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Prologue (Rewritten)


    Alice never meant to open the curse box. She was surprised by being near a tree, sleeping and all of a sudden in a green and blue room and her eyes were black. She took steps and was in the middle of the room as she neared her arms extended and grabbed a box. As her hand rested on the lid she opened the Curse Box. It sparkled the color black as the lid was off. Alice eyes weren’t black anymore.  

It unleashed the most evil of them all: Troker. As he came out he had his spikes to catch the mad hatter and the others. Troker captured them in an hour glass after getting a hold of them. He slithered through the room and grabs the curse box. Alice tried to stop him but he snapped his fingers and a dark shadow fell upon her. He smashed the box and all evil creatures were unleashed.

As he turned around there was a mirror in the room and it showed only his eyes. All yellow and he was snake like as he moved towards a table. Tea and little cakes were on the table and he ate one and drank the tea from the little cup.

“I am free,” said Troker. He sent Alice off to never come back to the room and to her Wonderland.

“What have I done to get this hurting feeling?” asked Alice. She was sleeping but felt like she was punched so many times to the stomach. She looked around and saw fields of grass and roses were near her.

Her older sister walked up the hill as she was talking and headed towards the tree.

“Time for tea!” yelled the older sister.

“Oh yes…. Tea.”

“You are ten years old today and that’s grand. You will become a beautiful young lady one day.”

“I forgot it was my birthday and yes I will become one.”

They walked away and went back home. As they were walking, below the tree there were cages hanging from the tree’s root.

ALICE! they yelled. The characters were in a birdcage. They tried to grab her but it was too late. Troker sent her away and took away her Wonderland.  

“She can’t hear you,” said Troker.

As years went on Alice was getting worse. She didn't know that she was getting weak. First, it started with one pill then it went to two. She thought nothing bad will come from it but how wrong she was.



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Maria Rojas

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Part One

Her sister is always tending to her and so are the staff there. Alice got tired of it but she had to put up with it.

    “I need my life back,” whispered Alice as she stares at the mirror. “I’m pale and it is not the good kind.”

    “Oh, sister of mine you have to take your medicine.”

    “I don’t want it, Laura.”

    “But it helps you….”

    “I know but I can't live like this anymore.” Alice looked at herself. “I’m getting skinny.”

    “No, you are not. Now let's have tea after taking this.”

    “Fine I will take my medication.”

    She takes it and walks out of her room.

Not wanting to see the truth Alice has an anxiety attack. She moved back and forth and started to scream. Her sister tried to help her but there’s no use, she had to go to the hospital. At the hospital, Alice was throwing up.

“No more medicine…”

“But what are we going to do?” asked her sister.

“I don’t know but I cannot continue on like this!” shouted Alice.

After a week, Alice got out of the hospital and decided to be on her own. There’s no stopping her.

“I need to find something, Martha,” said Alice to her sister.

“Oh I know, and you can go on your own too!”

“That’s the good thing it’s just I lost myself at the age of seventeen years old. So strange.”

“Yes and you are about to turn eighteen, a lady.”

“Then there’s that…. I really need to get my life back” said Alice. They both walked out of the hospital and headed to the harbor.

“Will you be safe my dear Alice,” asked the sister.

“Yes, of course, I will.”

“Then until we meet again,” said the sister.

Alice walked towards the ship and as she climbed she saw a robin winking at her. As she blinked nothing was there. Shaking her head, she continued on and climbed on board, and she waved to her sister one last goodbye.

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Chapter One

Alice didn't like a man as he was only a sailor, lower than her.

“Let me be,” said Alice.

“No a lady shouldn’t be here,” said the sailor.

“At least I don’t live a life that's low,” said Alice. That shut the sailor down, he walked away, towards the rope to set the sails. Alice turned around and headed towards her room. There were lots of men but most of them were lower than her so she had to have her head held up high. As she neared her room she took out a key and turned the lock and entered.

“They are lovely…” as she went to grabbed one the ship began to shake. Alice backed off and then a big thump was heard. Alice walked out of her room and saw white walls and stretchers.

“No….” she looked out a window and saw that she was not on the ship anymore. “What is this place?” As she turned around she saw a sign. It was huge and it had a red font. She stepped forward and leaned in to read the words.


“Wait…. Red- Blood! oh no I'm back in my head! You can wake up Alice!” yelled Alice.

“You are not sleeping!” yells a voice. “It's me, the Cheshire cat, the one who escaped.”


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Chapter Two

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Chapter Three

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Chapter Four

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