Maniac Girl


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Part One: The Killer

Maniac girl was in the closet covering her ears. She was going to be at a friend's house but her parents said no. 

"Mommy... Daddy" she said as she heard their screams. He walked in, making sure no one else was alive. He left her, on purpose to teach her a lesson at six years old. 

"You taught me something," she said "I will find you. SO begins her way to becoming Maniac Girl. 

The killer laughed as he walked out.

You didn't pay enough my dear friend Steve so I had to obviously do something about it. 

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Chapter 1 (Excerpt)

After thirteen years she was no longer a little girl. Now she was a warrior in her town. She fought the evil that roamed around her streets. Being poor never stopped her and she knew she would meet him one day. 

"I know I will meet you.... Hans" she said with anger boiling inside her. She was on top of the roof and was swinging her sword from one side to another. 

I wonder how many other parents he has killed..... I would end that so no other child should ever experience it. Especailly the screams. 


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Rosa Stewart

I did want a little bit more of how she became the warrior


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