forgive me one day."

He watched his friend of twenty seven years as he battled with himself and the decision he'd made.

"I'll go and talk with her. Try and make her see sense..."

"Don't tell her." Michael looked at him with pleading eyes.

"That's your place Michael. You do need to tell her though and she needs to know soon."

"I know. I will... soon."

Damon shook his head with a wry grin "Always the same." He stood up "I'll go talk to her. You get the bbq going. I think we could both use a night of steak and booze. Can't say women cause you know... engaged man and all."

He laughed as he left his friend but that soon changed to a scowl as he thought of the future ahead of them all. Slowly the smile returned as he got closer to her bedroom where he could hear her singing. Out of everything that would happen there was one thing that was certain; he was going to enjoy having Anna.

She was in the bathroom. He smiled wickedly. Should he? Mmmm yeah.

Leaning against the door frame he waited for her to realise he was there. What he didn't contemplate was how it would affect him to see her washing herself in the bathtub. She raised the arm closest to him and he had the profile view of her bubble covered breast. He couldn't take his eyes off it as it bounced with her movements. Mmmm he thought, that was his. His. He was a very possessive man when it came to what he owned. It was a dangerous game for anyone who defied him. He didn't care if he made enemies with his ideals; as long as they respected him. No one else was allowed to touch what was his and it was time to let her know that.

The bath was exactly what she needed to help relax her tense muscles. When her father called her to his office the last thing she expected him to want was for her to get married. It was simply ludicrous! Damon may be an attractive man... ok, he'd been the subject of a few dreams... but there was no way in hell she wanted to marry him! The man was a year older than her father for goodness sake! She couldn't help but grin at his expression when she said she had a fuck buddy and hadn't finished with him. That moment in the conversation almost made it all worthwhile... almost. She started singing another song as she moved to wash down her sides.

"You'll be singing my name soon my fiancée" a voice whispered in her ear just seconds before she screamed.

"What the hell are you doing in here? GET OUT!" She moved as far away as she could making sure she was covered with bubbles as much as she could.

He smiled widely at her as he knelt beside the tub and dropped his hand into the water and swirled it around. Saying nothing.

"Get out Damon. You have no right to come in here like..."

He grabbed her by her foot and dragged her to him and held onto her around the waist. "I can and will do anything I want to my future wife."

"Like hell you will you perverted piece of... "

He grabbed her by the face as hid eyes narrowed "Learn to mind your manners little girl or I'll teach you them myself. Do I make myself clear?"

Her eyes widened and filled with fear and she nodded slowly as he let her face go.

"Good." He smiled at her again "where do you want to go for our honeymoon?"

"I'm not marrying you!" she retorted angrily.

"Oh but you are. You're mine now Anna. You and I will be getting married as soon as it can be arranged." Again with the smile. "I can't wait to have you under me moaning."

"Oh please, like you could ever turn me on!"

He trailed a finger along her shoulder making her shiver. Leaning across he lowered his head to take her earlobe into his mouth and bit it softly making her heat up to the core of her existence. "Challenge accepted" he whispered as he trailed his mouth along her cheek resting for a moment as he touched the edge of her mouth before smirking and lowering his mouth to kiss the juncture between her neck and her shoulder. She moaned. He pulled away.

"You disappoint me Anna, I thought for sure you'd last until I had my mouth... here." He brushed his thumb over her nipple. She moaned. He pulled away and stood up, leaving her breathless.

"We're getting married Anna. Your father doesn't need you to be all spoilt brat about it. It's happening, end of story." He raised his hand to silence her as she began to argue again. "Get used to it Anna. Very soon we'll be introducing ourselves as Mr and Mrs Damon Price."

"No..." her protests were quickly cut off.

"Shut the hell up Anna. Just do as you're told and you'll be treated well. Keep arguing and it'll only be bad for you."

He walked over to the door but before he left he turned to look her dead in the eyes "Your body is mine Anna and I don't share what I own. Tell your fuck buddy to fuck off."

He was gone and she let herself slide beneath the bubbles again as she whispered to the silent room "Oh my... what the hell have you got me into Dad?"


Sitting with friends at the bar she couldn't stop the feeling that washed over her. She’d been in edge since Damon was in the bathroom with her so maybe it was that?

Whatever it was, it was fucking creepy! Nervously she looked around the room while laughing atstupid joke her friend Red tried telling to impress them with. She kept the smile on her face as she looked but there was nothing. She could see no reason at all for why she felt like this as she lost the smile and kept looking around.

"Hey" Peterpunched her in the arm playfully.

