Ivy And Friendship


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Ivy' log 1

 7:15 Jan 9th

Got home from the hospital today it's nice to be home but, there is a lot of tension in the house. My family still can't believe it that there precious daughter who had a life... Wanted to end it. Well this is a good start to a blog. Hi my name is Ivy I'm 13 years old and go to school here in LA, I'm rich and I can have whatever I want but my life is pain. I am sad and depresssed as I had been for the last year and I was pushing my family over the edge. My mum had told me I have to go to therapy and I was outraged, I stormed out of  my house to school. 

I walked in with my hood over my eyes, pinging a rubber band against my scarred wrist. 

Why was I like this? Well I always get bullied by a girl called Kaira and her friends Lilliana and Jackie, but I guess I ask for it always wearing black and grey and listening to music. 

I only have one friend well kind of her name is Bliss she's nice well at least she dosent move away from me.

My brother is my best friend his name is Kieran he is three years older... He's the one who found me, on the floor, half dead. 

However Kieran is dating Jackie one of Kairas friends, but he is determined to make her good, it's painful to see. 

Well I have to do my homework now and fall asleep before mum comes home to scream at me or tell me off for missing therapy. Bye readers. 

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Ivy' blog 2

 4:40am 11th Jan 

Yesterday at school was hell, I sat in form listening to music and lifted my head, to see Bliss on the floor and Kaira standing over her laughing with Lilliana, but Jackie had guilt written across her face and tried to laugh along. 

I stood up and took my hood down and my head phones off, "Leave her alone!" I snapped and lent out my hand to Bliss as tears fell from her eyes, she's not used to It unlike me. "Go join her, FREAK!" Kaira shouted and pushed me but I didn't move i grew strong while being in hospital, I smirked and a blush of red ran across her face. 

"Let's go girls." She said flipping her hair as they walked of, Jackie nodded her head at myself and Bliss, but I heard her "sorry." Maybe Kieran is good for her. 

I walked back to my seat before anyone could be thankful or cheer for me, Kieran and Jackie were outside , I listened closely here's what they said: 

"Jackie why are you crying?" Asked Kieran.                                     "Kaira pushed Bliss down and Ivy stood up for her." I was shocked and confused.                   "But why are you crying?" I saw him inch closer but she turned her head. "I'm friends with bullies" she walked away from Kieran and he stood there stunned, he changed her but now she feels guilty. 

On a more positive note my last blog had loads of love so at the end I will leave my favourite comment below. 


I believe Kaira hates herself and takes it out on you. I love you Ivy stay strong ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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Ivy's story

 When Ivy was five years old her father died and she was alone, her mum wasn't mentally stable to take care of her so it was down to her eight year old brother to look after her. 

They grew close but all she wanted was a real best friend, when she went to school all the kids were horrible to her, especially Kaira and that's the way it stayed for a long time. 

When she was 12 on, Dec 4th she attempted suicide by overdose. Kieran came into the bathroom to see her pale half dead on the stone cold floor. 

Ivy was rushed to hospital and remained there for a few days. She learned to push all people away from her as she didn't want to get hurt again. 

She had a sort of friend as mentioned in her blogs, Bliss, she smiles at her and they do projects together, but Ivy will not except her as her friend. 

She became a blogger and shared her day with everyone and her struggles against bullies and friendship. 

So this was a brief life over view for Ivy, now enjoy as her life becomes better and worse and be with her through all her dry tears. 

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Ivy's blog 3

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Authors note

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