The Girl Who Got Everything


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 Have you ever imagined yourself having everything you wanted? Imagine all the toys you would love to have, all the dolls, toy cars, stuffed animals, clothes, shoes and anything you could think of. Well, if you see what I’m seeing you think of yourself as the happiest kid in the world. Well, this is the story of a girl that got everything she ever wanted. This girl’s name was Ella. She came from a rich family. She had beautiful shoulder length wavy brown hair and ocean deep blue eyes. Ever since she was born she had everything she wanted but unlike the other stories she had love and never felt lonely. Her mother was a famous fashion designer and her father a very rich businessman. Every weekend Ella and her mom would go shopping for new things. Although Ella was only two years old and she wasn’t going to preschool her mom made sure that that her precious Ella was beautifully dressed. One day they went shopping and Ella bought three dolls and a big barbie car for them, and of course many many clothes for herselfSoon Ella’s birthday came and she was turning three years old. She invited her two best friends (their parents also rich) to her house.They played for hours until it was time to open the presents.One of her frainds, Stella, gave her a plastic sparkly tiara and a BIG stuffed alnimal that looked like a giraffe.Next, her other best fraind Layla gave her a lovely pair of shoes and a 

marmaid tail that looked like Ariel’s (Ariel was her favorite princess).Next it was her parents’ turn.Both of her parents each had a giant box in their hands and some little gift bags/boxes.(they buy some gifts togeder but most if them ware separate).Ella’s mom gave her the small gifts first.She got her a pair of sneackers,head bands,and a new baby doll that she always wanted.Then it was her dad’s turn.He of corse have her the small once first as wll.He got Ella a soccar ball,a stuffed pinguin that was twice her size,also a cute T-shirt that said: “The mall princess!!!”After that both of Ella’s parents gt out the big gifts wch ware geltally wraped in delicate silver sparckly wrapping paper.Ella started with the biggest one of corse.So wen she opend it…….it was a giant Doll house with a doorbell,three floors,furniture and included six dolls.The house has three rooms on each floor.There was a parent’ room,a baby room,and a kid’s room.Each one had a closet with about six clouths in each one that mached the age of whouse the room belonged to.The house also had a kitchion,two bathrooms,a laundry room,a garage,an attic,a toy room,and a back yard that had some swings and two slides.Next to the dool house was a little transparent box that contained some pets,a carage and a plastic tree.Next she unwrapped the other present wandering what will be in the next present.It was more then one thing.There were two big Lego sets,a set of twenty nail polishes,a plastic fairy wand,a fairytale book,a Little marmaid 3 DVD,and a schach book plus paints and new colored pencils.Then they figured out that there was one more  meddium sized present.When they read the tag they realized that it was from Ella’s aunt,Aunt Catherine.When Ella opened it ,it was a painting kit,but not any kind of paint,face paint with lots of colors,brushes of all sizes and shapes,colorful sponges,and included a paper of ideas of what you could paint.As soon as they ate cake and sang “HAPPY BITHDAY” they went rushing up the stairs to try the face paint from Ella’s aunt. And for a 

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