"Ouch what was that for?"She rubbedher arm to take the dull ache away.

"You seem a million miles away at the moment. What's wrong?"

Immediately all at the table stopped and looked at them. They'd all grown up together and when one hurt, they all hurt.

"Anna? What's wrong honey?" Red may be the jokester but she was the mother of the group and if you hurt one of her own then she'd make sure you wouldn't see the dawn of a new day. She may be tiny but her wrath was bigger than the Atlantic! She was also the little Chihuahua that wouldn't let go if she thought there was something wrong with you.

"I'm ok guys. Something just feels a little off. I can't stop feeling like someone's watching."

Brendan laughed "Of course you feel that way" he lent in to the middle of the table "you got in here with a false I.D. What you're doing is illegal!"

They all laughed then, including her. "I don't think that's it. This isn't the first time we've done this. I never felt this way before." She couldn't help but look around again. "Maybe I should just go before I spoil all your fun."

"Noooooo!!!!! Stay. Look if we think something's wrong we'll take you home.... ok?" Brendan puppy dogged eyes at her. She narrowed her own. "I hate you."

"No you don't. No one could hate this face" his cheeky grin earning one from her as she felt a tap on the shoulder. She froze, wide eyed as her friends looked behind her.

"Excuse me. You'll have to escort me to the manager’s office."

Anna turned around and looked up... and up. This guy was a giant. Granted he was gorgeous with his dark brown, almost black hair and chocolate eyes, but still a giant and she gulped knowing that she wasn't about to defy him. She nodded.

"Bring your belongings. You won't be coming back."

"Hey man," Brendan went to stand "she's not hurting anything..."

"Sit down sir or we'll have to ask you to leave."

"We're not leaving without Anna."

"That's already taken care of. Now, if we've had enough childish crap you need to follow me young lady."

Follow she did. She looked back once and saw Red with the universal symbol of 'call me' happening with her hand. Nodding she turned around again and followed the giant down a long hallway. What seemed like an eternity was in fact mere seconds as they made their way to the door with the word manager written on it. He knocked and opened the door.

"She's here boss."

He pushed her through the door and closed it behind her. She stood nervously with hand gripping on her small handbag while she waited for the moment of doom.

"Sit down Anna."

She stood stunned. Who was that... that voice... "Damon?"

As cliché as it was the chair behind the desk turned around to reveal the man who scared her more than anyone else.

"I told you to do something. I never repeat myself Anna." He looked at her with dark eyes that made her shiver as she walked over to the chair in front of the desk and sat, rigid, poised for escape.

"Give me the I.D."

"I don't..."

"Tsk tsk" he moved suddenly and got up from the chair "don't add lying to your crimes.I know you used a false ID to get in here because everyone’s checked and I want it. Now."

With shaking fingers she opened the bag she was holding and took the ID out and held it out to him as he made his way towards her. Taking it from her he glanced at it briefly before putting it in his pocket and moved to stand directly in front of her leaning on the desk behind him.

"You disappoint me Anna. Your father told me what a good girl you are... pure. I wonder how disappointed he'd be if he saw you here, now, looking like a little slut."


He shook his head. "Look at what you're wearing Anna. You're sitting in front of me and I can see that you're wearing black lace underwear because that scrap of material you're wearing doesn't have enough material in it to cover whatI own. Do you know how many men were looking at you tonight Anna? You showed them parts of you that belong to me and that, my dear" he lent down to whisper in her ear "makes me very… very angry."

He jerked away from her and she realised she was crying. This man scared her to death. What would life be like living with him?

"I've been watching you tonight Anna. You're lucky that I never saw you touch anyone. Was your fuck buddy out there tonight?"

Her eyes met his and she saw they were narrow, dark and full of something. She shook her head.

"For god sake Anna, You're not a timid child. Speak."

"No. I don't have...” She had to tell him the truth. This had gotten way out of hand.

*Sigh* "I told you I don't like lies Anna. Was he there or not? Yes or no?"


He closed his eyes for a moment before looking at her again. "Ok, I'll believe you this time. Now come here."

She stood and placed her bag on the chair she got up from and went to him. He wrappedhis rightarm around her waist and pulled her into him as his left hand went up under her hair pulling sharply, she gasped. He crushed her mouth with his own and used the gasp to his advantage to gain entrance as his tongue savoured the flavours from all portions of her mouth. He continued his onslaught until suddenly his mouth became soft and she found herself melting into the kiss he was giving her.

He let her go and pushed her away. "Go home Anna. Ben will drive you. I'll be home in a while."

