Behind the Mask

The Mazuri were nothing but a myth, a horror story used to frighten children into good behavior. Or so Kevran thought, until he stumbled across one of their dead on a lonely asteroid, and his life changed forever.


A tradeship mysteriously burns down to the waterline. A disturbance rocks the magical ether. A journeyman disappears. A powerful dark mage arises from obscurity. All of these events are linked... but how?


A creepy science fiction tale involving a bit of horror, a bit of romance, and a whole lot of revenge.

Seeking Veritas

Sin, or love? Dorian seeks to rid himself of sin, to purify his soul, leaving him free to pursue a socially acceptable life and marriage. But can he? His only hope is to leave the world of the living and walk the Path of Redemption. He knows he can make it on his own. But Osval, his closest friend, insists on accompanying him. How can...

Death Park

Science fiction combines with paranormal horror in this short story set in the distant future, where everybody knows to avoid Death Park at all costs, but no one remembers why. They named it Death Park, way back before the wars. No one in living memory knew why they called the place that. All anyone knew for sure that no one ever...


What happens when an honest constable discovers his former best friend is a murderer? And worse yet, that the old attraction between them has not faded with time... Amarun is a constable in the Dock District of Trade City. In the course of investigating a series of troubling murders, all connected by a small statuette left at the...

Demon Sun

He called it Demon Sun as a kid, a play on his mother's words when he tried to describe the magical land of music he'd discovered: Sounds like you've discovered a magic new dimension. Little did he know he'd find himself back there as an adult...

Love Revisited

A year after a disastrous breakup, Shane is desperate, unhappy, and about to move on. Life isn't getting any better. Time to restart somewhere else. Then he discovers that his former lover is in town, and decides to say goodbye, see if Erik will speak to him one last time... A brief, unashamedly sweet tale of love rescued from the...

Ghost Rider

What would you do to rescue a kidnapped lover? Would you attempt an impossible journey on the back of a creature that could kill you in a heartbeat? Heath would. But will he survive?


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