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Chapter 1

 Rose pov-

There I was. Standing on top of the building gazing across my new home . This new place that  was my chance to start over, to forget the horrible things in my past ...My new apartment . My new school. My new life.

Names Rose. Rose swan.I was always described as a very attractive woman, with brown curly hair that bounced and big muddy brown bold eyes that saw everything. Of course the idea of being with someone never came to my mind because I knew that would only want me for my looks and for a one night stand. Pathetic . Just a waste of time . I always thought they would be a distraction for my dream to be a heart surgeon, to make my parents proud as save lives , just work work work. Well that’s what I thought before I came to this new town.

Heading up my last boxes to my new ‘home’ ,I started wondering about my new school. Ah yes. My new school . Richards standard high school. I mean I would rather just stay and study by myself but the mayor of the town insisted everyone has to go to school until they finish college. Yayyy... I don’t mind to much about the people in the school because if anyone dared to even challenge me I’ll put them right back to their place. Caring never got you anywhere in life because everyone will take advantage of you. That’s how I thought since the accident. Never trust anyone.

Author comment:

Hi everyone thank you for reading my story! I’m so excited to write this and can’t wait to write more! 

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Chapter 2

Rose pov-


“Hey Lian I just got out my house, where are you I thought you said you were going to meet up outside my house?”

“Well sorry but I did change countries for you just to look after you.” My best friend.Short purple died hair and beautiful green eyes , very tall while I come up to her shoulders... Very girlie , very fun , loves hanging out , always flirting . Basically the opposite of me . But still my best friend. “Anyway I am not going on your motorcycle as much as I would love to go to school with a bam and a badass vibe , I’d rather go in my pink car and not puke up.”

“Whatever and my my motorcycle does not I give a ‘badass’ vibe I give that vibe out. I hope no one bothers me on the first day I heard there’s lots of spoilt bratty people in the school .” I rolled my eyes . “Please don’t kill anyone” 

“I won’t promise anything” I laughed . “I feel sorry for anyone who crosses your way... Well I’ll meet you at the principals office don’t get into any trouble until I come! Bye!”

“Bye Lian”

As I put on my leather jacket and hopped on my sleek motorcycle I said to myself,  get ready Richard standard high school, Alex Swan is on her way.


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Chapter 3

Hunter pov-

“ Woah check her out!” Sam ,my 3 month younger brother, was shouting and pointing at a girl . Really what’s so special about the girl she’s probably like all of them. But as I saw her I released she was circling on her motorcycle making smoke that flittered the air until all we could see was her curly brown hair flying around and the shine of the motorcycle.As she parked  she threw her helmet over to her bike she walked to the school with the most confident walk. Not the flirty or shy walk . She looked scary but beautiful.“Fresh meat .” Alex grinned. Him being his idiotic self he rushed towards her before anyone could stop him. Half the school was outside by now, wow news does spread fast. As Alex stepped in front of her blocking her way the girl crossed her arms. As usual he did his ‘magic’ talked about himself flexed his so called ‘muscles’ . The girl though didn’t look impressed just super pissed. Everything went mad when he said ‘ shall we this somewhere else sexy?’ Oh man . With one swift move she fit under him and...oh jheez she threw him so hard you could hear the drop. “Dude . Can this girl be my wife.” Dan said . Dan my older brother but just as stupid as my younger. Pushing him he said,  “aww is Hunter Snow actually falling in love with the new badass girl?” 

“Oh please that was childish of her doing that.”

“Man she threw someone 4 times bigger than her you shouldn’t mess with her.”Sam said. “Well I thought that was stupid of her.” As I said that someone tapped my shoulder. Turning around I saw the girl with long curly brown hair and bold mud brown eyes that had long eyelashes . She had rosy cheeks probably from the fight and pink lips that looked unbelievably soft. Her olvin skin shone in the light and no surprise her body was perfect tho she covered it with her big leather jacket. A dangerous goddess. 

“Done checking me out ?” Her voice was suductive yet elegant. I just released that everyone had ran away from the fight except from me and my brothers standing with this mystery girl and  Alex’s body laying .“Oh please what is there to checkout.” I blurted . Sam stamped on my toe giving me a look. “Oh sweat heart, I don’t care what you think about me because at the end of the day we all know I’m way more valuable than you. Your just there. And for you two boys stop staring like I’m some fresh meat other wise you’ll end up like your friend.” She pointed to Alex. Before anything could happen the principal came , “Rose.” As he said that she looked up and smiled , “that’s my cue boys .” Walking away my brothers stared in awe and amazement while I stared at her with wonder and anger. How dare she speak to me like that? Watch out rose don’t except your ‘badass’ attitude to hold around me.

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