"What?" she was confused as he smiled suddenly

"I live with you now."

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Chapter 2

"Anna! Get up!"

"Dad" she groaned as she opened one eye and looked at the clock "it's not even 5:30! Whyyyyy?"

"You're driving me to the airport."

"That's nice" she murmured as she snuggled down into her pillows again before her eyes snapped open "Wait... What?" She half sat as she looked at her father. "Where are you going?"

Her father threw up his hands "Great. Teens never listen! I told you I was going away this week. You're staying here now that Damon is living here. No need for you to go to Red's."

Climbing out of her bed in a hurry she pleaded with her father "Please Dad, I always go to Red's when you're away. It's nice to spend some time with her mum."

"Don't be ridiculous Anna. This will give you the chance to get to know him better."

"Dad, please?!?!!"

"No Anna. I know he's looking forward to spending quality time getting to know you. You should at least show some manners and be happy to get to know your future husband."

"Dad, he doesn't like me and I don't like him. We're going to end up fighting all the time. It would be better if..."

"Morning Anna." Him.

Her father raised an eyebrow to her.

"Morning Damon."

He laughed "Not a morning person I see."

"Not this early" she murmured.

"If I'd known I would never have suggested to your father that we'd drive him to the airport and then go and have breakfast."

"It was your idea... figures."

"Anna! That's enough. Apologise."

"Sorry Daddy."

"Not to me girl. To Damon... and try to look at him when you say it."

She exhaled slowly as she looked up at Damon. Her breath caught as she saw a smile on his face, a real smile. He looked so different. She looked past the smile to look him in the eyes and shivered. The smile may be on his face but his eyes... the smile never reached them.

"I'm sorry Damon."

She obviously surprised him as his expression changed for a second.

"Hey it's ok sweetheart. At least we don't have to do this every day!"

Her father laughed "heaven help anyone who tries to get her to do that!"

Damon joined in with the laughter as Anna moved to her wardrobe.

"Ok Ok... Enough laughing at the kid. Please leave so I can get dressed."

Her father left first and as Damon turned to follow he looked at her.


"What?" She was confused.

"Your new wake up time. I get up at six. You'll be getting up to make me breakfast. Eggs, bacon, pancakes, freshly squeezed orange juice. If I decide on anything else I'll just come and see you through the night."

He turned again to face the door before he turned back and walked to her "Good morning Anna!"

His mouth found hers with precise and determined movements as he pushed his tongue into her mouth. His hands found their way around her body squeezing the softness with no hint of compassion. He was brutal.

Pulling back he slapped her on the arse.

"Don't forget... you're mine." He laughed at her as she stood trembling while he walked away.

Just when she thought he was gone he came back to the door. "Make sure you have everything you need for school. I'll be driving you and picking you up from now on."

She nodded as she tried to keep her head low. He sighed and walked away as she heard "so fucking disappointing."


Standing outside the school she waited. He said he'd pick her up but he hadn't come as yet. She'd been waiting for nearly an hour when she decided enough was enough. Her best friend Red lived up the block and her brother Ben would give her a lift if he was home so she started walking to their place.

Knocking on the door she waited. Seeing a black car go by she was distracted enough not to realise that Ben had opened the door and raised her hand to knock again before she looked back to the door.

"Ouch Anna!"

Startled she looked at him in surprise "I'm sorry!"

"Red's not here."

"I know. Would you please give me a ride home?"

"I thought you took the bus?"

"I do I did..." throwing her hands in the air she grumbled "I have no idea what I do anymore!"


"My dad's gone away and has his best friend staying at the house and he was supposed to pick me up..."

"Hang on... school's been out for an hour."

"I know."

"He just... Forgot?"

"I have no idea but I have to get home..."

He raised his hand "I'll get my keys."


She heard the door slam and cringed. He forgot her and he was mad? The sound of his pounding feet on the stairs matched the beats of her heart. Strong, forceful and relentless.

"Where the fuck were you?"

She turned and gulped. He wasn't mad; he was furious. His body held rigid as his hands were clenched.

"I asked you a fucking question princess!"

"I waited for an hour."

"Bullshit. I was there at three."

"School finishes at two. We must have just missed each other."

His eyes narrowed on her looking for a sign, anything that said she was lying. There was none.

"Why didn't you fucking call me?"

"I don't know your number."

She jumped slightly as he suddenly started moving towards her.

"Give me your phone."

Obediently she handed over her phone and after putting his number in it he handed it back to her.

"Stand up."

She stood nervously as his eyes roamed her body and narrowed.

"Tell me you didn't change into this at school" he demanded.

"No, I changed when I got home."

His eyes narrowed in to hers once more "how did you get home?"

She shuffled her feet slightly "Red lives up the road from the school so I went there and her brother Ben drove me home."

He raised his eyebrow "Red was with you?"

“She wasn't there."

"You were in a car with a boy on your own?"

"Yes. Ben always... "

She was cut off as her body slammedinto his and his mouth crushed hers. She could taste the metallic flavour of blood as he took possession of it. His hands held her in a tight grip that left no room to fight against them.

Then suddenly he was gone. All contact removed as she gasped to breathe.

"Take down your pants."

Jerking back to reality she stammered "What... No..."

"Don't fucking argue with me Anna. Do it now or I'll do it for you and it won't be pleasant."

She had no choice. She did as he said.

His eyes softened to wipe the lone tear that escaped and was travelling down her cheek. "See my love, it's much easier to do as you're told."

Pulling back he stepped around her and sat in the chair she'd just got up from. Grabbing her by the hand he jerked her face down across his lap.

She tried to get up but he pushed her down again "don't fucking move."

"mmmmm" he hummed "You have a beautiful arse Anna". Rubbing across the cheeks still covered by her panties she wasn't prepared for what happened next. He spanked her! Each slap harder than the last until he was satisfied she'd been punished enough.

She was sobbing. Her throat hurt from the screams asking him to stop but he seemed more determined to have her beg then really listen to the words she was saying.

He pushed her up and off him and once again he stood with his arms around her. This time when he kissed her it was soft and almost enticing. Resting his head on hers he whispered "Never go anywhere with a boy on your own again. You're mine Anna."

She was shaking as she sat on the end of her bed. He scared the hell out of her and there was no way she could get away from him. Why did her father arrange this? Surely he had some idea what his friend was really like? Was that what he wanted? Had she gone off the rails and he was using Damon to get her back under control? It didn't make any sense. Why did he do this? Was she that bad?

Clutching herself around the stomach she started to rock back and forth. Completely oblivious that she was doing it. A nervous reaction that came from the past. One that would be the beginning of her demise.

Her alarm woke her. 5:30am as he told her. She couldn't remember going to sleep last night... or was it this morning? She was exhausted but slowly made her way to the bathroom to freshen up and splash water on her face before going to the kitchen and cooking the meal he commandingly requested.

She worked mechanically as she prepared his food. Stopping every now and then to close her eyes and take a breath because the smell was too much. Somehow she'd timed things right and had just finished serving things up when he walked into the room.

"Good morning my love! What a beautiful day it is today."

She placed the plate on the table in front of him as he sat down. Her wrist was grabbed suddenly in a firm, halting grip making her jump.

"I said good morning."

Gulping down the wave of nausea she spoke, softly, politely "Good morning Damon."

He let her go "Where is your breakfast Anna?"

She looked at him guiltily "I've already eaten."

His eyed narrowed "What did you eat?"

Not willing to admit the truth she lied "Two pancakes and a slice of bacon" she hoped he believed her.

He shook his head as he picked up his knife and fork. "I'm disappointed my love. Our first morning together and we aren't having breakfast together. This makes me very sad."

Anna looked to the floor not really caring how he felt "I'm sorry."

He looked surprised at her apology and with a sigh he pushed his chair back "Come here my love."

She knew she had no choice but to as he commanded. Slowly she walked to him and sat rigidly on his lap as he pulled her into his arms. She her lip to stop her mouth from trembling. She froze as she felt the strap of her top being pushed aside and a warm mouth taking its place.

"Relax my love. I won't hurt you."

She tried her best but fought the need to cry as his hands worked in unison rubbing over her stomach and her back. In a strange way it felt comforting but she was too afraid to let her guard down completely. The hand from her stomach moved to lift her chin as his mouth searched out hers. Her body betrayed her as the kiss intensified and his tongue pushed past her lips. She felt a slight sting from where she'd been biting but it was soon forgotten as two hands found the back of her head and his mouth sought her total submission to him. She found her hands clutching onto his arms as her mouth gave up all fight to his domination.

She felt more than heard him hum his approval as slowly he brought the kiss to an end. Both out of breath he rested his forehead against hers.

"My beautiful wife to be, tomorrow we shall have breakfast together mmm?"

Her mind screamed no as her mouth betrayed her once more "Yes Damon."

He beamed at her "Good girl. Now get ready for school and remember, clothes will not show others what I own."

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